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Our AI-powered writing software shows you exactly what to do so that you can write incredible SEO copy in a fraction of the time.

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We reverse engineer Google to help you perform

  • Seos for non seos engagement

    User Engagement

    How well you write is just as important as how well you optimize. Quality content engages and performs. Never guess how much or what kind of content you should be writing to engage your audience and increase conversion. Clicking away to check wordcount, grammar suggestions, and article reading times are a thing of the past. INK gives you all of that and more in-app.  

  • Rank potentaial

    Rank Potential

    Understand how optimized your article is for search with the INK SEO score and just how much visibility you stand to gain from knocking out a few guided SEO tasks. Have clients you are writing for? Feel confident you have optimized articles for your chosen keyphrase before hitting “Publish”
    without the help of an outside SEO firm or paying steep SEM prices.  

  • Integrations@2x


    INK works with MAC, Windows, and LINUX and our
    companion plugin for WordPress cuts down on markdown time, reformatting, and adding
    meta information because it all gets imported with your content.

  • Seos for non seosartboard 1 copy 6

    Content Performance

    Up your content’s engagement and conversion with
    easy to understand tasks that suggest topics and terms your audience is searching for. In minutes, you can increase your on odds of ranking in Google’s top ten search results.  

  • idea

    Get your competitive analysis in seconds [PRO]

    Spend less time on competitive analysis and start outranking everyone.

    With INK, you can instantly see:
    - What your competition wrote on this topic
    - How well you're covering the main ideas
    - What you can/should/must improve

    We'll show you how to outrank your competition with easy tasks.

  • Seos for non seoson brand copy


    Take-it-or-leave-it prioritized suggestions not only eliminate keyword stuffing and inauthentic SEO techniques, but mean less time parsing through what to do (or not to do). Instead, your content stays on-brand and doesn't sound like a broken record. Options for content topic and term inspiration mean you can optimize in a linear or non-linear way.  

  • Results

    Proven Results

    We partnered with the industry-leading content
    creators at Crowd Content and using the INK SEO editing platform were able to grow our blog traffic 1700% in one month. Using INK’s prioritized task system of SEO suggestions to optimize a series of articles, our traffic went from 500 visitors per month to 7,000 with no link building or paid advertising techniques.

Write to engage, and convert more

  • Control

    Authenticity & Control

    The INK self-editing principle allows you complete
    control over what changes get made and which don’t. Don’t sacrifice your unique voice or the quality of your content to rank in search. INK was created so writers no longer have to.  

  • Intelligence@3x

    Audience Intelligence

    INK is building advanced features targeting user
    intent, but even our most basic version helps you optimize for all content types based on audiences most interested in your topic whether you are blogg ing, educating, or selling.

  • Flow resize

    Creative Flow

    Getting into the writing groove can be challenging. Get in the zone and build momentum with a symphony of keystrokes. Or get satisfaction from knocking out a task and seeing your cards automatically close one by one. Simply seeing your INK SEO Score rise might be motivation enough to keep the content flowing.

  • Grammar

    Spelling & Grammar

    Whether you are writing for yourself or one of your
    most prized clients, no matter how creative your content may be a misspelled word can damage your credibility and ultimately your brand. Don’t pay unnecessary monthly subscriptions or cut, paste and reformat your content in another editor to double check your grammar. INK’s in-app spelling and grammar suggestions are there when you need them and hidden when you don’t.  

  • Focus

    Focus Features

    Let’s face it, when you focus, your writing is
    improved. INK offers focus features that are unique to different writing styles. Are you a night owl, early riser, or need a completely decluttered space to be your most productive self? With just a toggle, INK’s sleek & minimal interface shapeshifts to be your best writing partner.  

  • ideas

    Copywriting becomes an easy process [PRO]

    Writer's block is a thing of the past.

    INK finds topics to write about by:
    - Grouping inspiring content by topics
    - Highlighting what is relevant
    - Easy access to sources and examples

    Write with ease.

  • Results v2

    Traffic Growth

    We did an extensive data survey to understand how well the INK SEO score corresponds to the top ten results in Google. The results were astounding. INK users that scored 95% or higher were 4X more likely to rank in the top 10.

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Download the App for Mac, Linux or Windows

We also make an optional WordPress Plugin to import INK files more easily. You can download our lastest plugin here.

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Peer Tested & Reviewed

  • "If you’ve been using Yoast or another product to optimize your content for Google, INK is worth a look–its bigger than that: distraction-free-writing meets smart suggestions for SEO and beyond."

    Rand Fishkin, Founder SparkToro, prev Moz
  • "I. Am. In. LOVE with this product. OMG, where has this been all my life? Simply works and works SO well! It has become a daily use tool for me….INK is an amazing tool. So incredibly useful."

    Peter Shankman, Author & Entrepreneur
  • "INK for writers is like driving without Waze. You could do it without it, but why would you."

    Sarah Evans, Digital PR strategist, Sevans Digital
  • "INK's stripped-down interface is one of the more beautiful UIs I've seen. But it's not just a gorgeous user experience; it's also an incredibly effective text editor--perfect for composing web content. It really does make SEO best practices understandable and accessible to both the novice and veteran alike." 

    Chad C., Editor In Chief and SEO, Career Karma
  • "How we grew our traffic 140% in one quarter...we already had a solid SEM strategy in place but our SEO had room for improvement. In the end, INK was the most cost-effective and easy to use option. We
    didn't need to spend our budget on a consultant -- and got fantastic results. "

    Graham C., Head of Growth, QuotaPath
  • "Best way to create content that ranks and converts... Great tool...Every content marketer should have INK in their arsenal."

    Lisa R., Director QA/Enterprise Production, Crowd Content

Why INK is the #1 Editor for Web Content

  • Seo2

    SEO Scoring

    Tired of being told your SEO needs work, but not sure what to do? INK’s SEO scoring system eliminates doubt and guesswork. Our dashboard tells you how to boost your SEO score and how much more likely you are to rank if you do. 

  • Image@3x

    Image Optimization

    Never open another tool outside of your editor
    to compress or resize an image for your blog post again! Save time and the frustration of saving multiple image sizes or being told your image is too big to upload. Your desktop will thank you (and so will your site).  

  • Meta data@3x

    ALT & Meta Data

    Why are you waiting to write your meta until you are finished with your content? Perhaps because until now, you had to. Not only does the INK platform guide you on best practices for writing your meta, but when you use our WordPress plugin, INK imports it with your article to maximize your SEO and your time. Grab our WordPress plugin from the download section! 

  • Grammar

    Advanced Spelling & Grammar

    Every good writer deserves a great editor. With INK, you don’t have to leave to get that guidance. We’ve built in the best-in-class spelling and grammar functionality you’d get from other tools, but done so right inside our platform.

  • Cms

    CMS Integration

    Whether you are writing digital content in Square Space, Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal, INK works for writers in any platform and we are continually working on further advancing integration. If you are a WordPress person, you’re in luck. Our companion plugin makes importing content, images, and metadata a cinch.  

  • Prioritization

    Prioritized Tasks

    INK's deceptively simple interface will keep you focused only on the most important tasks. Our AI sorts cards based on potential SEO score impact so you never waste time on tasks that won't move the needle for your content's performance. As tasks are completed cards close, AND luckily you can still view completed tasks and track progress.

  • Inkfluencer new 1080 good

    INKfluencer Loyalty Program

    Reap the rewards of being an early adopter. Sharing INK with your team and racking up rewards points couldn't be easier. Simply copy and paste your personalized INK code into an email, text, or Slack channel and start sharing INK files. Soon you will be on your way to earning valuable perks! 

  • Results white

    INK Works

    We have performed a series of rigorous experiments to test the effectiveness of the INK editor. Our latest experiment resulted in a 1700% increase in blog traffic in just one month. 

Why Writers Love INK

  • Focus 2
  • Comprehensive export
  • Wordcount goals
  • Seo2
  • Adverbs

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Download the App for Mac, Linux or Windows

We also make an optional WordPress Plugin to import INK files more easily. You can get it here .

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