How Writers Optimize for Search.

INK is a real-time web content optimization platform and first of its kind tool that gives writers control over their content’s organic search destiny. INK helps writers, WordPress users, and non-SEO experts self-optimize and edit content through an easy-to-use, AI powered app and plugin.

Game-changing Competitive Intelligence

INK’s optimization scoring system ranks keyword competitiveness based on a scan of the digital landscape which the tool uses to compare similar articles to the one article being written. Scores rise as content creators knockout simple prioritized tasks that take the guesswork out of search engine optimization.

Write with Style. Rank with Authority

With INK, writers are able to optimize content for search prior to pressing “publish” giving articles and blog posts a head-start on being found without sacrificing writing style.

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INK not only understands what you are writing but also what your competitors are writing and most importantly, how you can get ahead of them in search without compromising writing style.

Key Features & Benefits



Control Your Search Destiny

First download the INK Application

INK Import plugin for WordPress
The INK companion plugin for WordPress allows you to easily upload saved INK documents including images and meta data eliminating the need to copy, paste, and constantly clear formatting.

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