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Cranking out content is time-consuming and expensive. Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of writing you need to do? Whether you are writing articles, social media posts, or website copy for your clients or yourself, it can seem like a never-ending task.

Good news: You can scale your content quickly by using INK. Write better content more efficiently and drive more traffic.

Execute your best content strategy

Often the most difficult part of content strategy is knowing where to start. What is the best way to produce content that your clients’ audiences actually want to read?

Let INK do all the research for you, identify the topics to cover, the best resources, and the emotions to trigger. Then, let our AI help you write faster.

Level up your Content Workflow

Many agencies face a daily challenge to do more, plan more, and accomplish more tasks. Think you need to live at your desk to complete your to-do list? Think again.

INK will quickly become your go-to AI writing assistant — whether you work with freelancers or in-house writers. Add new users easily, collect feedback and manage your clients’ projects the right way.

Fortune 100 enterprises prefer INK

INK is experienced at growing clients by millions of visitors / month. It’s the secret weapon of many agencies, like Edgy.

INK was integral in making content optimization a strategic pillar of their growth.

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“Great and valuable tool for writers and marketers. I am a content writer and content marketer. I often use almost all the INK tools for marketing purposes and deliver quality work to the client.”

Dustin W. S


Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

“The writing team loves it. They pay for tons of tools (not cheap) and INK is the only one our writers actually like to use. Unbelievable cost reduction. The team was able to cut costs by more than 60% just by getting rid of most of the SEO tools subscription and replacing them with INK.”

Vishwa V

Consultant in Marketing and Advertising