The Huge Benefits of AI Text Generators

The first thought that comes to mind at the mention…

The first thought that comes to mind at the mention of an AI text generator varies. For many, it is just another tool banking on the AI buzzword without any dose of intelligence. For others that have been following industry trends, they know that it is a quality piece of technology with great potential. This article attempts to offer readers more clarity on artificially intelligent text generators and how they work.

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What Is an AI Text Generator?

In simple terms, an AI text generator generates text using artificial intelligence. Essentially, these generators are trained to do things that would typically require human intelligence. These generators learn from large bodies of text to create coherent text that can easily pass as human-generated text.

The possibilities are immense. It won’t be out of place to say that these tools could write the next Harry Potter series or the next Star Wars film. These predictions aren’t exaggerated. AI text generators will surely change the way we write.

Who Needs an AI Text Generator?

Anyone who writes stands to benefit from using text generators. This includes authors, content writers, media brands, and students.


Authors can benefit from using a text generator to write the first draft of their manuscript. It speeds up the writing process and could serve as an assistant of sorts.

You can call on your AI text generator to help you out when the dreaded writer’s block sets in. Since it is a machine, you can trust it to produce results every time. It isn’t affected by emotions or stress that makes humans lose their creative spark.

Content Writers

The expectation of creating superb content at regular intervals takes a lot of effort, strain and pressure. Sometimes, it all feels too repetitive.

With AI writing assistants, you can generate fresh content for blogs that reads like the work of a genius. Similarly, AI writing software can help marketing teams create copies on the spot. These tools have features geared towards optimizing product descriptions and social media posts.


The pressure to meet up with deadlines can easily overwhelm students, especially when writing on unrelated topics. AI writing tools make it easy to juggle multiple essays simultaneously.

Media Brands

Certain pieces of news are repetitive and follow a typical pattern. For example, post-match reports of soccer matches have a formulaic approach that basically presents match stats. This type of news can be left to machines to generate. There should be manual verification to ensure everything is in order.

Cons of AI Writing Software

So far, the article has focused more on the good sides of these products. There are a few downsides to them, and we will analyze them in this section. 

Chu-Cheng Lin believes the Achilles heel of AI text generator models is their inability to think like humans. Lin is an expert in artificial intelligence and a member of the Center for Language and Speech Processing at Johns Hopkins University.

Lacks Empathy

An AI tool’s lack of emotions makes it a good tool to use because it is always available. It is a blessing and a curse. Let us look closer. 

A major issue with using AI software to write is the lack of human empathy. A missing link in the way these tools are built is how to make them understand human empathy and feelings. Thus, they are not the best tool to handle emotive content. The lack of emotions frees AI tools of stress and deprives it of what makes humans tick.

Cannot Be Trusted to Create Factual Content

Language is tricky, and so are facts. It is easy to assume that the unchanging nature of facts makes it easy for AI to create fact-based content. However, this is not true. AI can present factually correct information from two years ago as the correct information for today. It doesn’t mean the fact is wrong. However, the contextual information like when and how could be incorrect.

Cannot Create New Ideas

These tools rely on existing data and are therefore not as creative as the human mind in terms of generating new ideas. 

Human-AI Combination Is the Perfect Blend

Artificial intelligence writing programs are best used with human input. They aren’t quite at the stage where they can be left free to do all the work. There has to be a user directing its affairs and making sure that the text created is relevant to the discourse and factually correct. 

In addition, these machines have language processing capabilities but are yet to master the nuances of language. Sentiment analysis is getting better but is still inaccurate. Thus, user input is needed to be able to create the perfect content.

Best AI Text Generators

The AI writing software market offers a lot of options. But you don’t need to sift through them all before getting the best quality. Here are our top picks.


INK is an all-in-one AI writing tool that eases up the content creation process. INK suite comprises an AI Writer, an SEO Optimizer, a Copy Assistant, and a Content Planner. The Copy Assistant helps users create copies that convert using various copywriting techniques. The AI Writer and SEO Optimizer help users create content optimized for search engines more quickly.

Using the INK software on Windows, macOS, or Linux, users get prompts that alert them of long hard-to-read sentences that affect readability. Overall, INK offers a better deal than similar AI writing tools

Jasper AI

Jasper AI uses minimal human input to create content. It promises to help writers finish their first draft ten times faster and scale up content marketing fast. Jasper AI supports more than 20 languages, making it perfect for users with multilingual needs.

AI Writer

AI Writer describes itself as the most accurate content generation platform that can generate articles from a simple headline. It also offers a rewording service that allows users to reword existing articles within two minutes.


Everyone needs an AI writer to save time and write more efficiently. If you think that the rise of AI writing tools signals the extinction of human writers, you’re wrong.

These tools don’t have the sophistication to threaten writers quite yet. They perform best with the input of human users. The level of involvement varies. It could be like a conductor in an opera or a lead singer in a band.

Frequently asked questions

How is GPT trained?

GPT-3 is a neural network machine learning model that is trained with internet data to generate any type of text. OpenAI’s production makes it difficult to generate large volumes of machine-generated text.

Who made InferKit?

The InferKit website was created by Adam Daniel King. My experience creating and running one of the largest AI demo sites on the web, Talk to Transformer, helped make this project possible. Thrilling the Verge, the Next Web, Wired, the BBC and others, the site has reached millions of users.

What is AI generated content?

AI-generated content is what is called it in its original form. AI technologies are usually capable of performing tasks that require human reasoning, intelligence, learning, or decision-making.

What is the best AI text generator?

Ryter offers the best all-around free AI content generator. While you are allowed to generate 5000 characters per month, you have access to all the regular features, including more than 30+ templates to choose from. If you use this program, you’ll have a good idea what an article generator writer can give you.

Is AI generated content good for SEO?

Southern. The search engine’s webmaster guidelines say content generated with AI writing tools is considered spam.

Can Google detect AI generated content?

Google can detect AI written content? The short answer is yes. AI-generated content detection algorithms are improving. Whatever it is written by AI or human being, Google can locate the quality of the content.

Is AI content good for SEO?

Utilizing AI in SEO allows you to improve your current SEO strategy by discovering potential opportunities like related keywords. Its algorithms and speed help businesses expedite the process and improve the accuracy of keyword research, competitor analysis, and search intent research.

What is the purpose of text generation?

Natural language processing is used to generate text. Using computational linguistics and artificial intelligence, it can automatically create natural language texts that facilitate communication.

How do you auto generate text?

Select AutoCorrect Options from File > Options > Proofing. If you don’t already have the check box checked, on the AutoCorrect tab, select the Replace text as you type checkbox. Type the characters you want to trigger the automatic text under Replace. Your document should contain the text you selected under With.

Is text mining machine learning?

With text mining and text analysis, textual patterns and trends are identified within unstructured data using machine learning, statistics, and linguistics.

How much of the Internet is written by AI?

As early as 2025 to 2030, CIFS expert Timothy Shoup estimates that 99 percent to 99.9% of the internet’s content will be AI-generated, especially if OpenAI’s GPT-3 model gains wider adoption. Shoup told fellow colleague Sofie Hvitved, “The Internet would be completely unrecognizable.”.

What is AI text generator?

AI text generation is a software program for automated content creation.

Why is text generation important?

Generating text-to-text allows machines to respond like humans in many applications, such as conversation, summarization, and translation. This is one of the most important and challenging tasks in natural language processing (NLP).

Can AI write news stories?

For the time being, the answer to the question is no. First of all, artificial intelligence has yet to produce complex news stories. The AP’s bot is unable to write quarterly earnings reports for ten companies, including Citigroup and Wells Fargo, because the reports are just too nuanced for the computer to handle.

How does AI text generation work?

It’s possible to generate full blog posts and articles with no input using artificial intelligence and computers. Furthermore, they synthesize texts from structured big data and are able to discern patterns and trends based on what humans have written in the past.

The Huge Benefits of AI Text Generators

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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