Key Tips to Better Rearrange English Sentences

If you find yourself in a situation where you need…

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to rearrange the sentences in your essay, don’t fret. First, let’s cover the basics and understand what it means to rearrange sentences.

When you rearrange sentences, you change the order of words in the sentence. It could also entail removing or replacing some words. People rearrange sentences for different reasons. This article covers these reasons and tips to rearrange sentences.

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Why People Rearrange Sentences

In this part of the article, we attempt to identify the reasons people rearrange the sentences in their essays and articles.

Structural Issues

Structural issues are the most common reason for rearranging sentences. If you notice that your sentences sound awkward, there could be structural issues. This issue could be a simple misuse of a word or a punctuation mark. 


Foregrounding is a linguistic concept that entails making a part of a sentence stand out. In some instances, writers rearrange sentences to foreground a certain part of the sentence. Take these two sentences as examples:

  • The house collapsed gradually
  • Gradually, the house collapsed

In the second sentence, the adverb is foregrounded for thematic effect. The foregrounded word shows how the house collapsed. Therefore, the second sentence could be a good answer to any question about how the house collapsed.


You may rearrange sentences to make them more meaningful. There are instances where the existing structure sounds ambiguous. Rearranging them allows you to make meaningful sentences.

The ultimate aim of any communicative endeavor is to pass information. If you’re unable to do this, you aren’t really communicating. This is why professionals rearrange their sentences when they feel the current structure harms their communicative intent.


Plagiarism attracts stiff penalties in academia. This is why students and researchers avoid it like the plague. People rearrange their sentences if it appears too similar to others. This simple act helps them avoid getting penalized for plagiarism. 

How to Rearrange the Sentences in Your Essay

Writing an essay or web content means you have at least a basic understanding of the language. You may have to work a bit harder to rearrange your sentences because it can get tricky.

First, you should have a clear goal. Ask yourself why you need to reword your sentences. The answer to this question helps to identify the most suitable approach to use.

A simple sentence voice switch (active to passive and vice versa) is ideal if you’re trying to make your work more original. Since the voice switch changes word order and sentence structure, you should be safe. Note that excessive use of passive sentences makes your work harder to read.

In addition, you can front words as we did in the example above if you’re trying to foreground a particular part of the sentence. This may make the sentence look unusual or sound like Master Yoda. For example:

  • In came the boys (“in” is fronted for thematic effect)
  • Sitting on the couch was a boy (“sitting on the couch” is fronted)

Substitution is another simple way to rearrange sentences. This method is more common when you’re trying to make your writing clearer and more meaningful. You could find simpler alternatives for difficult words and phrases.


Like most languages, English is a language that follows specific rules. This makes it important to have a good grasp of the rules of the language. The simple steps above could be useful when trying to rearrange sentences.

A faster alternative to these methods is to use AI-powered tools to handle the process. These tools are products of years of extensive research into the intersection of artificial intelligence and writing. INK is one of such tools that you can call on when creating or rewriting any piece of content.

Frequently asked questions

How can I improve my sentence rearrangement?

  • All the statements in this section should be read carefully and then rearranged.
  • You may be given a pattern in the statement.
  • Get creative with words like, yet, but, when, then, they, anyway, etc.

What are the rules of sentence reordering?

  • Rule 5:
  • Article 1: Find out what is explained in the paragraph or in the sentence.
  • Rule 2:
  • Rule 3: If a sentence starts with a person’s name, it will surely be the first sentence in paragraph.
  • Rule 4:

What is the most important factor to keep in mind while rearranging jumbled sentences?

Read carefully and search for transition words or other keywords. Establish a link between two (or more) statements is the easiest way to do so. Once a link is found, you will know which statements will come together.

How can I learn English sentence easily?

  • Read, read, read and read.
  • Moving pictures are also helpful.
  • Browse phrases in dictionaries.
  • Write to remember
  • Keep learning grammar
  • Pay attention
  • Make your own stuff, get better.
  • You should most definitely practice!

What is the trick to solve jumbled words?

Prefixes or suffixes like “RE” or “ING” should be used. You may benefit from these. Tip 2: Do not forget to find letters that often go together in words like “BR” or “TH”. 3: Separate vowels and consonants.

What is sentence improvement in English?

In sentence correction or sentence improvement, a word or phrase is used to represent a grammatical change or improvement. To understand one’s meaning better, a sentence must be altered grammatically and contextually.

How do you teach shuffled sentences?

How do you solve a shuffle sentence?

How do you put sentences in order?

key idea. The order of sentences should make sense in order to tell a story or explain how to do something. Writers often begin by saying what the passage is about. Then they write about events in order they happen.

How do you teach jumbled words to children?

How do you solve jumbled words in English?

  • Read the question thoroughly and try to understand both the context and the overall idea.
  • You can identify transition words such as, however, similarly, generally, simultaneously, etc.
  • Do as many questions as possible as possible to practice pattern recognition.

How do you rearrange words in English?

  • A common technique is to simply rearrange the order of words in a sentence.
  • Change the structure of the sentence is another technique.
  • Additionally, you can create new sentences by combining two or more existing sentences.

How do you transform a sentence?

We can convert simple sentences into complex sentences or compounds. It is usually done by expanding a word or phrase into a clause. The same can be said for a simple sentence, such as a complex sentence or compound sentence. By reducing a clause into a word or phrase, this can be done.

What is rearrange in English grammar?

It was already made to change the order, position, or time of arrangements: The new sofa was larger than the old one, so they had to rearrange all the furniture.

How do you arrange sentences in English?

  • Cleaning (V) the house (O) is my (V).
  • (V) he loves (V3) the cold breeze (O).
  • Subject + verb + object + adjective of place + adjectives of time.
  • (S) he meets (V) George (O) at the park every day (Adverb of place).
  • Every Monday, he attends the orphanage.
Key Tips to Better Rearrange English Sentences

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