Types of Advertising Research: Meaning and Advantages

An advertising campaign can get pretty expensive. Not all advertising…

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An advertising campaign can get pretty expensive. Not all advertising efforts will yield desired results either. Marketers are spoiled for choices when it comes to advertising options. The challenge lies in determining which approaches are worth the money. Here’s where the types of advertising research come into play.

This guide contains information you need about the types of advertising research and how they can impact your marketing campaign. Let’s begin.

What is Advertising Research?

Advertising research is the process of determining the efficacy of a particular advertising method. The information derived from market research will help the brand target the right group for their advertisements.

Why is Advertising Research Important?

Advertising research is vital to any business. It focuses on how consumers perceive advertisements, how they feel about the product, and how likely they are to purchase it. 

Advertisements are a significant source of income for many businesses. Research is essential because it helps increase advertisement volume and quality.

Marketing research is specifically helpful for measuring and improving advertising effectiveness. Researchers gather and analyze information to determine advertising strategies, advertising campaigns, and media to help develop or evaluate strategies or media.

Advertising research aims to:

  • Increase product awareness
  • Change customer perception
  • Establish a buying tendency

Types of Advertising Research

There are two main types of advertising research. Each type achieves a different goal.

Customized Research

Customized research is more in-depth and tailored toward the needs of a particular industry or business. Every sector has customized research so that business owners can learn more about their competition.

Customized research includes interviewing people in your industry, doing market research, conducting benchmarks, and many more. The main idea behind personalized research is that it is more accurate, effective, and efficient than random research.

This information gathered from customized research is available only to the client who requested the study. 

For example: 

The SGT Company asks the CTV company to evaluate the effectiveness of an ABC energy drink advertisement. Only the SGT Company can view the results of the study. Results of the study cannot be sold or published without permission from the SGT company.

Syndicated Research

On the other hand, syndicated research is performed independently (without being hired). Independent researchers can sell the results of the study to various clients. 

For example:

The CTV company researches the ABC energy drink advertisement. The CTV company can sell the results to any client. 

Advantages of Advertising Research

Improved Creativity

Advertising research allows marketers to compare different approaches to determine which approach resonates most with the target audience.

Better Audience and Platform Targeting

Advertising research also allows marketers to determine the best medium and timing to show ads. Different platforms have different user preferences. People on YouTube are more likely to respond to video ads, while users on Facebook prefer image ads embedded in their feed.

Progress Tracking

Tracking KPIs such as brand awareness, purchase intent, and brand image over a period will help you gauge how your campaign is doing. It will also help you determine if interventions are necessary.

Brand Image Assessment

Advertising research lets you compare your brand against competitors. It also shows how your audience perceives your brand in contrast to your competitors. It is vital to improve your brand image or change how target audiences view your brand.

Increase Chances of Ad Success

The information gathered from advertising research will enable you to create ads relevant to your audience base. It significantly increases the likelihood of a conversion. 


Understanding the different types of advertising research and their benefits will not only help you maximize your advertising efforts. It will also help you understand how research works. It is a task that every researcher must master. Never skip the basics.

Frequently asked questions

What are types of advertising research?

Research on advertising: Product Appeal, Advertising Message, Advertising Media Selection, Advertising Effectiveness, Research on Product Appeal.

What are the benefits of advertising research?

  • Brands’ image is important.
  • Reduces your chances of not doing well.
  • Improves creativity
  • The target audience needs a better approach and a more appropriate time.
  • Keeps an eye on progress.

What is meant by advertising?

An advertisement is used to communicate with the users of a product or service. Advertisements are message paid for by those sending them, and are intended to inform or influence people who receive them, as defined by the Advertising Association of the UK.

How many types of advertising research are there?

Research can be customized or syndicated in both types. To address every client’s needs, individualized research is conducted. The client only has access to the research results.

What is importance of advertisement?

Advertisements can increase company familiarity and trust with its customers. If a potential customer sees multiple ads about your product, they might consider you a trusted brand. This further builds the trust between your company and your customers by using advertising to address concerns.

What is the best type of marketing research?

Research can help you evaluate markets and identify trends in secondary markets. You can focus on a specific individual through phone interviews. Understanding your needs, attitudes, plans, and reactions is invaluable. Surveys help bridge the gap between them.

What areas are covered under advertising research?

  • Competitive Activity Research: A research study that uses situations as indicators.
  • Target Marketing Research: Advertisers use consumer segmentation research to understand and identify the consumer demographics that compose the market place for a product or service.

What is advertising research what are the main functions of advertising agency?

A digital advertising agency is responsible for advertising planning. When its research function is completed, the task is completed. The client’s product, its competitors, market conditions, etc., is then analyzed. The experts who do it use their professional experience to create a result-focused advertising campaign.

What do you mean by advertising research?

Research is done to determine which advertisements will be most effective with your target audience. It is done during ad development and to analyze the effectiveness of a campaign while it is being developed.

How do you do advertising research?

  • Surveys. Survey Monkey allows you to easily set up online surveys, and they are a great way to understand your customers’ concerns.
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword research
  • Customer reviews
  • Q&A sites
  • Competitor analysis
  • Blog comments
  • Trends and Consumer Barometer from Google.

What are the 3 main types of market research?

  • Exploratory Research. Employers employ exploratory research methods to uncover facts and opinions about a given subject.
  • Causal Research
  • Descriptive Research
Types of Advertising Research: Meaning and Advantages

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