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INK's Blog Ideas Topic Generator

INK's Blog Ideas Topic Generator

If Shakespeare was with us today, not even he could keep up with the never-ending demand for new blog post ideas; it's a lot of pressure trying to think up blog topics so consistently.

With our AI software, we've made life a little (read: a lot) easier for businesses and content creators everywhere. Our article headline generator isn't just dishing out any topics for blogs - intelligent and intuitive software gathers intel from the internet world to keep your blog topics relevant and interesting.

Main Title Generator Takeaways:

You're running a business - your blog not only generates traffic, but also keeps that traffic coming back. Your users or audience returns because you keep bringing the heat with the best blog ideas. That's the load our title generator is going to take off your hands and will continue to suggest stellar blog content ideas your readership is accustomed to.

If you're just starting out and are looking to create a blog that ultimately turns readers into users, clients, or customers - the great news is you won't have to do it all on your own. Our blog idea generator will ensure you always have something relevant and exciting to write about.

The below points are things to keep in mind when gathering the best blog ideas:

  • Keep your target audience in mind when choosing blog topics
  • Write what you know
  • Stick to subjects relevant to your blog
  • Combine timely blog ideas with evergreen content
  • Make lists to keep track of your best ideas
  • Look to search, question sites, your competition, and industry news for inspiration
  • Reading books and quotes can also inspire new blog ideas
  • Brainstorming tools and techniques can be helpful
  • Some good blog topics include parenthood, fitness, cars, and finances
  • Time-tested blog topics tend to make the most money over the long-term

Turning this list over to artificial intelligence will ease the process, let us show you how. Enter in a brief description about your blog above into our title generator - if you're having trouble filling it in using a few short words, continue reading, we can help.

Which Blog Topics Should I Write About?

Which Blog Topics Should I Write About?

Which Blog Topics Should I Write About?

There's a lot to unpack before jumping into blog ideas, so let's jump right in.

If you're wondering which blog topics you should tackle, ask yourself these 6 questions about your business:

1. The Who

Who's your audience? Who are you writing for? Use questions like these to put together several personas for your blog. A persona will describe your audience - tell a story about them - so you can get inside their head, so to speak. It's like if you were writing a letter to your best friend. Said letter would be filled to the brim with knowledge around your friends likes and dislikes - taking your friends life experiences into consideration. 1 to 3 personas should do the trick. Typically these are created at the start of any business, so if you don't have them handy, reach out to your marketing team - they may already have exactly what you're looking for.

2. The What

What's your blog about? Does it revolve around your I.T software, current events, or did you go a bit more niche? Narrowing down 'the big picture' will help you stay on track and keep focused on the subject you've taken on as a blogger. For example, if you're running a clothing brand, your 'what' is everything that falls within the style or industry your brand is part of - Boho Chic, Wedding Gowns, Men's Suits, etc.

3. The Where

This is about demographics. The US writing style is very different from, say, the UK, or Australia. If you've gone global, more power to you, otherwise, set a region and stick to it.

4. The When

Daily? Weekly? How often will you be posting? Be sure to stick to the schedule, as your avid readers will be expecting new content on the days you promised to deliver. If your business is taking on SEO optimized content - which it definitely should - how often does your marketing team require new and interesting blogging topics to be created? They may need material on a weekly basis to link back to via your outreach team.

5. TheHow

How will you be informing your readers of all the new and amazing blog ideas you've published? Collecting emails is a great way to start dipping your toes into email marketing - but that's a whole other subject. Alternatively, stay as consistent on your social media channels as you do your blog and your fans will love you for it.

6. The Why

Not to get all existential on you, but why are you blogging, anyway? What's the ultimate purpose or end goal? Getting to the first page of Google means you may need to revolve content around specific keywords - be sure to include those keywords in your brief when using our blog name suggestions generator. You could be using your blog to simply vent - or perhaps you're opening up future business opportunities like selling merchandise, offering your services, or using it as a marketing tool. Either way, be sure to keep that reason top of mind with every. word. typed. Make every word count and give it purpose.

Why Use INK's Title Generator? 

Our title maker brings another level of efficiency and productivity to content creation by eliminating the guesswork and even research that goes into creating unique blog ideas. When used as a marketing tool, your blog works as a traffic generator - but in order to get the traffic onto the blog, you have to peak the users interest.

INK's blog topics generator isn't going to dish out just any random topics to write about - unless you want it to, that is. With the right brief provided, you'll receive article ideas that align with your bottom line. Consider our blog ideas generator an extension - an efficient extension - of your content creation department.

Let's take a look at a few examples from start to finish. We'll show you how our content idea generator works across multiple industries by showcasing the initial description and following it up with a few blog topic ideas our titles generator came up with. So, let's get started with a few tips on how to best use INK's blog content generator - this will help you get the best results.

Key Elements of INK's Title Builder

Key Elements of INK's Title Builder

Key Elements of INK's Title Builder

When putting together your short brief in our blog idea generator, paraphrasing is everything. It's like picking out your blog's top 5 keywords that best explain your blog and its purpose - and putting that in a sentence. A few pointers to getting there looks like this:

Name: Home Office Supplies


Industry Name - office supplies

Type of Service - Depot

Type of Product - Furniture, stationery, decor, design services

Audience - Professionals that work from home

A blog run by Home Office Supplies likely writes about home office design tips, the best stationery, anything related to work from home, and more.

When generating ideas to blog about - gather a list from our title builder and insert them into your content calendar. That way, you've set yourself up for success months in advance with no shortage of the best blog ideas. Of course, you can always download our AI Co-Writing & SEO Assistant to help with the meatier content within the blog - that's on an even bigger efficiency scale. We'll get to that later - let's start looking at popular blogging topics in different industries brought to you by INK's blog post generator.

Try our title generator free.

Travel Blog Name Generator

There are a lot of travel blogs out there - so differentiating yourself is key. Not only that, you have to dish out more content than your competitors, that'll play a part in getting to the top. Plus, you want to make sure you're coming up with new, edgy, and creative travel blog titles. Let's visit a few ideas from our main idea generator below.

Before Using INK's Travel Blog Titles Generator:

Here's what we entered into our Travel Titles Creator:

Name: Lady Traveller

Brief: A woman who travels the world, one country a month, and assimilates to understand the culture, cuisine, and location.

After Using INK's Travel Titles for Blogs Creator:

Here are the travel titles our title maker generated:

  1. 12 Great Places on the Planet I Wasn’t Ready to Leave
  2. A Hidden Gem in Hanoi

Fashion Blog Title Generator

As a fashion blog, you're always in the know of the latest trends and celebrity styles - but so is our fashion blog idea generator. INK's AI technology scours the web for all things fashion and relevant topics to assemble the best blog titles. No matter your style, our blog topic generator will come up with a fashion blog title - or should we say, titles, that suit your purpose and spark brilliance - here are a couple of examples:

Before Using INK's Fashion Blog Idea Generator

Here's what we entered into our fashion blog title generator:

Name: Fashionista Barista

Brief: A coffee shop waitress guide to style.

After Using INK's Fashion Blog Idea Generator

Here are a couple creative fashion blog name ideas from our title generator:

  1. 31 Coffee Shop Style Rules Every Barista Should Know
  2. How to Style Your Sassy Coffee Server Uniform

Lifestyle Blog Name Generator

Luxury lifestyle, men's lifestyle, outdoor, health & fitness, vegan, foodie...There's a lot of different types of lifestyle blogs - and like the travel blog - there are lots of bloggers covering lifestyle in every category. Knowing this, lots of quality and unique blog ideas are key to getting ahead. Although there's so much to cover and endless blog post ideas lifestyle categories cover - experiencing idea burnout is a thing. Making the process easier is time saving and increases productivity. INK's idea generator tool is exactly the answer to finding the best blog titles for your lifestyle blog.

For this exercise, we're going to take a look at how our title maker does with vegan food titles for blogs. We'll take a simple description that can be applied to any vegan lifestyle blog and see what great ideas it generates.

Let's jump into our example for vegan food titles for blogs:

Before Using INK's Lifestyle Blog Name Generator:

Here's what we entered into our blog post ideas, lifestyle for vegans, generator:

Name: That Vegan Life

Brief: Vegan recipes, vegan food shopping, vegan restaurant reviews

After Using INK's Lifestyle Blog Name Generator

Here are a couple unique blog post ideas, lifestyle for vegans, our title maker put together:

  1. America's Best Vegan Bars
  2. 29 Staple Vegan Foods You Need in Your Pantry

Random Blog Name Generator

We've covered travel titles, a fashion blog title, and vegan food titles for blogs. Then there are those who write on the wild side. Those in need of a random topic to write about - just random. Hey, we like edgy, and we can work with that. This will be a great opportunity for us to show you just how creative our creative title generator actually is. We've created a topic randomizer at literally no expense to you or your business. So let's throw our random blog generator into the fire and see if it comes out unscathed.

Before Using INK's Random Topic Generator:

Here's what we entered into our random blog name generator:

Name: Jen's Blog

Brief: Anything and everything

Yes, we actually briefed our title maker with just 'anything and everything'.

After Using INK's Random Topic Generator

Here's what our random blog name generator came back to us with:

  1. 26 Careers That Are Already Lining Up to Be Outsourced
  2. 44 Things You Wish You Knew When You First Started Running

A Title Generator for Any Blog Category

The examples provided above are but a smidge of the ideas our blog topic generator can provide. It works for any category with very little work done on your part. The idea here is to provide businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers like yourself with an article title generator that simplifies putting a blog content calendar together. The amount of research and brainstorming our title generator will omit from your schedule is a lot of hours saved. Hours that can be better utilized in other areas of your business.

When scaling your business blog, there's a lot of new content that's going to be required. Content that you, or your writers, will need to spend time on - so why take up even more precious hours wondering what to write about next? INK's blog name generator brings you new and unique blog ideas that are true to the times. They're relevant and peak that user interest we talked about earlier. Artificial Intelligence has come a long way, and it was only a matter of time before this new technology reached the world of content creation. Our title generator is proof that this tech works - and it's super helpful to all kids of businesses.

So what we'd like to do next is walk you through the manual process that our blog name generator automates - a.k.a all the work our title maker is taking off your hands!

How to Find New Blog Topics - Manually

How to Find New Blog Topics - Manually

How to Find New Blog Topics - Manually

If you scroll back up to the ideas our blog name generator put together, you'll notice a pattern - lists, lists, lists. Breaking down your idea into a list of 5, 10, 26, 35, 98, a million - any number, doesn't matter - makes your content easier to read and the internet loves that.

It's called readability. Even if you have the most exciting website with the latest software, it won't matter if your readability is not at par with the average level of literacy. In the US, that's 7th grade to 8th grade.

List blogs - or listicles - work because they make the brain strain less to understand the information being presented to it. Also, they make the reader feel like they have less of a commitment to make by clicking on your blog because they can skim through it if they so choose.

So, find your inspiration - the internet is your playground and remember: our title generator will allow you to skip all the upcoming steps.

1. Capitalize on Search for Unique Blog Ideas

Google is your friend. Type in your niche or main topic and see what comes up. The first page is a list of the ten most popular and successful topics around your search term. As you're typing in the search bar, pay attention to the auto-fill options - those are the most relevant and searched terms on Google related to your topic. For instance, if you type “How to” in Google’s search box, you’ll get a list of options for finishing that sentence. Use those suggestions as a starting point for your own research.

And if you don't know anything about Search Engine Optimization, know that you want to write about what people are searching for, not necessarily what you would search for.

2. Read Other People's Content

Find the most relevant and popular bloggers around your topic. That may not *ahem* automatically generate you new blog topics *ahem*, but it will give you a good idea of which subjects are going around in your niche. And if they're covering it, you should cover it, too - with your own spin and voice, of course.

3. Know Your Industry for the Best Blog Ideas

Always write about what you know or be prepared to do a ton of research. Actually, it’s best to do both. Even if you consider yourself an expert on dog grooming, there will be new developments or new products worth your consideration. Make research a part of your blog writing routine. You’ll discover interesting tidbits worth including in your next blog, as well as topics you have to touch upon.

4. Quora and Reddit

One of the best ways to find new blog post ideas is to see what other people are talking about. Sites like Quora and Reddit are hives of activity. On Quora, people submit questions and receive answers from experts. Take a look at what’s being asked and use those queries as inspiration for your own blogs.

5. Ask Your Audience

When in doubt, ask your readers what they want from you. It’s simple; it’s straightforward, and it works. Social media is a stellar avenue for this kind of crowdsourced ideation. You can even use the built-in poll functions on sites like Facebook and Twitter to organize the results. Comb through the comment sections on your old posts, too. You may find inspiration in the questions or feedback left by readers in the past.

6. Brainstorm Blog Ideas

Getting inspiration from your peers, industry influencers, and existing blogs are great starting points. But eventually, you’ll need additional help brainstorming unique blog topics that aren’t already floating around on the world wide web - our title generator can give you a hand with that.

When brainstorming, here are few rules that may help:

  • There are no bad ideas, only ideas that aren’t fully developed yet
  • Keep an open mind
  • Use a spreadsheet, notebook, or another device to keep a running list of all your title ideas
  • If a topic doesn’t work today, it might work tomorrow

7. Review Your Old Blog Topics

Look back at your best blog titles that have received the most engagement from readers. There may be gaps in the content that you can fill with new title ideas or updates to make based on industry developments.

Maybe you’ve written a lot about planning a backyard wedding, but you’ve never gotten advice straight from a wedding planner. Time for an interview you can turn into a blog!

8. Read More Books

Reading of any kind is perfect fodder for brainstorming, but books, in particular, are good for the imagination. That’s because you can use not only the content but also the characters to spark new ideas.

Maybe you could talk about your favorite topic from the point of view of a beloved character. Or you could use a quote from the book as your starting point and write from there.

9. Bounce Blog Ideas Off Someone Else

Sometimes, the very best brainstorming is done in groups. When you’ve exhausted all your good blog ideas, turn to friends, family, or colleagues. Ask them what they’ve always wondered about your niche.

Do they have questions you can answer? What would they love to see you write about? Even just the exercise of talking through your own title ideas could act as a springboard to even better concepts.

10. Watch the News

Most bloggers won’t be able to take inspiration directly from the news, but that doesn’t mean the 5 o’clock broadcast is useless. Take current events and see how you can use them to breathe new life into old blog topics.

If you write about self-care and the Grammy nominations are on the news, maybe you can write about the soothing power of music. If you’re a tech blogger, use the announcement about an uptick in car accidents to talk about the benefits of a self-driving car. Another misspelled news graphic? It sounds like the perfect jumping-off point for a grammar blogger’s post about typos in pop culture.

11. Do Something Else

Brainstorming can be overwhelming, both mentally and physically. When your brain needs a break, do something else.

Wash the dishes. Take a bath. Go for a walk. Play with your kids. Fold laundry. All of these activities keep you “busy” but leave room for your brain to rest. Be mindful of what you're thinking about during these activities and you may be surprised what pops into your head when you stop trying to force things.

12. Use Brainstorming Tools

If you’re having trouble coming up with fresh blog ideas, you’re not alone. Tons of people struggle with writer’s block (erm..brainstorming block?). So much so, there are blogs and even books dedicated to solving that problem.

Some popular brainstorming block relief techniques include:

  1. Setting a timer and writing out as many ideas as possible before the timer goes off. No editing, reviewing, or tossing out ideas. Just write freely and see what comes out.
  2. Draw an idea map. At the center should be one of your primary blog topics, then smaller ideas branch out from the main one, and so on and so forth. The primary topic can be a pillar page, and the smaller bubbles turn into supporting topics.
  3. Tools like smartphone apps and SEO tools may be helpful as well. They all approach brainstorming and ideation differently. Try a few to see what sticks. Some could be good for brainstorming general ideas or keywords but not so much for blog posts specifically.

What are Some Good Blog Topics?

What are Some Good Blog Topics?

What are Some Good Blog Topics?

What constitutes “good blog topics” varies from niche to niche, but there are some ideas that have almost universal appeal. Here, we’ve created a list of solid examples of blog ideas. Just add keywords to make each idea more applicable to your field of expertise.

  1. Beginners guide to ____
  2. How to get started in _____
  3. Frequently asked questions
  4. Interviews
  5. How to _____
  6. Personal narratives (related to your niche)
  7. Blogs about industry events or fundraisers
  8. Product reviews and/or comparisons
  9. Mythbusting
  10. Contests
  11. Advice columns or Q&A
  12. Tips and tricks
  13. Content roundups
  14. Listicles
  15. Industry news
  16. Checklists
  17. Profiles of industry influencers

No matter your industry, you can run through those core title ideas above and generate dozens, if not hundreds, of topics. Let's use INK as an example - we're in the 'SEO Content' niche. Here are a few blog ideas we would consider - or have considered already:

  • How to use YouTube to launch a new product
  • Why posting on LinkedIn is important for branding
  • 10 myths about email marketing
  • How contests and freebies can make your business more money
  • How we used our brand story to boost traffic
  • Make bank fast: the ultimate marketing and sales checklist

See what we did there? Typically, this process would start out on a big white board with the words 'Blog Title Generator' smack dab in the middle. From this term, we have other related terms branching out with arrows such as 'fashion titles ideas' and 'story title generator'.

Word to the wise, sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious ones. Don't overthink it, don't underthink it - spend a reasonable amount of time brainstorming new ideas to blog about. Alternatively, you could spend even less time and jump the brainstorming line straight over to our article title generator - allow artificial intelligence to carry the brainstorm session for you. There's no cost associated with using INK's popular blogging topics generator. As a matter of fact, if we really think about it - our blog post generator pays you - because it saves you so much time and energy. Yea, we went there.

What Blog Topics are Most Popular?

Blog popularity is an ever-changing thing. That said, there are some topics that always seem to get people excited.

  • News and current events
  • Nutrition and natural remedies
  • Food and recipes
  • Anything about making money, such as career ideas and entrepreneurship
  • Advice
  • Travel
  • Movies
  • Cars
  • Finance
  • Music
  • Politics
  • Parenting
  • Lifestyle, including almost anything arts, culture, and home
  • Fitness
  • DIY
  • Pets
  • Sports
  • Shopping
  • Gaming

Some blogs may focus on a type of blog rather than a niche. You could dedicate your site to how-to guides and cover:

  • Becoming a writer
  • Fixing a dishwasher
  • Throwing a baby shower
  • Learning Chinese

Or you could focus on a niche within a niche. Finance is a very broad topic. But within that topic, there’s real estate investment, raising kids on a budget, creating a charity, and getting out of debt.

What Blog Topics Make the Most Money?

What Blog Topics Make the Most Money?

What Blog Topics Make the Most Money?

Any blog can make money if you have enough traffic and know how to monetize it. If you want minimal risk for the highest potential reward, stick to blog topics that hold mass appeal. Instead of following fads that may lose public attention - pick popular niches and evolving trends within them and find ways to make your mark.

Also, keep in mind the type of monetization you’ll be pursuing. There are tons of lucrative products in health and fitness. Join affiliate networks, and you could have a steady stream of income simply for making recommendations.

Time-tested blog topics include:

  • Marketing
  • Personal finance
  • Babies, children, and parenting
  • Tech
  • Gaming
  • Travel
  • Cooking
  • Fashion
  • Home decor
  • Frugal living
  • Health and wellness
  • Self-improvement

How to Generate Blog Ideas Efficiently

One of the fastest ways to cook up consistent, relevant, and interesting blog post ideas is by using a title generator. INK's topic generator makes short works of ideation, turning your keywords into blogging gold. You can use the results as is, or use them as motivation to feed your brainstorm sessions and push past any mental blockage. Use our software as a story title generator, headline creator, topic randomizer, for specific niche blog title ideas, and then try out INK's AI Co-Writing and SEO Assistant for free- you'll never look back.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a blog topic idea generator?

INK's blog topic idea generator puts together popular blog topics using artificial intelligence and a few keywords about your blog. It simplifies the brainstorming process in content creation by crawling the web and coming up with blog topics of interest for you.

I'm Writing a Speech, will a topic generator for writing content help me?

Yes, INK's blog post idea generator is also a speech topic generator and is very intuitive. Public speaking can be nerve-racking, and when you're nervous it'll be harder to come up with great ideas. With the right brief, our speech topic generator can help put together the perfect ideas for any occasion.

Where can I find 'how to articles ideas'?

We're so glad you asked. INK's topic generator for writing is filled to the brim with how to articles ideas. Here's how to use our headline creator - it's so fast and super easy:

  1. Type in the name of your blog
  2. Choose a few keywords to describe the main idea of your blog - enter in the words 'how to' as well.
  3. Click 'Create' and choose your favorite how to articles ideas

I just started a blog for my business and I have no idea what to write about.

By using INK's article idea generator, you'll never be short of blog topics again. Insert the name of your blog or business, a few keywords describing said business, and you're..well, in business! We'd be honored to be part of your content creation process and our blog post ideas generator is the key to eliminating any blog topics guesswork.

I've searched high and low but it seems I've already covered every topic on my travel blog, any ideas?

Happy to help. Writer's block can be extremely frustrating but our travel blog names generator will help keep it at bay. Your blog name and a brief description is all you'll need to provide our software and it'll come back to you in seconds with relevant topic ideas. Use our travel blog names generator to fill in your content calendar for months to come and never find yourself in this situation again.

I'm tired of recipe titles, can your food blog headline generator really help?

Absolutely. To use our blog post ideas generator, feed it your blog name and a brief description about it. In just mere seconds, our blog headline generator will dish out a list of blog topics for you to choose from or use them all. Anytime you find yourself in a pickle like this, come back to our article idea generator for inspiration - and, pardon all the puns :P