Content creation to grow your brand

Get found, engage, and convert.

Create content that ranks

Google algorithm changes and competition increases all the time. You need smart AI to succeed.

Let INK’s powerful AI make your content creation seamless and efficient.
  • Find the perfect words
  • Cover the right topics
  • Increase engagement

Generate copy that converts

Reaching the 1st page of Google is great. But what about monetizing your content?

Make your audience click one step further by leveraging the right emotions and your brand’s voice.

  • Trigger the right emotions
  • Set the right tone
  • Find your Copy-Audience fit

Make your workflow collaborative

Stressed over a fragmented, all-over-the-place content creation process?

INK is the seamless, efficient way to streamline your workflow.
  • Create from our native app, your browser, or Google Docs
  • Add users to your team
  • Integrate with WordPress

50+ ways INK can write for you

Competing goals and channels make writing challenging. Writing for e-commerce, social media, SEM, email marketing, website content, and more is time-consuming.

Looking for a time-saver? INK has more than 50 AI writing templates. Almost every writing use case is covered by INK’s powerful AI. All the quick wins you need to grow!

Get started now

We have made it fast and easy to start writing with INK.
“”The best SEO content editor I’ve used so far. The user interface allows me to have no distractions when I’m writing. The tasks on the SEO bar make for a super convenient SEO checklist. Compared to some competitors, INK gives you a free version that ACTUALLY helps your writing objectives. I.e. You don’t need to pay to play. That said, INK PRO does get you to another level with SEO topics and keywords to use.

I’m more diligent with my SEO checklist – I’m hitting the word counts, making sure my subheadings and headings are optimized, that my work is readable. Before INK, I had 100 different tools that I would use to make sure that my content was good to go. Now, I’m just using the one. Another benefit is feeling more productive with the distraction-free interface on the desktop.”
Irene P

Irene P

Lead Copywriter
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

“The most amazing and intelligent SEO editor that helps you rank as you write! I like that it gives me sets of tasks that I need to complete to help my content get better results.

It helps me write content for websites to ensure that it ranks for keywords that I am targeting. It does it in a way that makes sure I am writing correctly and for the right audience.”
Joseph K

Joseph K

President and CoFounder
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)