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INK's CTA Call to Action Generator

A clear call to action tells a potential customer what step comes next, eliminating confusion and reducing decision fatigue. It can let consumers know when it's time to visit another page for more information and when it's time to make the big purchase. INK's AI-powered CTA Call to Action Generator helps you craft compelling CTAs that get the job done.

Lead With Value Using INK's CTA Call to Action Generator

Powered by AI, INK's CTA Call to Action Generator helps you craft the most compelling CTA for your website.

Main Call to Action Takeaways:

  • A call to action, also called a CTA, is a direction to a potential customer, letting them know what steps to take next. It should tell the consumer why they should wish to execute the action and how to follow through.
  • CTAs may take on a variety of forms. They can direct an audience to sign up, subscribe, get started, learn more, or download something.
  • Effective CTAs should be clear and concise, use friendly or inclusive language, and inspire curiosity or desire in the consumer.
  • There are several advantages to creating a strong call to action. An effective CTA can drive sales, help you grow your following, and give your content purpose.
  • INK's CTA Call to Action Generator helps you craft compelling CTAs for your website. This text can guide site visitors through your brand's buying process and potentially turn them into loyal customers.

For many of us, going online means being instantly bombarded with advertisements. Flashing ads tout the life-changing benefits of energy drinks. Banners promise tools to make your business boom. Plus, open your inbox, and it's probably overflowing with targeted (and not-so-targeted) advertisements for just about everything else. Go here. Do this. Click that.

If you're an online business, it can leave you wondering how to cut through the chatter to reach your customers. An effective call to action can do just that.

This article will cover what a call to action is and how it can be used to reduce decision fatigue and eliminate consumer confusion. You'll learn about several types of CTAs and discover the benefits of using INK's CTA Call to Action Generator.

What Is A Call To Action?

What Is A Call To Action?

What Is A Call To Action?

A call to action is a sentence or phrase that directs a potential customer to perform a specific task or take the next step. The CTA usually includes all the information needed to perform the suggested action, and it should motivate the consumer to proceed. It may range from a two-word directive to several sentences. It may consist of text accompanied by a clickable button, or it may include a hyperlink that takes visitors to a form or page.

Examples of CTAs

Types of CTAs

The CTAs you include in your marketing emails or on your website should reflect your audience's unique buyer's journey. You may wish to direct your site visitors to specific content such as pricing guides, sign-up forms, and download links.

You'll find the following types of CTAs in marketing or advertising materials and on company websites:

  • Sign up: With this type of directive, site visitors are invited to sign up for events, free trials, courses, or products.
  • Get started: This flexible CTA can be customized to suit your purposes. It can get consumers or site visitors to proceed to a desired next step in a buying or onboarding process.
  • Learn more: This kind of CTA typically directs a reader to a page that provides additional information on a product or service.
  • Subscribe: This CTA invites a reader to subscribe to a blog, newsletter, company updates, or other regularly distributed information sources.
  • Join us: Collaborative sites, online communities, and other forum-based pages may use the Join us CTA to recruit new members.
  • Try: Try or try for free CTAs invite users to participate in free trial offers of services or products. This may involve demos, software downloads, or sample-sized products.
  • Download: The download CTA may be used for free software, app demos, limited-use offers, and even paid versions of products.
  • Follow me: CTAs can provide an easy way to follow a person, company, store, or brand on social media, including Twitter or Instagram.

How Long Should a Call to Action Be?

How Long Should a Call to Action Be?

How Long Should a Call to Action Be?

There's no standard for how long or short a call to action should be. In fact, it may be as few as two or three words — think: buy now! — or as long as several sentences. What's important to keep in mind is that your goal is a successful outcome of the CTA. You want someone to click on that all-important button.

Ultimately, if you're opting for a longer CTA, make sure to make good use of those words. Provide the motivation and the means for someone to click on the button or link. If you're opting for a short CTA, pair it with an intriguing video, image, or infographic — something sure to inspire a click.

Remember: your message should dictate the word count, never the other way around!

What Does CTA Stands for in Marketing?

In advertising and marketing, CTA stands for call to action. A call to action in advertising or marketing is a phrase or sentence that directs a consumer to perform a task. It's incorporated into an email, web page, or digital content, and it provides all the information necessary for the consumer to proceed.

Call to action may prompt a consumer to perform one of the following tasks:

  • Click a link/visit a page
  • Fill out a form
  • Learn about a sale
  • Call a phone number
  • Request additional information such as a quote
  • Sign up for alerts or emails
  • Make a purchase
  • Follow you on social media

What Is a Good Call to Action?

Even strong marketing campaigns need a good call to action to be effective. Simply asking your audience to sign up or request more information isn't always enough to get the job done.

So, what makes a CTA successful?

The Three Components of a Successful CTA

A successful CTA not only tells a consumer what to do; it also makes them want to do it and then shows them how. That's accomplished by including three main components.

There are three main components of a successful call to action:

  1. What the reader should do: This part of the CTA is the directive. It lets the audience know the next steps to take. That may be to request more information, sign up for something, or visit a specific page.
  2. How the reader should do it: This typically takes the form of a clickable button or a hyperlink. It should provide a clear, simple path for the reader to complete the action described in the directive.
  3. Why the reader should do it: This part of the CTA speaks to motivation. It lets the audience know why they need to complete the action. It may reference special deals, limited-time offers, product benefits, and other tidbits that will entice someone to follow through on the CTA.

Other Characteristics of Effective CTAs

Although calls to action don't have to be complex to be successful, there are several characteristics that many effective CTAs share:

  • Clarity: Effective CTAs should be clear and concise. Even the best message can get lost if it's buried in muddy wording.
  • Friendly or inclusive language: Wording that makes the audience feel like part of the team can be particularly effective. For example: Let's build a plan for success together.
  • Striking design: CTAs are often set apart from the text, so design matters. Good use of color, negative space and other thematic design elements can make a CTA stand out on the page.
  • Personalization: Some CTAs let you personalize results, using polls, quizzes, and games to add an element of fun to the action.
  • Scarcity: One tactic employed by many effective CTAs is scarcity. By using countdown clocks, referencing daily offers, and using other time-sensitive languages, some CTAs bring a sense of urgency to their directive.
  • Choices: Some businesses opt for CTAs with more than one clickable option. Letting users choose their own unique path adds a compelling incentive to proceed.
  • Curiosity: A good CTA on a website can inspire curiosity. It can make people feel as if they're missing out by not clicking through to the next step.

Advantages of a Good Call to Action

Advantages of a Good Call to Action

Advantages of a Good Call to Action

The advantages of a good call to action may seem obvious. It gets your visitor to click on the desired link or perform the desired action. But, you might be surprised to find that there are other advantages to having a strong call to action.

  • A good CTA can give content purpose. Sure, having a blog can be a great value-add to your website, but your content should have meaning. By attaching a CTA to blog posts and other website content, you can fit those articles into your overall marketing plan.
  • Strategic CTAs guide consumers through the buying process, moving them seamlessly from step to step. Eventually, this may result in a sale. By guiding consumers through the buying process, you can also eliminate decision fatigue, which can cause a user to close out your site.
  • An effective call to action can help you grow your following. It can provide your audience with a simple way to find and follow you on social media. You can also use CTAs to grow your newsletter subscription base, providing a larger audience for additional marketing materials and increasing your sales leads.
  • The best CTAs can improve your conversion rates. Ultimately, this can help a company drive sales by turning visitors into customers. It can also turn first-time customers into loyal repeat customers.

How Do You Create a Strong Call to Action?

Writing a strong call to action may seem simple, but make sure to put plenty of thought into both the words and the design. It can make the difference between converting a visitor into a customer or losing someone's interest altogether.

By following these tips and tricks for creating a strong call to action, you can maximize your chance of winning over a customer's loyalty.

Tips for Writing a Strong Call to Action


  • Identify your target audience. Learn their needs and wants. The language and style you'll use to draw in one audience may be a turn-off to others.


  • Start strong. Many CTAs start with a verb, so make it a relevant one. Buy and order are great verbs to start off CTAs for web stores on sites such as Shopify. On the other hand, download or subscribe are ideal for newsletters and other information-based companies.
  • Use alluring language. Enthusiasm draws consumers. Instead of writing Check out available cars, try Find the ride you've been dreaming of.
  • Deliver clear messages. Whatever message you want to convey, make sure it's clear and concise.
  • Tell visitors what's in it for them. Whether you're running a one-day sale or your product has features a visitor must have, make sure to highlight the benefits.
  • Make promises you can keep. If you're advertising a free trial, be sure it's truly free. If you're touting a weekly newsletter, stay on schedule. Never make a promise that you don't intend to keep.
  • Get a second opinion. As with any important piece of text, it's crucial to have a second set of eyes look at it. A third party can tell you if the messaging is clear and compelling or if something is off.


  • Keep it simple. By providing a clickable button or a hyperlink, you'll make it easier for someone to perform the desired task.
  • Consider style. Sure, a CTA can be part of your text. You can even incorporate it directly into your content by adding it to a relevant paragraph. However, a CTA may also be worked in as a separate design element, which should be considered thoughtfully.
  • Set mobile preferences. If your software distinguishes between visitors on mobile or computer, take advantage of it. Provide mobile users with CTAs that connect them to you directly by phone.

Advantages of Using INK's Call to Action Generator Tool

Advantages of Using INK Call to Action Generator Tool

Advantages of Using INK Call to Action Generator Tool

Whether it's intended for a blog, website, or advertising materials, writing an effective call to action can be challenging. Using INK's CTA Call to Action Generator can simplify the process. This free AI-powered tool helps you craft compelling CTAs that can guide site visitors through your buying process.

With the INK's CTA Call to Action Generator, you can:

  • Deliver crystal clear messaging
  • Choose effective language
  • Entice your target audience to act
  • Create the right CTA for your content

Whether you want your audience to buy, order, sign up, join, or learn, ultimately, you should tell them. If used properly, the call to action may be the best tool in your marketing arsenal.