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I’m using INK more and more!

I like writing with INK because of the SEO feature. I like how it reminds me to use the exact keyphrases too.

Erzel C
Technical Writer

The best SEO writing app + assistant

There’s a lot to love about INK. First of all, the interface is gorgeous and makes writing an enjoyable experience. Secondly, the SEO tips and guides to help improve your article’s score are excellent. There are a lot of SEO tools that will tell you how to write a more SEO’d article, but INK just does a better job at giving you actionable (not just theoretical) suggestions.

Dustin W. S
Social Remix

The best SEO writing app + assistant

I was using 3 different softwares earlier for my writing requirements for 3 different tasks — one for grammar, one for SEO, one for readability. But, with INK, I get everything in one place, SEO, grammar, readability, and the best part — I get MORE!!!

Little nuances like “use keyword in your headline”, “aim for # or less adverbs”, etc. — have really helped me in amping up my writing.

Even within my team, I have recommended to them to use INK. PRO upgrade is superb, but even with the FREE version, INK surpasses my expectations!!!

Simran D
Web Content Writer

We already had a solid SEM strategy in place but our SEO had room for improvement. Because we’re not SEO people, I looked at several options, including bringing on an outside consultant for a quarter. We basically needed some guidance to find the right growth opportunities for our brand. Also looked at finding the easiest to use SEO software.

In the end, INK was the most cost-effective and easy to use option. We didn’t need to spend our budget on a consultant — and got fantastic results.

Graham D. C
Head of Growth

INK For All really works for me

I’ve been using INK for drafting all of my blog posts on my website, and I like it.

The text editor is simple and doesn’t distract me (which is excellent because I distract myself enough as it is).

I like that it has grammar and SEO built into it to toggle on and off.

Ethan K
Fatsack Fails

INK Innovated the SEO Game for Writers!

The best part of INK is the integration of SEO and writing tools. It solves the problem of accessing multiple tools for one piece. So instead of paying for this and that plugin for my website, I use INK and it takes care of the rest. Even the fact that INK offers a WordPress plugin makes it so much easier to publish content.

Victoria B

Excellent SEO Resource

INK for All is a great SEO resource. I’ve used many different tools, and INK provides the most features and best value. It’s a superior tool that helps to improve SEO copy quickly. I highly recommend it.

Kim D

My go-to tool for writing anything!

I like everything about it, the clean and uncluttered UI, the dark mode is essential to me while writing long articles, and the focus mode with the typewriter sound are really great features as well.

Ali R
Freelance Station

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