Grammarly vs. INK

An Honest Comparison of 2 AI Tools

Main Grammarly vs. INK Takeaways:

Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling checker for the English language.
INK is a distraction-free content writing software that combines AI co-writing with SEO.
Grammarly features to note are Correctness, Delivery, Engagement, Clarity, and a Plagiarism Checker.
INK features include AI-Writing, SEO functionalities, clarity, and headline analysis, to name a few.
Grammarly offers three plans — Free, Premium, and Business.
INK offers four plans — Free, INK Pro, INK Pro Unlimited, and INK Custom.
As any content marketer knows, writing web content involves using a boatload of programs. From grammar checkers to headline analyzers, software companies create various solutions to improve the writing experience. In this sea of choices, two of the most popular tools for writers today are Grammarly and INK. Which leads us to a crucial question — should you use Grammarly or INK? Lots to consider between these two AI-powered tools as you make that big purchasing decision. So, let’s break it down. First, let’s begin with a quick introduction.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling checker for the English language. Besides spotting grammar mistakes, this AI-powered tool also evaluates punctuation, passive voice, and sentence structure. It then provides multiple suggestions to help improve your writing.
While Grammarly is available as a web-based solution, you can also use the app on various platforms. These include:
Native apps for Windows and macOS
Keyboard for iOS and Android
Google Docs support
MS Word and MS Outlook add-in
Browser extensions
As you can imagine, Grammarly is ideal for various types of writing — including novels, social media posts, emails, or blog posts. However, it may not be the best AI-powered tool for achieving more specific goals. That’s where INK comes in.

What is INK?

INK is a distraction-free content writing solution that combines AI co-writing with Search Engine Optimization. That means you can generate content that’ll help your website rank higher on search engines.
So, how does our artificial intelligence-powered editor work? Well, INK uses a patented AI system to analyze your content in real-time and compares it to high-ranking competitors. Then, it provides an INK SEO Score that indicates your chance of ranking on search engines. Pro tip: Content with an INK Score above 97% is at least four times more likely to rank on Google. But how does it compare to Grammarly?

Features of Grammarly

Some Grammarly features to note are Correctness, Delivery, Engagement, Clarity, and Plagiarism Checker. Let’s delve a little deeper.

Grammar Correctness Feature

Grammarly's correctness feature focuses on, well, correctness.

It involves suggesting ways to fix the writer's spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Also, this feature ensures consistency in spelling and punctuation, resulting in sentences that are easy to read.


The plagiarism checker in Grammarly compares your work with web pages to ensure its originality.

Besides highlighting the texts that require citations, Grammarly provides the resources necessary to credit your sources correctly. That way, you don't have to worry about duplicate content or plagiarism.


Grammarly has a tone detector function to provide an in-depth understanding of your delivery. That way, you can deliver your message the way you intend — from friendly and curious to encouraging and informal.

This AI-powered app analyzes your word choice and phrasing to detect your tone. It also has an inclusive language function.


Finally, the Clarity feature helps writers create sentences that are easy to follow. That often involves changing the passive voice in your sentences to active voice. It could also suggest reducing the number of adverbs in your text and rewriting hard-to-read sentences.

Now, let's check out INK’s features.

Headline Analysis

The online grammar checker provides word choices to help improve engagement and give your writing life. It also identifies repetitive, monotonous text.

With that, you can rewrite sentences to add nuance and variety to your text.

Features of INK

Some INK features include AI-Writing, SEO functionalities, clarity, and headline analysis. But there is much more!


INK offers several AI-writing tools to help scale content creation. These include generating blog ideas, business names, AIDA copy, Facebook headlines, and meta descriptions, to name a few.
Besides these specialized tools, INK also provides AI co-writing features such as:

  • AI-Writing — for generating unique text
  • Headline relevance analysis
  • AI-Simplifying — breaking sentences down into readable chunks
  • AI-Expanding — for writing in-depth sentences

INK's AI co-writing assistant functionality can significantly reduce the time spent brainstorming content. More importantly, it's ideal for creating multiple articles in record time.

You have a lot to do. We get it! Our AI-writing is here for you to help you bust through your to-do list in no time!


One feature that INK has in common with Grammarly is the grammar and spelling checker.

Besides correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, the content editor also comes with a competitive readability grade tracker. That way, you can ensure that your content is as easy-to-read as your competitors.

Other INK functions designed to improve clarity include real-time adverb and passive-voice-use tracking.

Search Engine Optimization

Unlike Grammarly, INK comes with a search engine optimization feature to ensure organic visibility. In fact, INK is an SEO solution designed specifically for writers.

Here's how it works.
 First, type your target keyphrase into our AI-powered editor to get an INK SEO score. This score depends on two primary factors — content relevance and ranking competitors. In other words, content that satisfies the search intent is more likely to receive a higher INK SEO score. Also, the editor recommends specific tasks to increase your score. These include:

  • Meta Optimization
  • Use of Keyphrase
  • Adding Image Alt Text

INK also provides insights into your top-ranking competitors' content creation process. That way, you can replicate what they did successfully.


You may wonder if the content that is AI generated from INK is original?

While our AI is trained on parts of the Internet, it generates outputs that are original and can pass plagiarism detectors.

Headline Analysis

INK's headline analyzer evaluates your content’s title to provide a score based on readability, relevance, and sentiment.

It suggests words that convey and inspire specific emotions in readers — like curiosity, greed, or pride. You can also use the word suggestions to boost your search engine visibility.

Other essential features that INK offers include:

  • Distraction-free interface
  • Image optimization — compression and resizing
  • WordPress Integration
  • Accessibility modes — dyslexia and color-blind

As you may have guessed, INK aims to scale the content creation process while saving time and money. Read on for a breakdown of what INK offers compared to Grammarly.

Grammarly and INK: A Side-By-Side Comparison




Spelling and Grammar

AI Co-writing

Search Engine Optimization Features

Headline Relevance Analysis

Readability Grade

Plagiarism Checker

Image Optimization

Topic cluster

Source Suggestions

Color-blind and Dyslexia modes

Google Docs and Microsoft Integration

Grammarly for Chrome vs. INK Chrome Extension

Like Grammarly, the INK Chrome extension allows users to access AI-writing tools across several platforms. Both extensions can help with word choice across social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Similarly, you can use Grammarly and the INK Chrome extension to calibrate your message’s tone. So what are the critical differences between the INK Chrome Extension and Grammarly for Chrome?

When You Need INK Chrome Extension Over Grammarly for Chrome

While similar, the INK Chrome extension has key advantages over Grammarly for Chrome. With Grammarly for Chrome, users can quickly address spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues. It also revises sentences that are grammatically correct to make them less wordy. Read on to see where the INK Chrome extension goes beyond this and really shines.

Rewrite Your Text

INK Chrome extension's Rewrite feature helps rewrite content effortlessly.
That means you can generate unique and plagiarism-free content within seconds across various web platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, and Google Docs.

Rewrite that draft you’ve been blocked on. Or rewrite and refresh content for republishing. The content possibilities are endless.

But that's not the best part.

INK's revolutionary AI technology considers writing context when generating content. That means your AI-generated output will read like a human-written text.

Simplify Existing Text

The INK Chrome Extension can help simplify an existing text.

With the Simplify feature, your message becomes easier to read and understand. That's because it breaks down complex concepts into digestible chunks for your audience's consumption.

As a result, your readers will enjoy an improved reading experience.

Expand Existing Text

Besides rewriting existing text, the INK Chrome Extension also helps expand your content.

In other words, the AI will add more words, phrases, or clauses to the main clause to make your writing rich and more detailed. The Expand feature is especially handy for painting a more vivid picture with your text.

t's also an effortless way to enrich your writing.

Grammarly vs. INK: A Price Comparison

Here’s a breakdown of the price comparison between CopyAI and INK.

Grammarly Pricing

As with most programs, Grammarly offers three plans — Free, Premium, and Business. The table above from Grammarly’s site shows a breakdown of the Premium plan at the time of writing. Meanwhile, pricing for Grammarly’s Business plan can vary based on your preferred plan and team size.




Billed as one payment of $144.00
$12.00 / month


Billed as one payment of $60.00
$20.00 / month


$30.00 / month


Grammarly Business

Billed annually. 3 members minimum.
$12.50 / month / member

INK Pricing

INK offers four plans — INK Free, Starter, Pro SEO, and Team SEO Unlimited.

You can use the INK Free plan at zero cost. However, content writers looking for an extra boost in creative guidance may want to opt for one of the paid plans.

Here’s a quick summary of INK’s price structure:



Per month | Billed annually



Per month | Billed annually



Per month | Billed annually

Team SEO Unlimited


Per month | Billed annually
Finally, teams with more demanding projects can leverage the INK Custom plan to enjoy INK Pro Unlimited and accelerate growth. We didn’t forget students! For student pricing, be sure to check out our Education Plans.

Grammarly or INK: Knowing Which One to Choose

Grammarly is a cloud-based writing assistant for reviewing spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. It also highlights ways to improve your text’s engagement, clarity, and delivery. As a result, the grammar checker is the ideal solution if you’re mostly looking to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. It also comes in handy when trying to identify plagiarized content. Meanwhile, INK offers more — especially for web writers. Besides reviewing spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, INK takes your content to the next level with an AI Writing feature. That means you can generate, expand, or simplify text tailored to your unique audience’s needs. What’s more, INK’s SEO features can help optimize content to improve search visibility. That makes it the ideal solution for any business looking to succeed on the web. In the end, the right tool to use depends entirely on what business and professional goals you need to achieve.