How to Write an Effective Address Change Letter for Business

The experience of relocating is always an exciting one. However, the address may be the most significant issue for businesses interested in such an endeavor. How do you inform individuals of a business address change? Simply by sending an address change letter for business.

Your responsibility is to inform all relevant parties of your move by notifying them of your new address using an address change letter.

This post explains the significance of a change of address, provides guidelines for preparing a letter of change of address and a sample letter.

The Significance of an Address Change Letter for Business

Companies moving to new locations should know the significance of a well-written change of address letter. Notifying clients, vendors, employees, and even former employees of a transfer makes it seamless for everyone.

There will be no visits from these people or correspondences with relevant organizations unless you inform them of your new address.

An excellent change of address letter also serves as a brilliant commercial or marketing strategy with minimal investment of time or resources.

Writing an Effective Change of Address Letter

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Informing friends, family, and professional contacts of your new address is essential. Here are some guidelines to help you write efficient change-of-address letters. 

  • Make your change of address letter templates adaptable so that they can be sent to a wide variety of recipients without extensive rewriting.
  • Always start a letter to a company or bank with a welcome and salutation.
  • Remember to put both your old and new addresses on any correspondence.
  • Create change of address letter templates using a formal, polite tone.
  • Be succinct and to the point in your introduction to the change of address letter.
  • You must include your account number in any correspondence with your bank, including a change of address.
  • When changing your company’s address, you should specify the new location’s opening hours and date in your letter.
  • You can help the people who receive your change of address letter find your new business by mentioning prominent landmarks in the area.
  • It’s best practice to draft and distribute change-of-address letter templates to all relevant parties as soon as possible.
  • Your change of address letter should include supporting papers to verify your new address if requested.

Sample Letter for an Address Change Using INK

Businesses sometimes change their company address, and it is essential to respond to such a change promptly. Below is a sample letter created for address change using INK.

Dear [Name of Company], 

I am writing to inform you that I have recently changed my address. My new address is as follows: 

[New Address] 

Please update your records accordingly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at [Contact Information]. Thank you for your time and consideration.

It takes seconds to write these kinds of letters with INK. You are only required to provide some context; the rest is history!


An address change letter for business is sent to your customers and clients, informing them of the change in your company’s address. The letter should be short and straightforward and explain your address change understandably. 

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