How to Draft Property Management Agreement Termination Letter

Are you a property owner or tenant looking to end your property management agreement? Knowing how to draft an effective and legally binding termination letter is essential.

This blog will guide you through crafting a property management agreement termination letter, from planning the details to preparing the final document. Read on to learn more!

What Is a Property Management Agreement Termination Letter?

This termination letter is a written notice from either the tenant or owner that terminates their current lease agreement. This document is a legally binding contract between both parties. It should include details about the return of any deposits or other payments made as part of the lease. It’s essential to ensure that all details are in this letter, so there is no confusion later. 

Information to Include in Your Letter

When drafting your letter, you should include specific information such as: 

  • Date of effect for the termination 
  • Name of tenant/owner and address 
  • Reason for termination (if applicable) 
  • Details about any deposits or payments to be returned. 
  • Name and signature of tenant/owner 

How to Write the Property Management Agreement Termination Letter

  • The property management agreement termination letter should begin with an introduction that states the date of effect for the termination. This will be set out when the lease ends, giving both parties a clear timeline for their actions. 
  • After this, list all relevant details, including the name of both parties, address, and reason for termination (if applicable). 
  • Next, explain any payments or deposits that need to be returned as part of the lease. Make sure to include a detailed breakdown of these amounts so there are no disagreements later. 
  • Finally, end your letter with the names and signatures of both parties acknowledging their agreement on ending the lease. 

Sample of a Property Management Agreement Termination Letter

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Certain elements must be included when writing a property termination letter. To help you get started, here is a sample of what your letter might look like: 

Dear ___, 

This letter is to inform you that I am terminating our property management agreement effective ___. This decision has been made due to ___ (e.g., failure to meet contractual obligations). Please transfer any relevant documents or keys by ___. 




Terminating a property management agreement is a complicated process, but following the steps outlined in this blog should help make it easier. Include all necessary details in your termination letter, address potential disputes, and make sure both parties sign the document to make it legally binding. With these tips, you’ll be able to draft an effective and legally binding property management termination letter.

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