How INK Works

Our AI-powered editor makes your
copywriting driving more quality traffic

We Scan the Web for Top-Ranking Content

INK automatically finds top search results based on what you want to rank for.

    We scan the web for top ranking content

    We Analyze Success

    Our patented semantic AI scores your content. It's called the "INK Score", and it predicts your chances of ranking on the first page of Google.

    We analyze success factors – 1

    We Create a Clear
    To-Do List

    INK creates a list of tasks, showing you exactly how to reach optimal performance. We check for style, voice, spelling, grammar, SEO tasks, headline optimization and out favorite: relevance.

      We create a clear to do list

      You're Always up to Date

      Skip the outline and write with confidence: the INK Score and tasks update in real-time so you can start gaining SEO traffic in less time.

        You’re always up to date