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INK guides writers through high priority self-optimization and editing techniques that will help make more well-written and higher-ranking articles based on a targeted keyphrase. 

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    Patented SEO Scoring System

    To rank or not to rank doesn't have to be a question anymore. The quality of your writing could mean the difference between ranking on the first page of Google or not. INK’s patented AI powered SEO scoring measures your content's rank potential and semantic quality relative to the highest-ranking articles on Google.

    INK scans the web for top ranking articles based on your keyphrase

    Realtime scoring allows you to see progress based on what is ranking highest NOW

    Plus: our algorithm stays constantly up-date with Google, so you don’t have to

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    Stay on Task by Staying in Platform for Editing

    Don’t let word count, number of adverbs, passive voice, poor spelling, or lack of links cause you to lose your rightful place in search results. Forget searching spellings or using independent editing tools, INK has everything you need only prioritized so you don’t spend more time on it than you need to. 

    Easy to complete prioritized tasks

    Customized wordcount goal based on your keyphrase

    Guidance on hyperlinking and reading level for your article

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    Your Article + Secret SEO Weapons Stored in One File for Easy Upload to Your CMS

    Depending on the keyphrase you are writing about and the audience you are writing for, images, keywords, metadata, and links could be of the utmost importance. Relevance tasks take the guesswork out of what tasks will have the most impact on your article’s searchability. 

    Know when and where to add your chosen keyphrase

    Guidance on images, alt text + auto image optimization, storage, plus easy import

    Meta title and meta description guidance and easy importing to WordPress

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    Covering Relevant Content Could Increase Your Odds of Ranking in Google's Top 10 by 4X

    What you are writing and what your audience wants to read, could be two different things. INK Topical Suggestions help professional content marketers needing visibility in top search results by assisting in augmenting articles using real-time topic and term ideas aggregated from top ranking articles and pulled into your sidebar for exploration and inclusion. 

    Know without a doubt you covered the big ideas most relevant to your searchers’ intent.

    Explore how high-performing articles are using topics to inspire your own writings.

    Understand the impact a suggested topic will have on your article's searchability.

    Uncover keyphrase-focused topic and term suggestions used by the highest-ranking competitive articles.

    Know in real-time when you have covered a topic and written enough content for ideas.

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We also make an optional WordPress Plugin to import INK files more easily. You can get it here.

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