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Write clearly and effectively
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Authentic and clear writing at your fingertips

Wasted hours searching for just the right synonyms, idioms, or expressions? So frustrating, right?

Well that pain is over. Everything is at your fingertips. All you have to do is install the Chrome Extension, pin it, and start writing like a pro!

Make great vocabulary choices

Writing faster is one thing. Leveling up your writing is another. With INK, you get the best of both worlds. Simply highlight a word, a group of words, or a whole sentence to get rewrite suggestions.

INK rewrites your text to be more concise, clearly expand your ideas, and have perfect word choices.

Fix spelling and grammar once and for all

Spelling and grammar can be tricky. So many rules to remember, right? With INK AI copy editing, boost your English vocabulary. Sound more fluent and natural.

Banish errors. Be confident your grammar and spelling are accurate.

Make it yours and bust plagiarism

Get fantastic and plagiarism-free rewrites for any highlighted content. Pick your tone of voice to make it fully yours.

INK helps you paraphrase your text to be more or less formal so you can reach your audience effectively. Writing original content just got a lot easier!

Works anywhere in your browser

In today’s world, tech tools are exploding. This can lead to a fragmented content creation process. With INK for Chrome, you can write confidently anywhere in your browser.

Save time editing and perfecting your text in: Gmail, Google Docs, Outlook Web, Slack Web, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WhatsApp Web.

INK Chrome Extension Features

Write clearly and effectively

Rewrite (FREE PLAN)




Formal Tone


Start by creating a Free account. From the Chrome Web Store, go to the INK page and click on “Add to Chrome” to add our browser extension. Next, open any website or webpage where you plan to write like LinkedIn, Gmail, or Facebook. Now, simply start writing and highlight the text. A pink INK icon will appear above your selection. Click on the icon to view rewrite suggestions for the selected text.
INK is a Chrome extension that is conveniently accessible to write and rewrite wherever you are working. Whether you are writing in Gmail, Google Docs, Outlook Web, Slack Web, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or WhatsApp Web, our powerful AI writing is easily accessible and ready to help you find the perfect words to connect with your audience.
Yes. We have a free version with the same powerful, sophisticated AI our paid versions use for writing and rewriting.

We offer discounts for non-profit organizations on all plans. Please contact us to learn more:

The INK Writing Extension is for anyone who wants to create high-quality content with the ease of our AI writing and rewriting to help you find the perfect words, every time.
Yes! INK is perfect for collaboration — you can open an INK file and pick up where the last user left off. We also have team subscriptions.
You can cancel anytime before your next billing cycle.
Currently, we support English.

No, no one at INK can read your text.

INK works with Chromium Browsers

Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, and more.