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Finally, you can turn keywords lists into clusters in a couple clicks

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Teams and content marketers that want to improve their content:

the Problem

Still analyzing millions of search intent and classifying them manually?

You Can’t

Grouping keywords and ideas take ages.
And, it’s important to address what your audience are looking for. If you’re serious about your content, your SEO will suffer without a good content planner.

Why grouping keywords in clusters is important?

Other SEO writing tools don’t get the Clusters

With Keyword Clusters, you can level up your SEO content strategy by targeting highly related keywords for more competitive searches.
A well-planned keyword cluster will allow your business to rank higher in Google’s SERP results pages with increased traffic from targeted clients who are looking specifically at these terms – making them easier than ever before!
How does it work

Finally, there’s a tool that helps you organize your Content roadmap

No more overthinking topics
Get your plan in a few clicks and start feeding your content team
Step 1

Import your keywords

Just drop the file OR simply your own file.
Step 2

Search intent analysis

INK Content planner analyzes the search intent for each keywords and groups them into clusters.
Step 3

Download your clusters

Get your content plan and start performing!
That’s it

Your Content Roadmap for scale is here

The content planner from INK will not only help you organize relevant keywords to write about, but will also cut down on the duplicate content going live for your site.
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  • Import from the tools you already use
  • Build a content plan that scales
  • Grow your traffic

Finally, you can turn keywords lists into Topics in a couple clicks

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