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Bullet points in your social post are your secret warriors against skimmers and attention deficit.

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Highlight Information Better Using LinkedIn Bullet Points Creator

INK's LinkedIn Bullet Points Creator

INK's LinkedIn Bullet Points Creator

Content creators can use LinkedIn bullet points to highlight crucial information in their text. INK's LinkedIn Bullet Points Creator can help create bullet points for posts on the social networking platform.

Main LinkedIn Bullet Points Takeaways:

  • LinkedIn bullet points draw attention to crucial information.
  • Use bullet points on LinkedIn to improve readers' ability to scan text.
  • Bullet points allow you to communicate efficiently.
  • Hold down the Alt key and type "8" to add LinkedIn bullet points on Mac.
  • Use Alt+0149 to add LinkedIn bullet point on Windows.
  • Use INK's LinkedIn Bullet Points Creator to generate bullet points.

Goldfishes are notorious for their short attention span — roughly nine seconds. However, researchers now believe that the human attention span now lags behind goldfish.

According to a study on human attention span, our attention span decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8.25 seconds. In other words, content marketers will have better luck selling if goldfishes were their target audience.

One effective way to quickly grab the attention of skimmers is to use LinkedIn bullet points. That brings us to the following question.

Can You Use Bullet Points on LinkedIn? 

Can You Use Bullet Points on LinkedIn?

Can You Use Bullet Points on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can use bullet points on LinkedIn. Along with other formatting options, this social platform allows users to add bullet points to text in profiles and posts. But it's not that simple.

Using bullet points in your LinkedIn profile seems like such a basic thing to do. This is especially true considering the several benefits of using bullet points in your text. These include:

  • Drawing attention to information you want to highlight
  • Allowing readers to scan information
  • Communicating information efficiently

Unfortunately, LinkedIn appears to have overlooked this simple editing option.

What's more, the professional networking site still doesn't offer a toolbar when you're in Edit Mode in your profile. As a result, users have no easy option for adding bullet points to their profile.

That brings us to the million-dollar question.

How Do I Add Bullet Points to my LinkedIn Summary?

How Do I Add Bullet Points to my LinkedIn Summary?

How Do I Add Bullet Points to my LinkedIn Summary?

The process of adding LinkedIn bullet points varies based on your computer's operating system.

On Windows Computers

Click on the pencil icon wherever you would like to add bullet points within your LinkedIn profile. That puts you in Edit Mode for that specific section.

After that, put your computer's cursor in the space where you'd like to add bullets and hold down the Alt key. Now, type 0149 — and release the Alt key.

The bullets should appear immediately.

On a Mac Computer

Again, click on the pencil icon within the LinkedIn profile to enter Edit Mode in that specific section. Then, take your cursor to the space where you'd like to add bullet points. This time, hold down the Alt key and type 8.

The bullets should appear as soon as you release the Alt key. Also, each subsequent line of text after the first line should wrap under the bullet point.

As simple as the processes above may seem, there's a caveat.

The Alt+0149 combination only works on PC keyboards that have a number keypad or number lock. That means users that don't have this type of keyboard have to consider alternate methods of inserting LinkedIn bullet points.

Should I Use Bullet Points in LinkedIn?

Yes, you should add bullet points to your LinkedIn. Bullet points offer an effective way to attract people to your LinkedIn profile. And that's because it breaks up the monotony of words and paragraphs. That way, viewers can quickly identify the vital points in short order.

Be that as it may, adding bullet points to LinkedIn only works when you use it sparingly. We've all seen it before — bulleted lists that are so long that it overwhelms the viewers.

As you may have guessed, such excessive use has the opposite effect on viewers. Rather than entice us into reading the essential points, we often look at the list cursorily before tapping the back button.

Here are other things to consider when using bullet points on LinkedIn.

Six Tips to Help Add Bullet Points on LinkedIn

1. Keep it Brief

Think of your LinkedIn bullet points as mini-headlines. They're supposed to give readers a reason to continue reading your content.

As such, it's best to avoid writing lengthy text in your bullet points. Instead, consider keeping it as brief as possible to encourage readers that want to scan the page.

2. Avoid Bullet Clutter

Bullet clutter is when your bullets have sub-bullets, and those sub-bullets also have their sub-bullet. Yes, it sounds messy — and can quickly become messy on the page as well. And that defeats the purpose of using LinkedIn bullet points.

Writers use bullets in their text for clarity. Your bulleted list should highlight vital points in your LinkedIn profile, not confuse readers.

3. Avoid Transition Words

Bullet points come in handy when readers need to retrieve information fast from your LinkedIn page. That's why they should be as brief as possible.

That means transition words or phrases such as "secondly," "first," and "in additon to" are unnecessary. They'll only slow readers down.

4. Bullets Should be Related

Your LinkedIn bullet points should be thematically related. That means they should focus on the primary elements of a specific topic.

For example, if your LinkedIn bullet points are about your skills, you shouldn't add your hobbies to the same bulleted list.

5. Punctuating LinkedIn Bullet Lists

The rule here is simple. If one bullet ends with a period, it's best to conclude the remaining bullets with a period. Wait, there's more.

Grammar experts recommend ending with a period only if all the bullets are sentences. However, bullet points that are phrases or fragments don't need to end with a period.

6. Capitalizing LinkedIn Bullet Lists

Like the punctuation rule, consider starting each bullet point with capital letters if it's a complete sentence.

However, capitalization is a stylistic choice when dealing with a sentence fragment. In this case, you can start each LinkedIn bullet point with either upper case or lower case. Consistency is key. So, whatever you choose to do capitalization wise in one bullet, follow through in the subsequent ones.

Use INK's LinkedIn Bullet Points Creator

Consider using INK's LinkedIn Bullet Points Creator to generate bullet points for your LinkedIn text. It's a free AI-powered tool that can help you create LinkedIn bullet points within seconds.

Type your Brief Concept in the field provided. Then click the "Create" icon to generate your bullet points.