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Generate more clicks

Write headlines that are relevant to your audience’s intent. Then, optimize your meta title and meta description to increase your click-through rate (CTR) from the Google Search Results page.
Headline relevance
Meta optimization

Trigger the right emotions

Emotions play a key role in decision making. INK performs sentiment analysis based on relevant content so you can engage the right emotions in your content. Also, it’s easy to get the right visual content with the native Unsplash integration.
Headline Sentiment Analysis
Image Finder

Satisfy your audience’s needs

Communicate at the correct grade level and with relevant headlines. Be meaningful to your audience.
Headline Readability Check
Headline Relevance Check

Bold and clear writing

INK for Chrome helps you write better copy by rewriting your sentence to find the perfect words, adjusting the length, and tone of voice everywhere you write via our Chrome Extension.
AI writing at your fingertips
Formal or Casual tone

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Content Quality

Content quality is measured by how people respond to your content

Engagement Metrics

CTR, bounce rate, time spent on page, scroll depth, etc.

Content Improvement

INK improves the engagement of your audience by optimizing your content

Why INK is Unique

Unlike tools like Hemingway and Yoast, INK technology researches the most engaging copy for your keyphrase, and it learns how your users want to engage with that topic.

Instead of using one-size-fits-all rules for adverbs, passive voice usage, readability, sentiment, content length and depth…INK precisely analyzes what style of writing will get the best engagement.