Our History

The Big Idea

With the experience of creating a successful optimization company in Colorado and completely recalibrating the process, performance, and experience clients have with Search Engine Marketing, two of the founders conceived of a really big idea, that, in contrast to the popularity of paid search, recognizes the power, complexity, and most importantly the underutilization of organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and combined their collective insight and experience to create an unprecedented online SEO experiment they used to validate a theory of how Google’s Rankbrain AI treats content.

SEO, Finally for ALL

The pair welcomed a third partner and together the group spent the better part of three years applying this IP and leveraging the power of AI to outsmart Google. After intensely studying the market and seeing firsthand the fragmentation that exists within the content marketing space, the group identified the need for a platform that could automate SEO at scale allowing any and all to harness the power of search to get content found online. The group filed for a patent in 2018 and the world’s first real-time web content optimization platform built specifically for content creators and non-SEO experts was born.

It’s Only the Beginning.

INK has transformed what started as an SEO incubator and rigorous algorithmic testing platform into a one used to service Fortune 100 clients to the tune of game-changing organic traffic increases of more than 1M per month.

Be a part of the Content Performance Optimization (CPO) movement with us, download INK today (if you haven’t already.)