At INK, we are listening to what our users want and working to expand upon greatness. 

We will soon reveal the pricing as well! With PRO, advanced topical completeness and content performance metrics will be available for content creators and teams. 

In the meantime (and forever) take advantage of our INK FREE with incredible content optimization features for creating content that performs.


Advanced Content Performance Optimization Software for Content Creators, Use for FREE, Forever.

  • Topic & Subtopic Suggestions
  • Topic Prioritization
  • Related Keywords & Context
  • Topic Coverage
  • SEO Scoring
  • SEO Tasks
  • Spelling & Grammar
  • Article Composition
  • Auto Image Optimization
  • Focus Mode & Advanced Accessibility Features

Download the App for Mac, Linux or Windows

We also make an optional WordPress Plugin to import INK files more easily. You can get it here.

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