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New Advanced AI Features Eliminate Guesswork by Tapping into What Motivates Your Audience to Convert

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Increase your conversion success

  • In marketing, headlines are critically important. Find out what emotions and buzz words will drive clicks with the audiences most interested in your topic.
  • Understand what motivates a user to engage longer with your content.
  •  Whether you are writing to sell, educate, influence, or entertain, INK's Emotional Intelligence will pinpoint drivers for your success.
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Increase productivity and improve workflow

Enter your keyword and GO! INK's patented AI understands search intent and gives you topics & keywords in real-time. 

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Top-Voted AI Platform For Increasing Organic Traffic and Conversions

Helping You Write, Rank, (and Now) Gain Relevance in Realtime.

  • 97%

    Of INK Users Say PRO Features Have Made Them More Effective Writers

  • 4X More Likely to Rank

    Users whose INK SEO score reached above 95% were 4X more likely to rank in Google's top ten results.

  • 100%

    Of Users that Who Love INK Also Say SEO Ranking is “Extremely Important” to Them and Their Clients 

Stay focused on the right ideas for your audience

  • Know exactly where to start writing your article to get the most results in the least amount of time.
  • Get access to the most engaging topics for your selected keyword.
  • With INK's organic writing experience you can be selective. Pick and choose from plenty of topics and keep the ideas flowing.
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Save time and frustration

  • Produce quality content, faster by having the research delivered to you inside the INK editor. Go ahead and close those extra tools and tabs. You won't need them anymore!
  • "At a glance" topic frequency goals vs. actual use saves you time and eliminates the guess work.
  • Say goodbye (forever) to writer's block with in-depth insights that will increase conversions.
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Better Writing that Ranks, Gets Read, and Returns Results

Unlock the marketing industry’s most powerful optimization AI that picks up where all other content marketing tools leave off. PRO isn’t about a score, an outline, or keyword stuffing. With INK PRO you'll know without a doubt how to make meaningful engaged connections with the ideal audiences searching for it. INK PRO is how writers and teams create organic content easier, faster, with better ideas, fewer mistakes and with 4X the potential of ranking on the 1st page of Google. 

Keep your content authentic and trustworthy

  • Avoid repetitiveness, stay on brand, and see how competitors are using competitive terms. 
  • You are a writer so you're not interested in keyword stuffing. The INK PRO writing experience helps you stay on-brand while optimizing for search the right way!
  • Our AI reads and understands your writing and clusters keywords together so your content doesn't sound like a broken record.
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Better time management. Better talent management.

  • PRO features help you use your time more wisely. Stop guessing if you have sufficiently covered your topic. 
  • Know precisely when you have written enough or whether to keep writing about your selected topics.
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Featured In Leading Publications

Engage your audience in deeper and meaningful ways

  • Every audience is different. Certain topics require specific tones. Injecting more emotion into your headline, can be the difference between a headline that performs and one that doesn't.
  • Headline Sentiment tells you how much you stand to gain by turning it up a notch.
  • Our patented AI understands your audience and what you are writing about, that data informs headline optimization recommendations that result in clicks and longer engagement.
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Stop overpaying & start sharing with fellow writers

INK PRO is made for writers and teams, get the very most out of your plan.

  • Our plan builder allows you to select your desired output
  • Whether you are a team of 5 or 55, our Team Management & Billing allow in-person and remote teams to pool resources and get every bit of what you are paying for.
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PRO, Now You've Got the Right Idea

INK has the only semantic AI-based content score in the world. Every other tool scores just based on keyword density.

  • Optimize for Topics, Not Keywords

    INK PRO gives you the exact topics to use. Improve your topical relevance, see how many times you’ve used each topic, and how many more you should.  

  • Total Understanding of Your Content

    Our patented AI finds patterns in semantic fingerprints of high-performing content to understand how your content should deliver on user intent.


  • Save Countless Hours of Research

    Content research can take hours. Increase efficiency by eliminating the time and cost associated with expert researchers.  

  • Skip the Content Brief

    Real-time insights from the top content AI means writers just need a keyphrase. INK guides you toward a perfect article with easy to follow tasks.   

  • Outperform the Competition

    Content relevance is an important page quality score metric. The more relevant, the better your odds of ranking.  

  • Real Results: The Top 10 Results

    Read our open-sourced data study that proves your content is more than 4X more to rank in the top 10 with INK using our patented scoring system. 

Gain Influence on the Web Using INK PRO's Advanced AI Content Performance 

As writers, we want to be heard, but the content marketing landscape is competitive. AI content marketing tools of the past had only a fraction of what it takes to read and actually understand the ideas (not just keywords) you are writing about. INK PRO levels your writing up by making credible recommendations for improving your article’s quality, SEO, and content performance organically. Smart features deliver insights that win over audiences by tapping into what motivates users to engage. Get ready for next level content performance. Introducing the INK PRO advanced AI feature set. PRO functionality will not only change the way you approach optimization, but will actually change the way your audience engages with your content.

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