"I'm now writing 1000-1500 word articles 2-3x times faster without compromising on the quality of the content!"

~ Rick Leach, Director of Content Creation, Crowd Content
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10X Faster, Affordable Writing with Performing Quality


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Everything you’ll ever need to write content faster

Eliminate writer’s block

The only NLO solution

10x faster writing

Short and long form writing

The right tool to scale your business with zero advertising (Just like we did!)

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Bundle and Save With INK

INK replaces a bunch of apps. See how our all-in-one, fixed price compares to bundling Jasper, Surfer, WordTune, WordPress Yoast, Hemingwayapp, Grammarly and Keyword Cupid together:

The INK suite includes

AI Writer
SEO Optimizer
Copy Assistant
Content Planner
INK Suite

$60 / mo per user

  • Unlimited AI Words
  • Unlimited SEO Articles
  • Unlimited AI Paraphrasing
  • 1,000 Keyword Planner Credits
  • Plagiarism Checking Coming Soon !
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Team Management

$60 / mo per user

Go unlimited with one product
suite. Patented AI. Award Winning.

$99 / mo - 100,000 AI word limit

Surfer SEO

$99 / mo - 30 SEO article limit


$12 / mo - no AI paraphrasing

Keyword Cupid

$9.99 / mo - 500 keyword credits

$219.99 / mo per user

The average user will consume 100,000
AI words and 30 articles per month.

You are one click away from creating more qualitative content

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Natural Language Optimization (NLO)?

Natural Language Optimization (NLO) is NLP optimized with competitive analysis.

For instance, let’s say you want to write an article about ‘where to find the best vinyls’. INK is going to crawl the highest ranking content to reverse engineer what makes these articles rank high and apply that learning to your content.

Learn more about the NLO movement here.

What does a Long Form Writer really mean?

Long Form Writer means generating up to 123 words for one AI output. What makes INK superior is the length of our lookback.

The main benefit of this character lookback feature is that INK can read what you have written already and based on that it writes the next sentence or paragraph.

Due to this character lookback feature, INK writes more relevant and high-quality content compared to other AI content writing tools.

INK’s lookback is 8,000 characters, which is 1,600 words, which is a full article lookback for 99.99% of SEO articles!

What are AI Tools?

The AI tools can be seen as templates augmented with AI. You can pick a template (AI tool) based on what you want to write.

Whether that is Social Media, Sales or Marketing copy, INK has got you covered with more than 50 tools.

These tools are directly accessible from the AI Writer or from our website.

Is the content from INK original?

While our AI is trained on parts of the Internet, it generates outputs that are original and can pass plagiarism detectors.

Is INK a desktop app?

Yes, INK AI Writer is a desktop app. You can download it from here. It offers a distraction-free experience for our content creators.

Also, our WordPress plugin makes it easy to upload your content on your website if you’re using this CMS.

How does the INK AI Writer compare to the competition?

INK is the only tool offering Natural Language Optimization (NLO). Discover more about it here. The professional plan offers the most affordable Unlimited AI words plan on the market.

Does the Professional Plan really offer Unlimited AI Words per month?

Yes, it’s bold, clear and unique. This plan offers Unlimited SEO articles.

Unlimited is defined by a fair usage policy that prevents any usage of scripts or bots. One human per seat is considered fair usage, even if you work day and night.

Is SEO important for me?

Are your content goals to be found by your audience on search engines? If the answer is yes or partially yes, then you may consider enrolling our INK SEO Optimizer plan instead.

Can I cancel my plan?

You can cancel anytime before your next billing cycle.

Do you offer a plan or discount for students or educational organizations?

At the moment, we only offer Student Plans for our AI Writing Assistant product.

However, our free plans come with free credits and access to our long list of AI tools, editor, and Chrome extension that you can use anytime.

If you want to know more or discuss partnership opportunities, please contact our support team.

INK Product Features


AI Writing

5000 AI words Per month

Unlimited per month

Long Form Writer

Natural Language Optimization

130 AI Tools

Introduction AI Paragraph Writing (NLG+NLO)

First Paragraph after Subheading AI Writing (NLG+NLO)

Subheading AI Writing (NLG+NLO)

Bullet List AI Writing (NLG+NLO)

Sentence Rewriting (NLG)

Sentence Shortening (NLG)

Sentence Expanding (NLG)

Sentence Formal & Casual Voice Rewriter (NLG)

Continue Writing AI (NLG)

Chat Support

Email Support

Team Success Manager



Status Page

Live Q&A Training Webinars

Affiliate Program

Keyword Analysis

3 per month

Unlimited per month

Headline AI Writing (NLG+NLO)

SEO Content Scoring

Topic Optimizer

Word Optimizer

Document Optimizer

Spelling & Grammar

Outline Notes

AP Style Headline

Headline Emotional Intelligence AI

Headline Relevance Analysis

Headline Sentiment Analysis

Headline Topic Optimization

Headline Length Optimizer

Meta Title Optimization

Meta Description Optimization

Meta Description Optimization

Image Alt Text

Link Optimization

Image Compression

Image Resizing

Unsplash Plugin / Integration

Unsplash Auto Image Importer

Semantic Topical Relevance SEO Score

Competitive Topics

Competitive Sources

Missing Competitive Topic Analysis

Unsplash Auto Image Importer

Missing Competitive Source Segment Analysis

Competitive Topic Segment AI Paraphrasing

Competitive Source Segment AI Paraphrasing

Competitive Adverb Analysis

Competitive Passive Voice Analysis

Competitive Word Count Analysis

Competitive Reading Grade Analysis Sentence-Level

Competitive Word Count Analysis

Spelling & Grammar Checker (US/GB)

Subheading Use Analysis

Consecutive Sentence Analysis

Rich Text Editor

Dark Mode

Undo / Redo

Save as .ink file

Integrated 70+ AI Writing Tools

Focus Mode

Find / Replace

Document Cache & Recovery

Extend INK with open source plugin APIs

Extend INK with open source plugin APIs

Typewriter Mode

Image align options


Typing Sound Mode

Document Cache & Recovery

Export as Markdown

Export as HTML

Export as Hugo

Export as Jekyll

Keyboard shortcuts

Markdown Plugin

Language Composition Tool with Part of Speech Analysis

Colorblind Mode

Chat Support

Email Support

Team Success Manager



Status Page

Live Q&A Training Webinars

Affiliate Program

AI Rephrase

Unlimited per month

Unlimited per month

Plagiarism Checker

AI Rewrite Formal

AI Rewrite Casual

AI Shorten

AI Expand

Readability Checker

Chrome Extension

Chat Support

Email Support

Team Success Manager



Status Page

Live Q&A Training Webinars

Affiliate Program

Keyword Credits

100 per month

starts at 1000 per month

Keyword Clustering

Search Volume

Search Intent Analysis

Ahrefs, SEMRush Import

Chat Support

Email Support

Team Success Manager



Status Page

Live Q&A Training Webinars

Affiliate Program