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INK is a content technology company dedicated to the future of Content Performance Optimization (CPO) and driven by a vision of a world where storytellers control their own search destiny. The company’s proprietary, ground-up AI and real-time integrated platform bridge the gap between content creation and return on investment (ROI). By working to democratize content performance, INK shifts control of content’s searchability into the hands of the people and companies who create it. The company is led by serial tech entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer Michael Umansky, marketing and AI expert and Chief Technology Officer Alexander De Ridder, and seasoned marketing and sales executive and Chief Revenue Officer Gary Hayman.

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The Team


Michael Umansky

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Michael Umansky is a seasoned tech entrepreneur driven by the power of next generation technology to shift the way businesses market themselves. By the age of 19 Michael was spending summers helping to grow his first start-up. Just two years later, he started his own tech venture, Blastro.com, one of the world's first video streaming companies seven years before YouTube went live. Voted "Best of the Web" by Bloomberg Business in 2007 Blastro.com continues to be a key marketing conduit for major record labels and artists. At age 24, Mike joined early stage startup, Idera Software where he helped grow the company from a small team into a global enterprise with over 250 employees. In 2008 he co-founded Gazzang, a startup committed to cloud computing security that is recognized as an early player in Big Data encryption. Six years later Gazzang was acquired by Silicon Valley Bellwether, Cloudera. ...


Alexander De Ridder

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Alexander started programming at the age of 13 and has now consulted over 50 businesses, ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies in the areas of artificial intelligence, application development, and marketing technology. Where most people see problems, Alexander sees potential. His imagination and innovative prowess know no boundaries. At age 28, Alexander created the first real-time method of attributing phone calls directly inside Google Adwords paid search. He went on to invent a templating language to auto-generate collaborative web applications from insurance calculations, transforming the way insurance carriers calculate business risk working to improve response times in natural disasters. For seven years, Alexander brought the internet marketing concepts of retargeting and web cookies to the retail service industry, as lead R&D innovator. During this time, his team developed innovative Machine Learning solutions for in-door camera-based GPS, people / emotion / attention detection, and camera-to-camera handoff tracking systems. In 2015 he teamed up with serial entrepreneur Michael Umansky to start SEO Aspen using revolutionary algorithms and insight to transform the process, performance, and experience clients have with Search Engine Marketing. ...


Gary Haymann

Co-Founder & CRO

Gary forges relationships and uncharted paths forward. He is a seasoned pioneer in building companies and products through sales and marketing and believes wholeheartedly in diving head-first into technologies of the future.

Gary's love of next-gen digital solutions started early when he landed his first job after graduating from Kelley School of Business at a video teleconferencing company far ahead of its time. Next, he went in a different but complementary direction when he chose to further his sales and marketing skills working in the diamond industry where he was stationed in important global markets generating sales and nurturing relationships for the company through buying and selling. ...

In 1997, Gary brought his well-rounded skill set and entrepreneurial spirit to Sun Ports International, a then 4-year-old family business where he built a national sales network and subsequent regional operations that helped catapult the company from a family business into an industry leader encompassing four brand divisions. After only 5 years there, the company successfully merged becoming USA Shade & Fabric Structures and in 2012, with over 150.000 successful installations under its belt and more than 171 employees in 5 offices around the country, the company sold to Apollo Global Management, the second-largest alternative asset management firm in the US.

Shortly after, Gary broke out on his own harkening back to his love of digital marketing by launching an Augmented Reality (AR) company called Nexref Technologies. Gary called on the development prowess and advisement of Alexander DeRidder who helped him create technology that amplified fan-based marketing campaigns by enabling cost-efficient AR deployments through rapid integration within mobile applications.

Gary teamed up with serial tech entrepreneur Michael Umansky, and AI expert Alexander De Ridder to bring together a wealth of digital marketing experience that would disrupt the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry forever. The three recognized the power, complexity, and most importantly the underutilization of SEO and applied that insight to create an unprecedented online experiment they used to validate a theory of how Google's Rankbrain AI treats content. They called their experiment Edgy Labs and have spent the better part of three years applying this knowledge and leveraging the power of AI to outsmart search engines. After intensely studying the market and seeing firsthand the market fragmentation that exists within the content marketing space, the group identified the need for a platform that could automate content performance optimization at scale allowing any and all to harness the power of search to get content found online. Edgy developed a platform that does exactly that. They soon filed for a patent and a real-time AI-powered web content performance platform built specifically for non-SEO experts was born. Transforming what started as an SEO incubator and rigorous algorithmic testing platform into a full-service SEO agency applying their content optimization IP to Fortune 100 clients who have seen game-changing organic traffic increases of more than 1 million visitors per month as a result.


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