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Command Mode AI Writing

Compose Mode AI Writing

Natural Language Optimization AI

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20+ Languages

Long Document Writing

Full SEO Optimization

INK KUPE AI Paraphrasing

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Import from URL

Export Document

WordPress Integration

Unsplash Integration

Dark Mode

Colorblind Mode

Dyslexia Mode

Focus Mode

Typewriter Mode

Sound Mode

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INK Recipes

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130+ Short Copy Templates

Hey INK Tool

20+ Languages

Tone of Voice

INK AI Assistant

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Community Recipes

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Share Recipes

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Fork Recipes

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Personal Profile

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Upvote Recipes

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SEO Optimization Features

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SEO Keyword Analysis

Real-Time Semantic SEO Scoring

INK Exclusive

360° Competitor Analysis

INK Exclusive

Missing Topics

Competitor Sources

INK KUPE Paraphrasing AI

INK Exclusive

Word & Document SEO Tasks

SEO Meta Data

Sentiment Analysis

Word Count Analysis

Tone & Voice Analysis

INK Exclusive

Emotional Intelligence AI

INK Exclusive

Headline Optimization Scoring

INK Exclusive

Shield: Plagiarism Checking

Shield: Detect AI Written Content

INK Exclusive

Image Generation Features

Fair Usage



Image Resolution



Image License

Royalty Free

Creative Commons

Filters & Adjustments

Remove Watermark

Aspect Ratio

Image History

Share Via Link

Content Planner Features

Keyword Clustering

1 credit / kw

1 credit / kw

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

20 credits / search

20 credits / search

Search volume

Search Trend


Cost Per Click

Content Shield Features

AI Audit

1 credit / 100 words

1 credit / 100 words

Plagiarism Audit

1 credit / 100 words

1 credit / 100 words

URL Full Audit

40 credits / URL

40 credits / URL

Text Analysis

Scheduled Audits

Pay As You Go

Extra Credits

$40 / 4,000

$40 / 4,000

Extra Users

$33 / user / mo

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Bootcamp Training

INK Certification Program

Service Status Page

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Discord Channel

Private Demo

Priority Support

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Content Search


Personal Usage Tracking


Support 50+ Users

Team Dashboard

Team Name Picker

Team Usage Tracking

Team Role Management

Team Recipes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll love INK, that we make it pretty much impossible to buy without trying. You have 5 days to try INK until we’re reverting you back to a free plan. We don’t ask for your credit card, so you can try INK risk-free. If only all companies were this transparent!

Any feature that is not unlimited usage (such as AI words, SEO articles, AI images) use credits. This system allows us to serve our users with advanced needs, such as API and bulk usage. See the feature table for how many credits different actions take.

You’ll get new credits each time once a month. If you still need more, extra credits are pay as you go.

Our enterprise plan includes 3 users. Did you know that you get a discount on team user seats? If you prefer to fly solo, our professional plan is there for you.

We wouldn’t let any other AI writing solution anywhere near our site because they lack the protection that only INK has. No other solution uses real-time competitive audience research to teach the AI to write more performing copy. Our technology has no equal if you care about marketing outcomes. And when it comes to SEO, everyone else is still entity stuffing while only INK is using semantic embeddings. We’re also way cooler, transparent, care more about our community, more fairly priced, and did we mention INK replaces like 5 subscriptions? Tell us in chat your #1 reason for making the switch to INK, we want to know!

The content shield prevents your content being detected as AI content and allows you to scan your text and site to find problems with AI and plagiarism. The SEO content score is a 3rd generation semantic prediction of how Google will rate your content quality. NLO stands for natural language optimization and is our content performance technology that powers our AI writing.

We’re happy to schedule a demo for prospective enterprise customers — just send our team a message. We also have a bootcamp, training videos and a lot more information on our help desk to help you get started.

Yes, you can add and remove users at any time on our enterprise plan!

INK is used by companies and individuals who create content and care about online growth, conversion and brand protection. We believe content reach is the most important aspect of content marketing. Does your content get found, engage and convert? And is it safe for use online?

While you can use our AI to write and design images for just about anything, INK truly shines when creating copy for business and marketing. That’s because INK has the most advanced content performance technology built-in!

The INK Assistant supports English, Spanish, French, German, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese (Portugal & Brazil variants), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian and Swedish. The INK Document Editor & SEO features support English.

Not only is INK content plagiarism free, we offer plagiarism checking as part of our solution without needing an additional subscription. We want you to have total peace of mind!

Yes! We have no commercial usage restrictions.

Because we offer a completely risk-free 5 day trial, there are no refunds if you buy after trying INK. That said, it’s super easy to cancel at any time, and we offer month-to-month plans!

We don’t support plan pausing yet. For now, you can always cancel and resubscribe on our month-to-month plans. If you care about this feature, please let us know, and we’ll prioritize it on our roadmap.

You’ll Fall in Love with INK

Stories of marketers, writers, and entrepreneurs using INK.


Unbeatable Brand Protection from AI, Team Performance, and Content Marketing ROI

Without INK

Risk AI penalties against your brand

Risk plagiarism on your site

Risk reputational damage

Content team ROI is sub-optimal

Fall behind competitors in SEO

With INK

Content Shield For AI Protection

Content Shield For Plagiarism

Increase Relevance And Quality

10X More Content With Same Team

Dominate Your Niche Organically

Elaina Herber

Elaina Herber

Founding Partner & President
at Ascend Hospitality Group

Fast and flawless

“We are CRUSHING local keywords compared to our competitors. We set the goal of being the top result for “best bbq in seattle” and INK helped us take it! We noticed the last set of blog posts made it in the top 5 on Google. Just saving so much time and not being stressed out about how well we’re doing digitally.”


Unbeatable Semantic E-EAT SEO Technology, Increased Output, AI Shield Protection

Without INK

LSI / TF-IDF “entity stuffing”

Using AI gets site punished

Difficult to hire SEO writers

Time intensive content briefs

Challenges with quality control

Buy & combine 4+ products

With INK

The only true Semantic SEO AI

Use AI safely with Content Shield

Writers Follow Easy To-do’s

INK Real-Time Intent Research

5X More Likely Page 1 w/ INK Score

Fully Integrated All-In-One Suite

Graham D. C.

Graham D. C.

Head of Growth

How we grew our traffic 140% in one quarter

“Our SEO had room for improvement. I looked at several options. We needed some guidance to find the right growth opportunities for our brand. INK was the most cost-effective and easy to use option. We didn’t need to spend our budget on a consultant — and got fantastic results..”


Unbeatable Value, Productivity, User Engagement, Content Virality, and Monetization

Without INK

Multiple subscriptions

Time consuming writers’ block

Penalties for using AI content

Risk of plagiarism

Low engagement

With INK

All-in-one Content Solution

Create Quality Content 10X Faster

Content Shield Protection

Protected against Plagiaris

Content Gets Record Engagement

Kim D.

Kim D.

CEO and Founder

Excellent SEO resource

“I’ve used many different tools, and INK provides the most features and best value. It’s a superior tool that helps to improve SEO copy quickly. I highly recommend it.”


Unbeatable Content Marketing Lead Generation, Cost Reduction, Conversion Boost, and Authority Building

Without INK

Crushed under the cost of paid ads

Low content velocity

Struggle to become an authority

Struggle to find sales

Struggle to engage site visitors

With INK

Free SEO Leads Are The Best ROAS

10X More Content With Same Team

Become a Search Topic Authority

INK Sales Frameworks boost CR %

Record CTR % Click-Through-Rates

Reduce Bounce Rates

Gee R.

Gee Ranasinha

CEO at kexino

The best content SEO tool by far

“Coming up with interesting, pertinent, easy-to-read content on a regular basis is vital for most businesses. The last thing you want is for the content to fail to rank on search engines. That’s where INK comes in.”


Unbeatable Creativity, Productivity, Value-added SEO Score, and Proof of Human Writing

Without INK

Can’t prove you wrote it

Can’t prove it’s SEO optimized

Spend hours on a single assignment

Need a ton of SEO experience

Need to research audience

With INK

INK Proves Human Writing

INK Scores Content for SEO

Write More Quality Articles a Day

No SEO Knowledge Required

All Research Done For You

Simran D.

Simran D.

Web Content Writer

The Best SEO + Readability Editor

“I was using 3 different software earlier for my writing requirements for 3 different tasks — one for grammar, one for SEO, one for readability. With INK, I get everything in one place. INK have really helped me in amping up my writing.”


Content reach, Satisfying customer, Attract new customers, increase revenue

Without INK

Cobble together 6+ tools

Expensive expert content

Missed SERP ranking results

Clients are concerned about AI

With INK

A single platform that does it all

Increase expert writer output 5X

450% higher SERP ranking

Protected against Plagiarism

Advanced Content Shield Protection

Andraž Reich Pogladič

Andraž Reich Pogladič

SEO Marketing Manager

Everything your team needs to write optimized content in the most efficient way

“INK gives me all the features that I need for fast and high-quality content optimization. I don’t publish anything before I do optimization with INK. Besides general grammar corrections, I mostly use their keyword suggestions and sentence rewrite feature. It doesn’t only give me related keyword suggestions but unrelated ones as well. It’s an All-in-One SEO tool.”

Why INK?

For more than 5 years we’ve been developing and advancing the state of the art in content performance technology while earning the trust of many leading marketers. We hope to earn yours by giving you content results, protection, a great user experience, honest pricing, a fantastic community, unlimited usage and everything you could wish for in a single subscription.