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Easily put, our Creator plan helps you create incredible content, and our Professional plan helps you write & optimize content for top SEO rankings, engagement & sales. Our SEO Rocket plan is for teams of up to 5 who want to dominate their niche.
What’s Included
AI Writing Features

What is NLO AI Writing?

In our Creator plan, INK can write like a university-graduated writer. In the Professional mode, INK adds real-time research equivalent to 10 years of job experience with your topic and audience.
KUPE is the INK-built AI engine that can rewrite your text without adding new information. It excels at rewriting text for style without changing the meaning.

Unlike most large language models like GPT-3, KUPE doesn’t invent facts, and it is also much faster.
Image Generation Features
SEO Optimization Features

What is INK
SEO Optimization?

INK Professional is the only product in the market that combines AI writing with a full SEO Optimization. Moreover, our competitors rely on outdated methods such as TF-IDF and LSI.

INK is the only product on the market with true semantic AI to optimize content. If you want to ensure maximum growth and make your content as relevant, engaging and converting as possible, there is no other choice in the market.

Engage with users at an emotional level by presenting the information in a way that speaks to their emotional intent.

INK Emotional Intelligence AI uncovers the exact emotions that drive higher click-through-rate, time on page, sales, and lower bounce rate.

Every topic is different, so we learn this in real time by reading all highly engaging topics for your keyword.

Not only that, but our AI writing engine learns from these insights and write in a more emotionally relevant way.
Keyword clustering is about grouping keywords with the same search intent together so that you only have to write a single article for all of those grouped words.

There are different techniques to achieve this. The most expensive and trustworthy way is to search Google for every single keyword and perform analysis.

You can copy paste your keywords, bring your own data, or enjoy our integration with Google, Ahrefs and Semrsuh. INK also offers data augmentation with search volume, cost per click.

We include 1,000 shared keywords per month per user on your plan, and additional keywords can be purchased pay-as-you go.

The more you cluster, the more affordable the cost becomes: price per keyword starts at ~$0.01 and goes down to ~$0.005 at highest volumes.

Despite cutting no corners, INK is 20-100% more affordable than competing services such as Keyword Cupid.
Account Features
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We are a head of the market

We’re in the market since 2019

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We’re SEO experts and can prove it

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We invented content editing with AI based content modeling

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We invented Natural Language Optimization

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Powered by KUPE AI

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Our users love us

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When it comes to generative AI, it seems that every week there is a new startup trying to capture your attention.

Quite frankly, they are polluting the internet with filler content that will not help you succeed at SEO in the long run, not engage or convert.

INK is different. Since 2015 we have built the most innovative, patented technology on the market for content performance.

We’re not in the business of charging you per AI word. We care about our customers. Getting your content to perform is our business model.

We don’t hide behind credit card signups. Since 2019 we have offered a freemium version and today we serve over a million users.
Email your question to or contact us via chat. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.