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Frequently Asked Questions

Yoast counts keyword density, word count, and other SEO rules without taking into consideration your competitors.

By contrast, INK studies the competition with an advanced AI semantic model to give the most accurate SEO content score in the industry.
Other SEO content score companies typically look at word frequencies of competitors and estimate the relevance of your article based on “word counting.”

By contrast, INK uses a true semantic embedding of the concepts to understand how relevant your article is.

Our patented approach makes us the market leader in accuracy and outcomes: content written in INK is 450% more likely to reach the first page of Google.

Nerd talk: INK does not use TF-IDF or LSI keywords for scoring but relies on a proprietary semantic embedding with attention mechanism trained to predict page 1 of Google over a period of 3 years and is continuously updated.
Passive voice and adverbs have a time and place with different audiences.

The Hemingway app follows a rigid rule of what percentage of such words are acceptable.

By contrast, INK adapts these rules based on the keyword you are optimizing for, ensuring you use the writing style that matches your audience.

Furthermore, we do this for readability as well, on a sentence level. And when you are ready to simplify, our AI can do that too
High level, we look at the top ranking competing articles in Google. We scrape their content and process it with AI to make models of what they are about.

We then use another AI to find the common patterns in high ranking vs. low ranking articles to identify signals that Google cares about. This gives rise to an intent model for your keyword. Think of it as a brain scan of Google.

We then build a model of your content in real time, as you write, and continously compare it to the intent model to see how your relevance is changing over time.

Because we look at the entire top of Google, INK content ensures your content is better than any individual search result.
Relevance tasks indicate what topics you need to cover to rank for a keyword.

The Topic feature also provides external sources and highlights the parts you might want to include in your text as a quote or as a rewritten version.

If you choose to quote one of these external sources, INK will paste the content where you placed your cursor with the source credit.

If you choose to have INK rewrite the external source’s material, INK will paraphrase the content and not include the source credit as INK can pass plagiarism tests.

INK also has the unique ability to understand what parts of competitive content have ideas that you did not cover in your article.

All of this helps you reach perfect relevance in no time at all.
Word tasks indicate spelling or grammar suggestions, use of headings, readability grade, and passive voice, etc.

For instance, you can easily spot hard to read sentences and rewrite them using the Rewrite button.

As INK is using NLO, it will automatically adapt the readability grade to your audience.
Document tasks indicate the structural changes you can make. For instance, the use of certain keywords in your title, first paragraph, subheadings, images, meta title, meta description or even alt text. How valuable is the INK SEO Content Scoring?

Optimizing content for SEO without the INK SEO Content Scoring is like traveling from Houston to Fargo without GPS. It’s possible to do without guidance, but it’s going to be tougher.

The INK SEO Content Scoring gives you a precise indication of how well you can rank and how to improve by following a clear to-do list.
The headline optimizer ensures your headline is relevant and engaging to the audience of your keyphrase.

We have exclusive and patented technology called emotional intelligence AI which can boost clicks on your headline by up to 400%.

The science is that people click headlines that are both relevant and promise to satisfy their specific emotional need.

All of this research is done in real-time and based on your top competitors. Effortlessly.
Search intent evolves over time.

For example, what people expect for the search phrase “corona” is not what it was prior to the pandemic.

If everyone used INK, it would be those who use it most diligently and update content frequently who would win out.

And the quality and expertise of the writer still matters a great deal as well.
Because Google ranks the most engaging, complete, relevant, and helpful content near the top.

There’s a great deal that our AI can learn from that, so you don’t have to do that research!
No. INK offers unlimited article optimization.

That said, our fair usage terms prohibit account sharing and automation.

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