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Teams and content marketers that want to improve their content:

Keeping up with the ever-changing SEO algorithm is hard

The content creation process is cluttered with the evolving Google algorithm, hard-to-use SEO solutions, satisfying client intent, and the increase of competition.

How can you prioritize to outrank your competitors faster?

Other SEO writing tools don’t have NLO

Natural Language Optimization (NLO) leverages INK patented AI-powered Technology (INK_AI) through:

Here’s how you can create content that ranks the first time

No hardcore SEO skills required
Step 1

Define the terms you want to rank for

In seconds, INK produces semantic research from the best performing content and foster ideas as you write.
Step 2

improve SEO Score

The INK SEO score rates content for ranking potential in Google Search. INK makes it easier for you to direct your focus and energy where you will gain the most impact.
Step 3

Increase engagement

INK leverages Emotional Intelligence to come up with suggestions to increase click-through rate (CTR).
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