Introducing INK

INK is at the unique intersection of your work, audience intent, competitors and
communication channels.

This means one thing — that INK makes your authentic work be found, engage and

Introducing INK
Alexander de Ridder

Let’s rise above the noise

Alexander De Ridder

INK Co-Founder & CTO

The INK Story

The INK Story

INK was founded in 2017 by leaders in search marketing optimization. We are on a mission to help the world communicate with purpose.

We craft Natural Language Optimization AI models to understand the meaning of content and uncover the nuances of what makes it perform.

Our technology helps your content be found, engage and convert – so that you and your business can rise above the noise.

The INK Story

Once Upon a Time…

Growing up in the magical, medieval city of Bruges, Belgium, I loved figuring out the why and how of things. These things fascinated me. So, my Dad gave me a 386 computer. With it, I started programming at age 13 and, my love of technology and innovation began.

Father's Gift

I’m Alexander, Co-Founder of INK. My boyhood fascination with technology to solve problems led me to a career in IT and a move to Houston, Texas to pursue my tech dreams.
While working on computer vision machine learning, I noticed something — that Facebook and Google were using neural networks to detect objects in pictures.

Alexander, Co-Founder of INK
Google Algorithms

I suspected Google would start using this tech in search around language detection. So I started forming a theory about how Google’s algorithms index content.
Our testing and experiments showed that our solution was outperforming recommendations made by existing SEO software.

Once we realized this, we took the next step. We built it to make it accessible to all — content creators, students, and executives.
So, I co-founded INK with Michael Umansky and Gary Haymann to make this solution accessible to all. And INK was born.

INK Founders

Welcome to the Age of Natural Language Optimization (NLO)

Access to information, its production, and distribution have been democratized. There was a giant leap in accessibility of information from the pre to post internet worlds. Content assisted by NLO vs. content written without it is akin to this major shift. NLO is that transformative. That is how big this is. And INK is at the forefront of this content revolution.

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Just as the internet brought us easy access to multiple sources, AI today offers us an infinity of sources for a limited Attention Economy.

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Student, Content Creator, Executive — all share a common aim. You want your work to be heard and achieve your goals.

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INK’s core invention is that INK reverse engineers what makes your content be found, engage and convert.