0 to 1,000,000 Visitors/Mo
in under 6 months

The only comprehensive program for SaaS companies with proven capability to replace over a million dollars in annual paid advertising in under 6 months!

Our Story

Before INK, Alexander De Ridder and his partners created an SEO agency which helped grow fortune 100 clients like Toyota by 10,000,000 visitors per month, crushing all their competitors online.

The INK Process, Yours!

Explosive growth doesn’t have to cost a fortune: We added 330,000+ visitors per month to our site in just 16 short weeks. Best of all, this traffic is driving 2,500 additional customer sign-ups per day.

How It Works

We know what it takes to rank in Google’s search results because we have a decade of SEO agency experience from working with 10 companies in the Fortune 100!


FALSE: Such results are too complex to achieve.
TRUTH: Most results come from fundamentals.
Here’s what we’ll do: Follow the exact same process we used to add hundreds of thousands of visitors per month to our site in a few months.

We keep no secrets with our complete video course and cover everything from content planning to turning visitors into customers.


FALSE: Great teams cost a small fortune
TRUTH: You can increase efficiency by 10X
Here’s what we’ll do: You are short on time. We’ll give you the exact process we recruit incredible keyword researchers and writers with at the best rates in the world — in no time!

Swipe everything: our job posts, screening, interview and onboarding processes!

And best of all, once you hire them, train them hands-free: just give them our video course and they will be producing for you in no time.


FALSE: I can’t beat the big guys
TRUTH: We rank #1 in Google for “ink.”
Here’s what we’ll do: Our technology is so good that it doesn’t just make your team 10X more productive, but it also makes your content rank.

Members of the SEO Rocket program will get unlimited everything we have to offer: INK for your entire team, as much as you need, so you can get explosive growth results!

Frequently Asked Questions

We cover goal setting, audience framework, content strategy creation, keyword research, content writing & planning, as well as publishing and website architecture.

Additionally, we cover both hiring and training for your team. There are about 60 videos in the course
It’s extremely valuable to startups founders in particular. We chose this niche because as serial enterpreneurs, we know exactly what challenges you are facing, and we want to help you get off the hamster wheel of paid ads to grow your company.

We know that the kind of growth you need is too expensive for you via paid media. It’s a match made in heaven.
Of course not. The program material can make any site an SEO rocketship.

You just understand that our program is tailored to SaaS founders and you’ll have to adapt some knowledge to your precise business model.
You’ll get INK Professional with up to 5 paid seats included, plus we throw in an extra 5k keywords per month for you to cluster.

Additionally, the program contains SEO Rocket exclusive scripts and worksheets, such as cluster merging tools, which are only useful for high growth teams.
First, you get access to our course, which includes processes, team hiring, and training material.

Second, you get access to an exclusive community of SEO Rocket customers. You’ll be able to ask questions in a more private setting than our public community.

Third, we will host additional Q&A video material and answer questions which are unique to you.

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