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You can finally match your message with a perfect image or create art. Image generation comes standard with all INK plans!
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— Frederick R. Barnard

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The perfect tool for creating stunning visuals for your content. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily generate AI images that will make your content stand out.
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Stunning images

With our AI image generator, you can quickly and easily create high-quality images for all your content.

Build businesses

A strong visual brand is essential to success. So, get unique, high-quality images and build your brand image fast.

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Engage your readers and hook them into your story like never before without worrying about copyrights.

Perfection Without Effort

Get perfect search intent grouping to avoid duplicate content and get to writing 10 times faster.

How It Works

Write a Short Description

Close your eyes, count to three and write down what you see.

Choose a Filter

It’s like an Instagram filter for your image!

See The Results

See the incredible art INK has made for you, and use it anywhere you’d like!

Imagine & Create

A Simple Way to Art
Looking to add some extra pizzazz to your written content?

Customer Success Stories

Stories of marketers, writers, and entrepreneurs using INK.

Frequently Asked Questions

We decided to include image generation with all our plans. We currently limit the use to 200 generations per month, per user — that’s up to 800 images.

As server costs come down in coming years, we’ll pass along the savings to you in the form of more image generations.

Credits are shared between your team, so if you need more generations, you can add more users.
We made it easy to create images based on Instagram-style filters. Just say what you want to create, apply a filter, and press Generate!

INK Image Generator is in beta. If you don’t get the right result right away, keep trying different inputs.
Yes: We do not have restrictions on using INK generated images for your projects as long as you follow our terms & conditions.

Keep in mind that you are responsible for ensuring images are appropriate and don’t violate anyone else’s rights. If you will use faces of celebrities, trademarks, or logos, we recommend you ask their permission first.
There is very little legal precedent for AI image generation at this time. It’s a bit like the Wild West cowboy period, really.

So honestly, it is possible that your creation could have the likeness of a protected entity and that copyright holders might ask you to replace such an image.
We apply input filters. You cannot use words like “child” in your prompt. We apply moderation filters on your input text to scan for sensitive topics. And we apply an NSFW filter on outputs which might be sensitive.

Despite that, it is possible to use AI incorrectly to generate images which are slanderous, contain bias, promote hate or racism, or are illegal.

We ask for your help not to do this. Ultimately, you assume the responsibility for how you use this technology.
INK grants users a license to use images as they see fit, but we’re not able to grant you ownership since other users may use similar prompts to generate similar images, or third parties may have copyright claims to the images generated.

That said, you can use the images you generate in whatever capacity you choose, even commercially, provided you accept personal responsibility.

We will revisit this in the future as governments pass regulation regarding this frontier of AI.
Yes. This is the best AI available. As the state of the art improves, we’ll automatically upgrade INK art as well.

You can often create great results if you try a few times, or tweak your input text.
If an image output is blurry, it means it was flagged by our NSFW filter. You can retry or modify your input prompt.
Yes, at this time we only offer watermarked images to indicate that the image was generated via AI.

This is true also for paid plans.

We are revisiting this policy in the near future and welcome your thoughts at

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