The NLO Revolution

Natural Language Optimization (NLO) means your content gets found, engages & converts.

Explosion of AI Content

What does this trend mean for your content?

With the introduction of GPT-3 in 2020, content creation tools have exploded and the sheer volume of content created went into an exponential growth phase.

Every single Content Creation tool is adding to an exponential content supply. It’s getting easier and faster to write a high volume of content.

Therefore, the gap between supply and demand is also increasing exponentially. We call this the performance gap.

INK exists to help you close that gap, to help your content get found, engage and convert.

The Performance Gap

What does this trend mean for your content?

While most tools focus on writing faster, INK writing solutions bridge the gap to make your content find your audience. To achieve this, we are part of a movement called: “Natural Language Optimization” or “NLO”.

Since we know that most platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok…) want to retain their audience; the more that your content aligns with this goal, the more frequently your content is going to be distributed.

Our goal is to help you become a content creator who gets distributed. This is what we like to call Natural Language Optimization. NLO is the process of optimizing your content to rise above the noise.

Attention Economy

If you know this one rule, everything else makes sense.

The human attention economy is at the foundation of every content ranking algorithm. We vote with our clicks, time, engagement.

Fake engagement (such as that of bots) is considered spam and does not create monetary value for platforms.

AI content falls in that category of fake engagement, and platforms have every reason to crack down on it.

If Google could show a generic answer from AI on their homepage, there is no reasonable cause for them to send any visitors to your site.

Winning Content Rises

Why winning content ends up on top by design

Because platforms make money from human attention, they are incentivized to create algorithms that push the best ads, social content, SEO content to the top.

The power rule applies in extreme measure online. We have found that less than 1% of all content online produces more than 80% of all human attention.

Humans vote on the best content with their attention, and platforms make more money on ads, clicks and sales if they can grab your attention for longer.

Therefore, the best content will always rise to the top. And it truly doesn’t matter who made it, just that it’s better than the 99%.

Our Big Idea

The fundamental idea of Natural Language Optimization

Our fundamental big idea was born in 2015, when we asked the question:

If platforms use Neural Networks trained on human attention to identify for each topic which content predicts the best outcome, is there a way to use Neural Networks to reverse-engineer what kind of content platforms are rewarding, and what their users consider the content worth more of their attention?

We ended up building this AI since 2016, and it powered one of the largest SEO agencies in the Fortune 100, where it helped grow 10% of the F100 sites by hundreds of millions of SEO visitors.

In late 2021, we sold the agency and spun out the technology into a stand-alone company, INK.

NLO Technology

How INK became the content performance king

Armed with advanced models that predict what makes content rank, informative, engaging, emotionally relevant, readable, persuasive, … we created the world’s most accurate SEO content score and launched it in 2019.

Then in 2021, we took it a step further, and patented the techniques to build on top of large language AI models to teach them how to write for your topic with the audience in mind.

In late 2022 we took another huge step forward when we saw content platforms cracking down on AI generated content by inventing content shield.

Our combined set of performance technologies unlock the promise of generative AI without the risk, and are designed to help you overcome to performance gap.

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