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“We create a lot of content, and our editorial teams receive quite a bit of content from our writing teams. INK helps us optimize in a standardized way across multiple team members. ”
— Dan N (Founder, Marketing Specialist)

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The deep integration with our optimization technology means that our AI content generator learns to outwrite your competition.

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Our cost per word is now 10 times lower than before INK, the best productivity hack in the writing industry.

WordPress Integration

Our companion WordPress plugin makes publishing your content a breeze, saving you even more time.

Unlimited AI with INK

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INK will already know what you’re writing about and what type of content you want to write, based on your cursor position.

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It’s like magic!

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See the AI output added to your document immediately, so easy!

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Write content that sells anytime, anywhere with INK Editor Web (Long-Form Writer)

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Discover what Natural Language Optimization (NLO) means for future Content Creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

NLO is about optimizing your content so it is found, engages, and converts. That happens when AI researches your topic and discovers what makes the top articles so successful.

When we apply those insights to your content writing and editing, it is called NLO.
INK is not a one-click AI article generator. We are for professional writers who want to elevate their craft, write faster, and have their content outperform anyone else on the internet.

INK is the only solution on the market combining NLO with Natural Language Generation. We offer unlimited plans for human writers.
Currently we support only English. We are actively working to add more languages in the future.

Since our semantic AI is the most advanced on the market and doesn’t simply resell big language models, it takes longer to make all aspects work with other languages. The wait will be worth it.

Yes, they do.

Please note that we do not allow account sharing or automation. Prices are per seat and intended for a single human operator.
INK makes a mental map of your entire article. This includes the headline, introduction, subheadings, and recent text.

In professional plans, INK also considers the top competitor examples, topic information you are missing, emotional intelligence insights, reading difficulty, style of your audience, and much more.
The AI tools can be seen as templates augmented with AI. You can pick a template (AI tool) based on what you want to write.

Whether that is Social Media, Sales or Marketing copy, INK has got you covered with more than 130 tools.

These tools are directly accessible from our web app.
Our AI is trained on parts of the internet. It generates outputs that are original and can pass plagiarism detectors 99.9% of the time.

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