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Artificial Intelligence Built To Outwrite and Outrank Your Competition

INK is the only AI writer that learns from your online competition to learn in real-time how to outwrite and outperform everyone. No experience required. Don’t just settle for writing 5x faster, INK helps you perform 10x better.

Marketing Magic

INK is what you would get if you sent ChatGPT to performance marketing school, let it reverse engineer the best content online, and taught it to outwrite your competitors – in real time, all with SEO optimization.

It’s pure magic.

10x your engagement, triple your conversion rates, and add hundreds of thousands of organic visitors to your site in weeks.

A single tool to outperform them all

INK has it all: everything you need for performance marketing and SEO – all in one place.

From ideation to creation, optimization, protection, and publishing, INK replaces 9 subscriptions.

And your trial includes it all.

Create High Performing Content at Scale

Write Anything

INK can write literally anything you need for your marketing: advertising copy, landing page & web copy, video scripts, high-performance blogs, seo content, emails, social media threads, e-commerce descriptions and SO much more.

Not only does it write to impress, but it writes to out-perform your competition.

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Keyword Research

Find perfect keywords, along with traffic potential and paid cost info so you can grow your brand with ease.

For advanced performance, we also offer the most robust keyword clustering tool on the market – an absolute necessity for any SEO team.

Try today: Your trial includes 1,000+ keywords.

Semantic Optimization for SEO Performance

Outrank everyone for your chosen keyword with the most optimized content possible. INK is the only semantic content SEO score on the market. And yes, it’s included in your subscription.

Experience Semantic Optimization today: Your trial includes 10 SEO audits.

Protect Content

Unlike other AI content writing tools on the market, INK is the only generative AI product on the market that can tell you if your content is at risk from plagiarism and being detected as AI. There’s no need to risk your brand trusting other tools – INK has you covered.

Scan your content now and check for AI detection, included in your trial.

Ask The Assistant

With over 130+ trained marketing scenarios, you can ask the INK assistant to produce any marketing content you could ever need. From advertising copy to social media posts and email campaigns, INK has it all.

Experience the most powerful marketing content on the market with your 7-day trial.

Generate Images

When we said INK has it all, we meant it. Create images for any of your projects!

Tip: Your trial includes 400 free AI images.

Rated 4.9/5 Stars In 500+ Reviews

Leader Small Business Winter 2023
Momentum Leader Winter 2023
Easiest To Do Business With Small Business Winter 2023
Best Relationship Small Business Winter 2023
Easiest To Do Business With Winter 2023
Best Relationship Winter 2023

Nov 11, 2022

“Ink is legit AF”

Nov 11, 2022

“Everything your team needs to write optimized
content in the most efficient way”

Nov 12, 2022

“INK for ALL is a Game Changer”

Nov 11, 2022

“Ink is legit AF”

Nov 11, 2022

“Everything your team needs to write optimized
content in the most efficient way”

Nov 12, 2022

“It has everything I need!”

Nov 11, 2022

“The best writing Tools for

Nov 16, 2022

“INK from idea to well-formulated content”

Nov 12, 2022

“It has everything I need!”

Nov 11, 2022

“The best writing Tools for

Nov 11, 2022


Nov 11, 2022

“INK has been one of my secret weapons when it
comes to any of my writings and text for ads!”

Nov 11, 2022

“I really love the SEO tool”

Nov 11, 2022


Nov 11, 2022

“INK has been one of my secret weapons when it
comes to any of my writings and text for ads!”

Nov 11, 2022


Nov 13, 2022

“Helpful guide with all the frills”

Nov 12, 2022

“Great content creator app for those
stuck in writers block”

Nov 11, 2022


Nov 13, 2022

“Helpful guide with all the frills”

Why INK is Great for You

Stories of marketers, writers, and entrepreneurs using INK.


Content reach, Satisfying customer, Attract new customers, increase revenue

Without INK

Cobble together 6+ tools

Expensive expert content

Missed SERP ranking results

Clients are concerned about AI

With INK

A single platform that does it all

Increase expert writer output 5X

450% higher SERP ranking

Protected against Plagiarism

Advanced Content Shield Protection

Andraž Reich Pogladič

Andraž Reich Pogladič

SEO Marketing Manager

Everything your team needs to write optimized content in the most efficient way

“INK gives me all the features that I need for fast and high-quality content optimization. I don’t publish anything before I do optimization with INK. Besides general grammar corrections, I mostly use their keyword suggestions and sentence rewrite feature. It doesn’t only give me related keyword suggestions but unrelated ones as well. It’s an All-in-One SEO tool.”

Unbeatable Brand Protection from AI, Team Performance, and Content Marketing ROI

Without INK

Risk AI penalties against your brand

Risk plagiarism on your site

Risk reputational damage

Content team ROI is sub-optimal

Fall behind competitors in SEO

With INK

Content Shield For AI Protection

Content Shield For Plagiarism

Increase Relevance And Quality

10X More Content With Same Team

Dominate Your Niche Organically

Elaina Herber

Elaina Herber

Founding Partner & President
at Ascend Hospitality Group

Fast and flawless

“We are CRUSHING local keywords compared to our competitors. We set the goal of being the top result for “best bbq in seattle” and INK helped us take it! We noticed the last set of blog posts made it in the top 5 on Google. Just saving so much time and not being stressed out about how well we’re doing digitally.”


Unbeatable Semantic E-EAT SEO Technology, Increased Output, AI Shield Protection

Without INK

LSI / TF-IDF “entity stuffing”

Using AI gets site punished

Difficult to hire SEO writers

Time intensive content briefs

Challenges with quality control

Buy & combine 4+ products

With INK

The only true Semantic SEO AI

Use AI safely with Content Shield

Writers Follow Easy To-do’s

INK Real-Time Intent Research

5X More Likely Page 1 w/ INK Score

Fully Integrated All-In-One Suite

Graham D. C.

Graham D. C.

Head of Growth

How we grew our traffic 140% in one quarter

“Our SEO had room for improvement. I looked at several options. We needed some guidance to find the right growth opportunities for our brand. INK was the most cost-effective and easy to use option. We didn’t need to spend our budget on a consultant — and got fantastic results..”


Unbeatable Value, Productivity, User Engagement, Content Virality, and Monetization

Without INK

Multiple subscriptions

Time consuming writers’ block

Penalties for using AI content

Risk of plagiarism

Low engagement

With INK

All-in-one Content Solution

Create Quality Content 10X Faster

Content Shield Protection

Protected against Plagiaris

Content Gets Record Engagement

Kim D.

Kim D.

CEO and Founder

Excellent SEO resource

“I’ve used many different tools, and INK provides the most features and best value. It’s a superior tool that helps to improve SEO copy quickly. I highly recommend it.”


Unbeatable Content Marketing Lead Generation, Cost Reduction, Conversion Boost, and Authority Building

Without INK

Crushed under the cost of paid ads

Low content velocity

Struggle to become an authority

Struggle to find sales

Struggle to engage site visitors

With INK

Free SEO Leads Are The Best ROAS

10X More Content With Same Team

Become a Search Topic Authority

INK Sales Frameworks boost CR %

Record CTR % Click-Through-Rates

Reduce Bounce Rates

Gee R.

Gee Ranasinha

CEO at kexino

The best content SEO tool by far

“Coming up with interesting, pertinent, easy-to-read content on a regular basis is vital for most businesses. The last thing you want is for the content to fail to rank on search engines. That’s where INK comes in.”


Unbeatable Creativity, Productivity, Value-added SEO Score, and Proof of Human Writing

Without INK

Can’t prove you wrote it

Can’t prove it’s SEO optimized

Spend hours on a single assignment

Need a ton of SEO experience

Need to research audience

With INK

INK Proves Human Writing

INK Scores Content for SEO

Write More Quality Articles a Day

No SEO Knowledge Required

All Research Done For You

Simran D.

Simran D.

Web Content Writer

The Best SEO + Readability Editor

“I was using 3 different software earlier for my writing requirements for 3 different tasks — one for grammar, one for SEO, one for readability. With INK, I get everything in one place. INK have really helped me in amping up my writing.”


Why INK?

For more than 5 years we’ve been developing and advancing the state of the art in content performance technology while earning the trust of many leading marketers. We hope to earn yours by giving you content results, protection, a great user experience, honest pricing, a fantastic community, unlimited usage and everything you could wish for in a single subscription.

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