Product Advertising: Concept, Benefits & Forms

Product advertising aims to create awareness about a product and attract consumers to make a purchase. It’s essential to select the most effective and sales-driving product advertising strategy based on your goals and the existing consumer knowledge of your product.

In this article, we explore product advertising, its benefits, forms, and how it works.

Concept of Product Advertising

Product advertisinginvolves informing consumers about a product and persuading them to purchase. Product advertising is a form of marketing that presents products in a positive light. It focuses on the features and advantages of the product instead of its disadvantages.

This form of advertising does not typically disclose all the details about the product. It sets the overall tone for the brand and informs the target audience about the product’s key benefits.

Product advertisingaims to convince the audience that the product is beneficial so that they will become buyers. Businesses use product advertisements through television, radio, print, and other sources of communication. The advent of the Internet, especially the World Wide Web, has resulted in the rise of online product advertising.

Benefits of Product Advertising

Now that we understand what product advertising entails, let’s look at some of its advantages.

1. It increases brand awareness

Product advertising creates an awareness of your brand and help new customers find your products and services. It also helps convince consumers to choose your product over competitors.

Effective product advertising bridges the gap between the brand and the consumer. With product advertising, the public becomes aware of the brand, its product, and its benefits.

2. Differentiates you from your competitors

In a competitive market, differentiating your product from others is crucial for success. Product advertising lets your target audience clearly tell the difference between your product and your competitors’. Through advertising, the consumer becomes aware of a product’s unique features and can quickly identify it in the marketplace.

3. Creates demand

Offering the highest value to your target market can be a competitive advantage for your company. Product advertising creates demand and utilizes your existing customers to market your company’s product to new customers. With the right product advertising, your target audience becomes active buyers.

4. Target particular customers

Knowing your target customer is essential to incorporating valuable marketing strategies to increase customer loyalty and sales. You can target specific customers likely to purchase your product or service through product advertising.

5. Boosts customer loyalty to a brand

Product advertising can lead to customer loyalty to your brand. Your goal as a product advertiser is to create overall brand loyalty by informing consumers of the products’ benefits. Effective product advertising will make customers return to purchase a product or service.

6. Reduces misconceptions

Your target audience may have wrong notions about your product. Product advertising allows you to correct these misconceptions and provide consumers with the correct information. This way, you give them reasons to trust your brand and buy your products.

When to Use Product Advertising?

Product advertising can be used to create awareness about a product, convey a marketing message and create enthusiasm (for a product or a brand). It can also serve to motivate trials and persuade audiences to switch from one brand to another.

Consider using product advertising to introduce a new product to the market to help consumers understand why it is essential. You may also consider using product advertising to promote your product if consumers are selective about which to purchase.

Forms of Product Advertising

Knowing the different forms of product advertising is the first step towards implementing the appropriate one for your company.

The three primary forms of product advertising are discussed below:

1. Comparative advertising

In comparative advertising, a product or service is marketed to an audience by comparing it with one or more competing brands. This form of advertising focuses on the product features that may influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Comparative advertising helps the audience decide which service or product to use by assisting them to understand their options better.

2. Competitive advertising

Competitive advertising suggests that a product is better than a competitor’s products. It focuses on the price difference, values, and features a product has, that may not be available in similar products from other brands.

The goal of competitive advertising is to convince potential customers that a company’s products are better than similar ones in the market.

3. Pioneering advertising

Pioneering advertising follows the introduction of a new product or service to the market. It aims to create public awareness and build interest in the new product. These advertisements include thorough explanations about the benefits of the product.

Methods of Product Advertising

1. Online advertisements

Online product advertisements are a great way to connect with customers. Online ads featuring individual product photographs are ideal, as they encourage customers to click and purchase immediately. Videos are also attention-grabbing and an excellent way of communicating various information.

2. Print advertisements

Print advertisements allow you to provide customers with detailed explanations of the advantages of using a product. Print advertisement types, like magazines, will enable you to target a specific audience. For instance, a company selling fashion products may consider placing an advertisement in a magazine focused on fashion.

3. Television advertisements

Television advertisements provide a sensation that entices one to buy the advertised product. These ads may be beneficial as they show the product’s value and how it may enhance the buyer’s life. TV ads are effective for comparing your brand’s product with another. The enormous audience of television advertisements makes it possible to target many potential consumers.

4. Billboard advertisements

Billboard advertisements are primarily intended for mass communication. They can effectively communicate your product’s availability and proximity to consumers, like a billboard advertising a cybercafé a few miles away.

Billboard advertisements are also great for comparing your product with a competitor’s. In addition, they are a relatively inexpensive means of advertisement.

Product Advertising


Product advertising encourages consumers to want a product. It is different from other forms of advertising in how it creates a sense of awareness about the features and benefits of the product.

Product advertising is an efficient way for businesses to increase brand awareness, differentiate themselves from their competitors, create demand, and boost sales.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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