How to Write a 100-Word Summary

Writing a summary article can be tricky if you don’t have a clear idea of the materials you read. Summaries are a good way to hone writing skills. They teach us how to work with original material and to express different ideas in our own words.

This article will teach you how to write a 100 word summary easily. 

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What is a Summary?

A summary is a writing technique that condenses the information of an original text. It focuses on the source’s most important points and provides only supporting statements as evidence. 

Summaries usually skip non-essential information and only stick to a source’s main points. They are always shorter in length than their source material.

Summaries are important because they make it easier for readers to understand the general point of the source content. Summaries have three main components:

Introductory Paragraph

This section usually contains a hook that persuades readers to read the rest of the summary. It presents the key points of an article, and it hints at the things a reader can expect from the rest of the piece. 

Body Paragraph

A body paragraph presents the summary’s main points to the reader through a topic sentence. It then tries to validate the topic sentence’s claims with supporting sentences. These are short statements that explain and prove the concepts raised by a topic sentence.

Summary Paragraph

Finally, a summary paragraph gives people a brief recap of your summary’s most important points. It highlights the core principles you raised and allows writers to leave recommendations, suggestions, and opinions regarding the source material.

It’s also crucial for students to understand the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing.

For the sake of brevity, the key difference between these two techniques is their function. 

On the one hand, a paraphrase clarifies a message. It encapsulates the original idea but states it in a clearer message.

On the other hand, a summary condenses and simplifies the main idea for the consumption of a broader audience. 

How to Write a 100 Word Summary

Whether you’re summarizing a book, article, or study, a few general rules will always apply. Make sure to only include the main idea and up to three supporting statements. Here are some tips students can use to write a short summary.

Start with a Good Hook

No matter the length of your summary, you should always begin with a good hook to capture the interest of your readers.

They should be convinced that reading your summary is a worthwhile endeavor. It’s a way to breathe life into your summary, and it helps your readers understand what’s in store for them.

Don’t forget to attribute the title of the original text as well as its author.

Stick to the Main Ideas

Since you have a low character limit, you should only look into the main points. Make sure to check that each concept flows into the next.

Take the time to write an outline as you work. This will help you gain a better understanding of the general principle and allow you to frame your thoughts in an orderly manner.

Add Only the Most Potent Supporting Statements

Finally, your supporting statements must match the caliber of the topic statements you present. Include only up to three points, and state them in your own words if necessary. 

In Summary

We hope this easy guide sufficiently explains how to write a 100 word summary. Summaries are some of the most important class assignments because they develop fundamental skills. Skills like critical analysis, reading comprehension, and concept mapping are important for many different fields. 

Students need to master the craft of summarizing because it unlocks a new way of thinking. The way you take note of information will have a direct impact on your overall thought process. 

Writing summaries isn’t a difficult task because it only requires ample preparation and organization. Remember to read the original text thoroughly in order to capture the essence of an article’s ideas.

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