How to Write a Summary Essay Outline

Writing a summary essay requires you to share your ideas about a particular text or article you have read. However, you need to well-construct your sentences and paragraphs before submitting your final output. That is why you need to learn how to write a summary essay outline before doing anything else.

In all types of essays, you need to masterfully present the facts that will support your ideas about a particular topic. The main purpose of this discipline is to help you explain your thoughts point by point.

You cannot prove or disprove what you said using the thesis statement without properly constructing a skeleton for your summary essay.

This article will help you find out the ways on how to write a summary essay outline. By reading it, you can familiarize yourself with the writing process with complete steps. You will finally find it clear on creating a structure for your summary essay.

What is a Summary Essay?

A summary essay is a writing assignment done at the end of a course, after you have taken the time to study. You do this after thinking about the content and come up with some opinions on the text.

You then synthesize your views into an evaluation of the context of the text. In other words, you will give your opinion on the subject based on the subject and its presentation.

A summary essay discusses the topic from the chosen text. Any information from the primary sources are explained.

3 Things to Consider When Writing a Summary Essay Outline

Students with advanced proficiency know the process of summarizing and identifying. They understand that these two are the most important keys to college success.

After all, if you know a subject well, you can summarize it.

Students who grasp a text may summarize it as they read it. If they can write a one- or two-sentence summary after reading each paragraph, then they may have understood it correctly.

Below are three things to follow on how to write a summary essay outline.

1. Introduction

The first thing you need to write in your outline is the introduction. This will hook and prepare your readers into reading your text.

This part includes the thesis statement as well. The thesis statement pertains to your essay’s claims, probably three in general.

If you have created the outline for this part, you will find it easier to compose the next ones.

2. Body

Next, the body is where you put all of your arguments and facts. This part serves as the dump for your thoughts and ideas.

That is why as you create an outline for this part, you need to consider going back to the thesis statement. List down your three claims as three separate paragraphs, and below them, you will include the supporting details.

By doing this, it will become easier for you to write the body of your essay.

3. Conclusion

Lastly, the conclusion. This is the part where you will close and summarize everything you have discussed from the body.

Here, you will help the reader digest the information they have gathered from your essay. That is why you must provide an exhaustive yet concise recapitulation of the ideas you have given.

You can try to leave a question or restating the thesis statement while writing this part.

Wrapping Up

Remember, writing a summary essay outline requires you to write three things: an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each part has corresponding sub-parts, and you must masterfully plan how to write them. Writing an outline is a good practice because it helps you develop your writing strategies.

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