Best Summarizing Tools To Simplify Text Fast

Manually summarizing long and complex text can take up much of your time. It’s also a struggle trying to understand their key points.

But what if you could simplify and summarize these texts in seconds? With the help of online simplify summary generator tools, it’s entirely possible.

In this article, you will discover the best summarizing tools on the web. These can significantly help you, whether in writing assignments or book summaries. You can also use it to help you understand an otherwise complicated text.

What is Text Summarizer Tool?

Text summarizers are online tools that automatically summarize text into more concise chunks. These can make lengthy documents easier to read, understand, and bookmark. They can also simplify text content by reducing its actual word count.

You can use a text summarizer to convey your full information concisely. It’s also great at simplifying the most complex writing tasks, such as academic papers and dissertations.

Summary generators work by either:

  • Identifying critical sentences in a text and isolating them
  • Abstractly distilling a paragraph’s entirety into only a few key ideas and sentences.
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What Can You Use a Text Summarizer For?

Text summarizers have numerous applications. They can shorten long documents, extract parts of a document, summarize prepared materials, and so on.

You can use them for virtually any document. Here are just some of the other writing materials that you can use as text summarizers:

  • Essay

Students usually struggle to read several unnecessary sentences or even passages in essays. With summarizing tools, you can eliminate irrelevant words from the essay paragraphs. This makes it a lot easier to write and understand the essay’s main points.

  • Article

Understand articles better by reducing their length and narrowing them down to the essential points.

  • Research proposal

Writing a research proposal is a tough job, and so is summarizing it. You can give your professors a better glimpse into your research with the help of a good summary.

Best Simplify Summary Generator Tools

INK Text Summarizer

On the top of our list is the INK text summarizer. This is powered by AI technology that analyzes your text and breaks them down into a high-quality summary.

All you need to do is paste your article into the text box and click on AI write. The tool will then generate several summarized outputs that you can copy directly. It’s as easy as that!

Article Simplifier

This article simplifier tool is designed to convert content into an easy-to-read article in a couple of seconds. It can be used in a variety of ways. This includes converting any text into simple English, eliminating tough words in a text, and so on.


Another great tool to simplify your articles is Summarizing.Biz. You can paste the text you want to summarize and click on Summarize. It also lets you choose the length of your summary from 100, 150, 200, and 300 words. If you’re not happy with the generated summary, you can hire one of their experts to summarize it for you for a fee.

Study Corgi

This summarizing tool is straightforward to use and has some great features.

You can choose how many sentences you want your summarized text to contain. It also compares the before and after word counts of your text. The metrics it displays are pretty helpful and will allow you to gauge the difference in the readability of the summarized version.

Split Brain Summary Tool

This tool can summarize text and articles across many languages. You can choose from over thirty-nine languages for the sentences in your writing. Aside from that, you can also pick the summarization ratio or the density of paraphrasing of your text.

You can also insert a URL instead of the text. However, there is no option for exporting a file or importing the result to PDF, DOC, or any other popular format.


simplify summary generator tool is used to simplify text content by reducing its actual word count while maintaining its main ideas. It lets you get a good handle on the length and easily understand its content. This is handy for summarizing long articles or books. Try out these tools and make summarizing a breeze!

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