List of Positive Action Words With E

In this article, you’ll find a great list of positive action words that start with E to enhance your writing. Verbs hold sentences together by joining subjects and objects in a cohesive manner.

Action verbs in English are impactful in conveying information and giving the reader a clear understanding of what is happening. Let’s look at some common verbs starting with E and see which ones appear in your next writing.

Why Are Action Words Important in Writing?

Action words are key to making the text come alive by providing the reader with an explicit definition of what is going on. Moreover, action words have the cultural connotation of affirming forceful, direct, and kinetic movement, whether it be verbal, physical, or mental effort. They are words that should provoke a confident response.

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List of Positive Action Words That Start With E

Learning the English language requires understanding the definitions and conjugations of common verbs. It’s important to correctly use the appropriate action words in sentences to exactly convey your ideas in fewer words. Let’s go through an amazing list of positive action words that start with E and discuss how you might employ them in your writing.


Definition: acquire or gain reward, recognition, or money, usually by work, effort, or action.

Example: It took him years to earn a decent living.


Definition: make something unpleasant less severe; lessen pain, difficulty, or worry; proceed effortlessly.

Example: The medication should ease his pain in a few hours.


Definition: impart knowledge, ethics, and social skills to someone, usually at a school or university.

Example: You must educate your children to respect every human being.


Definition: instruct, encourage, or improve someone morally, intellectually, or spiritually.

Example: The objective of the course was to edify students, not to entertain them.


Definition: raise or promote something from a lower to a higher position or rank.

Example: Good books will not only entertain but also elevate the mind.


Definition: give extra importance or value to something when speaking or writing.

Example: You should emphasize the main idea of your essay.


Definition: give someone the power, abilities, or qualities to do something.

Example: Our mission is to empower and encourage the underprivileged.


Definition: hire someone for work or to put something to use.

Example: Our company employs skilled and friendly staff.


Definition: add, develop, or present further detail to a theory or system.

Example: Could you elaborate your plan to me?


Definition: make something better or greater in beauty, effectiveness, value, or quantity.

Example: The contemporary decor enhanced the interior of the house.


Definition: get pleasure, satisfaction, or delight in an activity or occasion.

Example: We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Thailand.


Definition: to inform, instruct, or give intellectual or spiritual insights to someone.

Example: Enlighten me with your future career plan.


Definition: to give support, confidence, or home to someone.

Example: My father always encouraged me to follow my dreams.


Definition: arouse a sudden rush of great excitement or thrill.

Example: You must not excite the baby too much before his bedtime.

Wrapping Up

Using action words in your writing makes you sound more energetic, confident, and enthusiastic. Learn this list of positive action words that start with E, and use them in your written and verbal communication. Thanks for reading!

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