Writing a Cover Letter for a Report

Are you looking to write a cover letter for formal report? You’re in luck — this article explores the detail.

What is a Report Cover Letter?

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The cover letter provides a brief overview for those preparing independent reports.

Cover letters summarize the details of the report and explain why it was requested and what its contents were intended to accomplish.

We are required to include a cover letter with a larger report that might be sent by mail, special delivery, or email. You should write cover letters specifically so that it explains their contents, reaffirms their salient theme, and suggests future steps.

Report cover letters in business serve a similar purpose: They provide a snapshot and the details which follow. While similar to an executive summary, they aren’t the same. You may find an executive summary at the start of the paper, which outlines key findings and recommendations.

You see, the cover letter tells you what the report contains, while the executive summary tells us why this information is important.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Formal Report?

It is helpful to employ company letterhead stationery to compose a cover letter in recognition of the importance of the document it accompanies. If using email stationery, treat it as a paper cover letter by including an image of the company logo on the email page.

Include the day’s date and address information, including first and last names, title, business name, street address, and zip code. You can begin with the salutation “Dear,” “Mr,” or “Mrs.”

Declare the letter’s purpose without using ambiguous or obscure language. Consider briefly capturing the essence of the report. Summarize the purpose of the report in one or two sentences.

Note the conclusion of the report in this part, but don’t give away the underlying findings. You want the reader to read the entire report, not just the cover letter. Keep in mind that you are writing a cover letter, not an executive summary. Stating all the important findings is appropriate in an executive summary but not in a cover letter.

In a formal conclusion or next step section, indicate what actions you want from the recipient. Is it necessary for them to pass the document on? If so, make sure you state with a clear call to action. Or are you coordinating a larger meeting to present the findings? Be specific about the next steps as well as the day and date if necessary.

Why Write a Cover Letter for Formal Report?

Project reports have all the content necessary. However, cover letters can be useful when they include details such as the description of the goal and next steps.

We hope this article was helpful in showing you the main guidelines for writing cover letters for your business reports. In many aspects, writing cover letters for reports are similar to the cover letters for job applications. Instead of briefly explaining your skills and qualifications, you would be describing the essence of a business report.

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