Guide to Formal Visa Invitation Letter Writing

An invitation letter is used to invite someone from your own country to visit and stay in your home for an extended period. The easiest way to do so is with an invitation letter. Many countries require an invitation letter to invite someone to the country. This invitation can be used to gain entry legally. To understand more about a formal invitation letter for visa application, keep reading the article.

What Is a Visa Invitation Letter?

An invitation letter is a document produced by a United States citizen confirming their willingness to accept a foreign visitor into their country. The host uses this letter to verify that they can accommodate the person in their house.

They need to promise that the visiting person will return home when their visa expires. The person seeking the visa must present a petition and a letter of support from the sponsor.

The petition acts as a legal document confirming that the person seeking the visa has permission to enter the United States.

Why is an Invitation Letter Required?

You may want to invite for a visa application to your home country so that you can meet your family. Invitations in themselves are not a visa – they simply help to speed and facilitate the process.

It is unlikely that your application will be accepted without an invitation letter. There are several reasons why you may need to send a visa invitation letter.

When an international visitor comes to visit you, their visa must include a temporary address. This confirmation is required since it demonstrates that the host is willing and able to accommodate the person for the duration of their stay.

Not all embassies throughout the world need a visa application, but it is suggested to submit one.

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Requirements for Visa Invitation Letter

The host who signs the visa invitation letter must meet the following standards in order for it to be considered valid:

  • They must be legal permanent residents or citizens of the nation the applicant wishes to visit.
  • Must live in a registered flat or house.
  • They must be a relative, family member, or friend of the visa applicant.
  • They must have enough space in their residence for the visa applicant.

How to Write a Formal Invitation Letter for Visa Application

It may appear difficult to some, but a formal invitation letter for visa application is easy if you understand the process.

The guest should write the letter addressing it to the host or consular officer. Because some embassies have their invitation form, double-check when you receive the list of visa-required documents.

If they already have a form, your host will need to fill in the blanks with the appropriate information.

Remember to include some important information about the host and the guest in an invitation letter. The letter should include the following details about the host:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Occupation
  • Type of home (owned / rent house / flat / room)
  • Status of the host in the host country. If the host is residing in that country with a work visa, student visa, permanent resident, or is a citizen.
  • Signature

The letter should also include information about the visitor, which includes:

  • The visitor’s full name, as it appears on their international passport
  • The address and phone number of the visitor
  • Date of birth
  • Relationship between the visitor and host
  • The purpose of the visit
  • Exact date and time of entry and exit

Where to Submit the Letter of Invitation?

The visitor presents the letter to the embassy or consulate along with the visa document file. It is the responsibility of the host to scan it and send it to the guest.

Later, on the day of their appointment at the embassy or consulate, the visitor must submit it along with the other necessary supporting documents.

To Wrap Up

The visa application process is one of the most formidable challenges for those who want to migrate to the United States.

For the application to be successful, a visa invitation letter is required. You must ensure all your information is submitted correctly. To write an invitation letter for a visa, follow the steps mentioned in this article.

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