Try This Guide on Writing Formal Refund Request Letter

Receiving a defective item from an online store is indeed frustrating. You may want to know the basics on writing formal refund request letter.

What is a Refund?

The idea of a refund is a return of money or product to which a customer is entitled. When it comes to products bought, the customer has a legal right to ask his money back should a product proves to be defective.

A formal refund request letter is a formal document that is used to ask for an official refund. It is written in a professional manner, and it’s advised to be written in an official letterhead.

A refund is an act of requesting a payment back from the receiver. Usually a bank, investment, mortgage, or shop where you spent your money. Imagine receiving an unexpectedly hefty sum of money, perhaps a $2,000,000 check from an anonymous benefactor.

In this case, you would probably have trouble figuring out how to tell your benefactor that you’d like the money back.

What is a Formal Refund Request Letter?

A formal refund letter is a letter that you send to a merchant that documents your request for a refund. Formal refund letters often include a complete refund request and a form of identification.

It should include the name of the person requesting the refund, and the number of items purchased. The merchant should indicate whether or not the request is authorized.

A formal refund application is necessary in order for a customer to be eligible for a complete refund.

How to Write a Request for Refund?

You can use a refund request letter for a host of reasons. It can be useful from asking for money from a friend or relative to asking a business that owes you money.

Sometimes, you may have purchased a product, but never received it.

There should also be a clear explanation of the reason for seeking the refund. The basic letter will include an introduction, request for a refund, reason for the request, supporting documentation, appreciation, and expectations.

Include product information like what you bought, when you bought it, and how much it cost.

Request letters need to be written direct and brief. This prevents any extra information that might weaken the message you are trying to convey. Describe exactly and clearly what you want to receive for reasons for your request.

Sample Refund Request Letter

I would like to ask for a full refund for the [Name of Product], that I bought from your company on [Date of Purchase].

The reason I am requesting a refund is because [Give the reason you are not happy with the product. Does it look different to the picture advertising it, did it not switch on, were pieces missing etc].

I’ve read your terms and conditions and am aware that I am entitled to a full refund in these circumstances. I attach the receipt of my purchase in this letter as proof that it was purchased from your company.

Please let me know how and where to return the [item].

I’ve attached a photo/s showing the fault, so you can see the problem.

Under the distance selling rules, I am returning the [item] to the returns address.

I paid by PayPal so please would you deposit the refund into my PayPal account too?

I look forward to receiving a prompt response. (Source: sampleletters. Website)

To Wrap Up

Regrettably, sometimes an erroneous purchase can happen and a retailer would like to offer a refund. That’s where a formal request letter comes in handy.

In the formal request letter, the retail company is asked to issue a refund by a specified deadline. Both cash and credit card refund information is required, and a detailed breakdown of the items purchased is included.

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