The Types of Formal Letters You Should Know

There are various types of formal letters. Typically, formal letters are meant to express official and significant statements. Knowing when to write this type of letter is crucial because it is a method of conveying specific information.

What Are Formal Letters

Formal letters must follow specific guidelines. Formal letters are typically addressed to higher authorities or organizations. A formal letter can be used to express a wish or request. Letters that do not adhere to the formal letter guidelines are frequently ignored. Thus mastering the rules is essential.

A formal letter is produced for a professional context and adheres to specific requirements and forms. It usually adheres to traditional standards and uses formal language appropriate for official correspondence.

Uses of Formal Letters

  • A formal letter can be used in various situations where communication with professional contacts or authorities is required. For example, you can write professional letters HR personnel for topics such as sick leave or resignation letters.
  • Communicating with your lecturer or principal is another example. It can also convey information to authorities such as your local police force, senator, or mayor.

These letters are not intended for intimate contacts such as friends or relatives.

Formal letters use basic but ordered language to convey information concisely. They frequently transmit essential and critical information that must be appropriately recorded. This is why they are favored over verbal talks in professional contexts.

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The Value of Formal Letters

The value of formal letters cannot be overestimated. They can save you time and resources—as they are usually shorter and more authoritative than other methods of communication.

They also offer recipients an opportunity to review information and get their questions answered. These quick and easy-to-write letters are a valuable resource in both business and personal life.

So, there are many reasons as to why you should write formal letters every day. Here are some reasons:

1. Facilitates Formal Communication.

Formal letters allow you to communicate with coworkers, supervisors, other businesses, or individuals in positions of authority, such as government authorities. In formal contexts, they serve as official forms of communication.

2. Functions As Legal Documentation

Formal letters serve as official modes of communication because they are sometimes inscribed with signatures or even company letterhead stamps.

In a future dispute, formal letters serve as legal proof of the dialogue. As a result, official letters can be utilized as a defense in the event of a future court action.

3. Fosters Goodwill

With the rise of internet technology-based communication channels, anyone can text their message.

However, because formal letters require more time to prepare, they might demonstrate your professionalism and concern about the business relationship. This builds trust with your client or other professional contacts.

Types of Formal Letters

The different types of formal letters are written to serve a specific purpose, such as initiating a discussion or requesting a response. The different types of letters can be classified by:

  • Sender
  • Recipient
  • Time frame that the letter is sent, or the type of letter. Each type of letter has a specific format to make it stand out in the professional landscape. Here are the various types of formal letters:

Inquiry Letter

You write an inquiry letter when you want to find out more about a product, service, or event. People use these letters to find out more about a product or service. You must make it clear what kind of information you want. You can also ask for catalogs, brochures, etc., with more information. 

Order Letter

An order letter tells a company what new goods or services you want to buy. 

Acceptance Letter

Acceptance letters confirm that someone has accepted a job, a resignation, or an award. When you want to accept a job, a gift, an invitation, an honor, a resignation, etc., you write an acceptance letter. You might have said yes to the job or gift out loud. Still, it’s a good idea to formally send a letter to accept the offer. 

Letter of Complaint

This is a formal letter used to say that you are unhappy with a product or service. 

Letter of Apology

You write a letter of apology to say you’re sorry for something. 

Cover Letter

 When you apply for a job, you usually write a formal letter with your CV. A cover letter outlines your qualifications and complements your application. When you apply for a job, you send a cover letter and your CV. A cover letter aims to get potential employers interested in you by pointing out the good things about your resume. 

Sales Letter

Tells people about a company’s product or service and asks them to do something. Sales letters are used to get the word out about new goods and services. In a sales letter, you must clarify what’s good about the product you’re trying to sell. A sales letter should bring up a significant problem and explain how your product can help solve that problem in an ideal world. A call to action must be in every sales letter. 

Promotion Letter

Promotion letter is a sales letter with added information about a new or upgraded product. It informs the reader about a sales presentation or contest so that the reader can take action.

Making a Claim Letter

If you are unhappy with a product or service, you could send a letter to the company asking for a refund. A claim letter will be your way of communicating a problem with a product or service to the company. Addressing a company through a claim letter ensures that you receive timely and appropriate attention.

Answering a Question

You might have to write a lot of letters like this one. When customers ask about your products or services, they are very likely interested in buying them. When you answer these questions, you should give as much information as possible. Your answer should make the client do what you want them to do. It could be to sign up for a service you offer or buy a product you sell. 

Making a Claim Letter

We aren’t always happy with the quality of the things we buy or our services. In that case, we will have to file a claim for work that wasn’t up to par. In a claim letter, you must clarify that you are unhappy. It must also tell the service provider what you want them to do. 

Adjusting a Claim

Your company may have the best products and services. Still, you might be asked to adjust a claim from time to time. This kind of letter needs to address each customer’s specific problem. 

Letter of Apology

Letters of apology are written to resolve a difficulty or apologize for an error. They should be written to show acceptance of responsibility and demonstrate a willingness to resolve the matter amicably. 

To Wrap Up

Types of formal letters are available for various purposes, from facilitating formal communication to helping maintain goodwill. Many people who have not yet learned about letter-writing may be unaware of the benefits of sending a formal letter. 

Writing formal letters should be learned not in a book or manual but associated with the practice. Whether written by hand or typed on a computer, letters should be sincere, respectful, and straightforward. 

Writing your own letter may be a bit of a challenge, but with practice, you can become a great letter-writer!

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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