This Vs. These: The Basic Difference in Grammar.

This can be used to indicate a singular item, whereas these can be used to indicate a group of items. They are used to refer to people, situations, events or things. This article highlights the difference between this and these in Grammar.

Difference between this and these in Grammar

This is singular while these is plural. They are both demonstrative adjectives, which may also be pronouns.

While this is used to describe a singular countable noun and uncountable nouns, these describes plural countable nouns. Countable nouns are objects that can are numerable. Examples include book(s), girl(s), toy(s), boy(s), dog(s) etc.

Examples in sentences (Countable Nouns)

  • This dog belongs to me (singular). These dogs belong to me (plural).
  • This dress is beautiful (singular). These dresses are beautiful (plural).
  • This room is disorganized (singular). These rooms are disorganized (plural).
  • My mom likes these toys (singular). My mom likes this toy (plural).
  • This book was published a few weeks ago (singular). These books were published a few weeks ago (plural).
  • This cup is dirty (singular). These cups are dirty (plural).
  • This tree is beautiful (singular). These trees are beautiful (plural).
  • This is the best apple I have ever had (singular). These are the best apples I have ever had (plural).
  • This baby is cute (singular). These babies are cute (plural).
  • Please clean this table (singular). Please clean these tables (plural).
  • This is my child (singular). These are my children (plural).
  • This chocolate is tasty (singular). These chocolates are tasty (plural).

Examples in sentences (Uncountable Nouns).

Non-countable nouns such as water, air, anger, money, and love have no plural form. They exist as singulars and this is the appropriate word to use with them.

  • This love between Jerry and Michelle is powerful.
  • This food doesn’t taste good.
  • I find this salary too small to sustain a decent living.
  • This coffee tastes great.
  • Michael overcooked this rice.
  • This anger makes me feel stressed out.
  • My mother owns this money.
  • This music is lovely.

This” and “these” can be used to introduce people.

  • This man is the best baseball player.
  • These are my children, John and June.
  • This is Rachael speaking. How can I help you?
  • This is the school I attended.
  • Johnson, this is my best friend, Maria.
  • These are our friends, James and Michelle.

This and these can be used to show proximity. They are used for pointing to things that are nearby.

  • This restaurant is better than that down the road.
  • These shoes are more comfortable than those under the bed.
  • This fashion house has better clothes than that one next door.
  • These jeans are perfect for this ball compared to those.
  • This film is better than that one over there.
  • These shoes are perfect for this wedding gown, and those won’t fit.
  • This brand has a better taste than that one over there.
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To Wrap Up

Remember, this is used with singular countable nouns and uncountable nouns, while these is used with plural countable nouns. This and these point out something close by.

It is essential to know the difference between this and these in Grammarto use them correctly in writing.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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