How to Create Grammar Exercises for Middle School

When you are an English teacher, you want to give…

When you are an English teacher, you want to give the most age appropriate exercises for your class. You want them to be challenged, but you don’t want them to be overwhelmed. Grammar exercises for middle school fall into this category.

Goals for Middle School English Grammar

Middle school are those grade years just above elementary school and just below high school. They encompass Grades 6 to Grade 8.

Some teaching goals you should have for Grades 6 through 8 include:

6th grade: As the school year closes, 6th grade students should be reading non-fiction texts with ease. They should be able to analyzing them more deeply as well. They also should be gaining familiarity with researching and gathering evidence for writing assignments.

7th grade: By the end of this grade level, 7th grade students should be examining texts more closely. They should be able to analyze relationships within text and between multiple texts. They should have a firm handle on the grammar rules needed to create writing that is clear, concise, and well-structured.

How to Structure Exercises That Meet the Above Criteria?

Customize Your Grammar Exercises for Middle School

As a teacher, feel free to borrow and then customize to suit your needs. There are a number of resources that are available online.

Your students may find the exercises too hard or too easy. Because you know them best, you are in a position to adjust accordingly.

Assign Book Reports

Reading the books help your middle schoolers developer their comprehension skills. Asking them pointed questions about what they’ve read helps with their research and evidence gathering skills.

Writing Project Briefs

If you are run out of reading tasks, writing project briefs is a great way to provide targeted practice in other areas. Every student can submit their project brief to the teacher.

Make the Exercises Fun

This goes without saying. Students of all ages learn best when they enjoy learning.

Don’t Forget Formal Instruction

While you want your classes to be fun, sometimes the lessons just have to be “by the book” as well. Use your schema and the available texts to guide you.

Some Grammar Exercises to Create for Middle School

  • Diagramming Sentences Practice: Adjectives, Adverbs and Articles
  • Mentor sentences
  • Creating their own poetry
  • Types of Sentences – Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, Exclamatory.
  • Parts of Speech
  • Book reports

To Wrap Up

Students at this age should have a large list of vocabulary words. They should also know a number of sentence structures that they can practice at the start of a lesson.

They also need a number of activities that will stretch their creative muscles and build foundational skills such as grammar, spelling and sentence structure.

This process needs to be reinforced with formal instruction and reinforcement by adults during and after the lesson.

Frequently asked questions

How do you teach grammar to middle school students?

  • Make grammar practice fun on your writing assignments.
  • 2) Use funny example sentences or practice paragraphs.
  • 3) Create a bulletin board or anchor chart called “Why Grammar Matters” and have students contribute.
  • 4) You can spend one day reading this book.

What should teachers consider when teaching a grammar lesson?

  • Combine sentences meaningfully
  • Use “mini-lessons”
  • Work should be self- assessed by students.
  • Take part in reading and writing. Reading and writing are the best ways to learn grammar.
  • Literature for grammar

How do you design a grammar lesson?

  • Make an effort to prepare yourself.
  • Set a preceding schedule.
  • Direct instruction, but connect ideas.
  • Prepare, prepare: Make up the examples you’ll show.
  • Warm-up
  • I will provide students with a manageable assignment.
  • Evaluate the results
  • Get to the bottom of the concept with the rest of class.

What kind of activities will you organize for teaching grammar?

  • Dictogloss
  • Boardwork presentations. In order to present new language quickly and easily, the board is a great resource.
  • Dictation
  • You, the teacher, and the students.
  • Drilling
  • Songs
  • Using realia
  • Dialogue building

What is the best order to teach grammar?

  • Independent vs
  • Complete sentences vs
  • Pre-parallel speech parts before with misplaced and dangling modifiers.
  • Subject and predicate, direct and indirect objects before active and passive voices.
  • Complete sentences vs
  • A subject/verb agreement OR a subject and predicate before verbals.

What is PPP method?

It is a common lesson plan model used worldwide in English as a Foreign Language classrooms.

How do you engage students in grammar?

  • Eliciting rather than dictating grammar rules to students.
  • Choosing a context and staying within it while presenting the use, meaning, and format.
  • An assessment of learners’ understanding using Concept Check Questions (CCQs).
  • Personalization
  • Gamification

How do you motivate students to study grammar?

  • Provide a context
  • Help students understand target language.
  • Write a record
  • Personalize your target language.
  • Help students guess the grammar rules in your target language.
  • Educate students about grammar and how it affects communication.

Which method is used to teach grammar?

We tend to teach grammar in two main ways: deductively and inductively. Both inductive and deductive teaching have their pros and cons, and which method we use depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the language being taught and the preferences of the teacher and learner.

How do you make grammar lessons not boring?

The focus of communication classes is on the use of language rather than theory and repetitive practice. Encourage your students to use the language they know to get their meaning across, even when the grammar isn’t perfect.

How can we design grammar activities?

  • Grammar Instruction Coupled with Appealing New Vocabulary Words.
  • Free Writing Frames the Grammar Mini-Lesson.
  • Emphasize Students’ Interests
  • Don’t hesitate to use Nostalgic Children’s Books’ Mentor Sentences.

How do you teach grammar in a fun way?

  • Bingo for grammar and punctuation. Students of all ages can enjoy this fun game.
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Hot potato’s grammar version.
  • Celebrity biographies
  • I learned the difference between ‘a’ and ‘an’.

How do you make a PPP lesson plan?

What is grammar activity?

Includes activities, websites and links related to grammar (such as pronouns, verb tense, plural and possessive nouns, question formulation, and..

What are the easiest ways to teach grammar?

Part of Speech Detectives is a game that can be used to teach grammar for parts of speech. This isn’t a very challenging activity for teachers. Students can practice finding Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Pronouns, etc. with ANY book.

How to Create Grammar Exercises for Middle School

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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