Effective Grammer Resources for Learning English

Grammer resources are not limited to a particular format but can be anything that helps to explain, explore and make more grammatically correct writing. Examples of such resources are books, online tutorials, educational apps, and articles.

What is a Grammer Resource?

A grammer resource is any book or other valuable material that gives you grammar information on a particular subject. These are often helpful in English classes, academies, or even on their own as self-study. Grammer resource is a tool to help you improve your English grammar skills.

Grammer Resources: the Classics

Below are the four renowned grammar textbooks that have become standards for instructors and college students. Multiple generations of successful English students demonstrated their effectiveness.

These books are appropriate for all levels. There are courses for beginners with simple terminology and tasks for more experienced students.

1. Garner’s Modern English Usage

Garner’s Modern English Usage is a grammer resource. Garner’s is a “prescriptive dictionary” of modern British, American, and international Englishes.

Its original version in 1998 covered solely American English, but the most recent editions are one-third more comprehensive. Oxford University Press is the publisher. It is a guide on vocabulary, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and expression.

2. English Grammar in Use

Since its initial publication in 1985, English Grammar in Use has gone through five editions. Cambridge University Press specializes in the British English language. Raymond Murphy authored the first edition while teaching at Oxford’s Swan School of English. It is now the best grammar book for classical English.

3. Fowler’s Dictionary of Modern English Usage

The most recent version of Fowler’s Dictionary of Modern English Usage reflects the contemporary English language. It provides lucid and authoritative guidance on the usage, writing, and pronunciation of contemporary British English.

The first edition was published in 1926, although it has been repeatedly updated since then. Oxford University Press publishes the most recent versions. This grammer resource is a must-have to study the new variants of English.

4. The Elements of Style

States that one must understand the rules in order to artistically defy them. It was written in 1918 by William Strunk, Jr., an English professor at Cornell University. The book was privately published in Geneva, New York, by W.P. Humphrey. It outlines the stylistic standards, compositional principles, and most typically misused phrases of American English.

2. Most Respected Dictionaries

The following is a ranking of the most effective online dictionaries so far. There is a brief overview of the benefits and drawbacks of each dictionary in the list.

1. The Oxford Dictionary

As a result of dictionary.com and Oxford University Press working together, a new and enhanced translation system has evolved. It is powered by Oxford dictionaries and includes a UK, US, and Spanish dictionary as well as a number of sophisticated features.

2. Cambridge Dictionary

This collection would be incomplete without an online version of Cambridge University Press’s classic dictionary. It was introduced in 1999 and continues to provide a variety of free services that may be accessed via the company’s website and apps.

3. Macmillan Dictionary

The award-winning Macmillan English Dictionary, first published in 2002, provides this free online system. In 2009, the online version was launched. In addition to an outstanding vocabulary and thesaurus, it also includes a unique metaphor search system.

4. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Collection

Merriam-Webster is an 1828-founded American corporation. Since then, it has created the most well-known and reliable dictionaries in the United States. Do not pass up the chance to use the online version of Merriam-Webster for free!

Top Universities: Grammer Resources

In addition to the books mentioned in the first section, the best universities have also put out a lot of other useful books. Their education is wide-ranging and solid. Also, the universities give their students the same tests and study guides.

1. The Grammar Guide

This resource from the Writers’ Workshop at the University of Illinois discusses and illustrates common grammatical rules and use issues.

2. HyperGrammar

This is an online grammar course offered by the Writing Centre at the University of Ottawa. Here you will find a grammar rules guide and a list of online writing resources (including reference works, textbooks, and exercises).

3. Online Literacy Education

St. Cloud State University’s Learning Enhancement Office (LEO) gives handouts on a number of writing topics. Select the term that best represents your current writing and grammar challenges.

4. Purdue Online Writing Lab

These recommendations will assist you in using proper grammar when writing. There are handouts on grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as more information on each topic.

English Grammar Resources Onlline

No matter how highly regarded the resources provided by universities are, it does not preclude the use of internet content. The following links will take you to educational and cultural organizations. Organizations such as the British Council, and BBC have created interactive grammar exercises and rules.

1. Grammar: Lexico.com

Here you will discover a quick reference list of grammatical words, as well as information regarding speech parts, sentences, clauses, and phrases. There are also explanations of several tricky laws of English grammar.

2. English Grammar: British Council

The website has explanations for 48 frequent English grammatical topics.

3. English Grammar Rules: Grammarly.com

This resource provides concise explanations of English syntax, style, and word choice.

4. English Grammar Rules & Usage Guide: YourDictionary

Here, you may study English grammar principles using entertaining, free resources, such as guides, games, worksheets, tests, word lists, and grammar tips.

Resources on Technical Writing

Technical writing provides guidelines, explanations, and instructions on a specific topic. Its style differs from academic or creative writing. Before you begin producing an operation guide or training handbook, you must be conversant with its regulations.

1. Technical Writing: Google Developers

Google suggests that every engineer can become a writer. This information will teach you how to plan and write a piece of technical writing. Here you can find editorial style guides and lessons for both before and during class. Google sometimes gives free in-class sessions to anyone who wants to attend.

2. Technical Writing: Sentence Structure

The guide gives very clear and detailed instructions on how to plan, write, and edit technical work.

3. A Guide to Technical Writing

This guide from Michigan State University has a lot of information in it. It gives a lot of extra information to help you write better technical documents.

4. Tips and Guidance for Students: Writing Papers and Reports

Students who are writing papers or reports can get help and advice here. Here, you’ll find some useful advice based on how the author judged the technical writing of his students.

English Grammar Applications

These resources are the most beneficial when there is no time to examine the dictionary or textbook in class or at work. However, your smartphone with a grammar application is always within reach. The interactive interface makes it possible to locate the desired entry in seconds, a significant advantage over traditional paper books.

1. English Grammar Test

This is the finest technique to increase your knowledge of grammar. It is suitable for intermediate and advanced levels.

2. English Grammar in Use

This is the only grammar app that English learners at the intermediate level may ever require. They provide exercises for practicing English grammar anytime, anywhere!

3. Learn English Grammar

This educational mobile application from the British Council will assist you in enhancing your grammar and communication skills. It is intended for students of all levels. There are accessible in British and American English editions.

4. Garner’s Modern English Usage

The application is now compatible with iPhone and iPad. This fantastic reference resource provides more than 8,000 entries and articles to assist with writing and editing.

English Grammar Tests and Quizzes

If you have attained a particular level of English grammar and wish to continue, a professional test can help you determine where you stand. Utilize quizzes to reinforce your understanding of a particular grammar unit or rule.

1. English Grammar Exercises – Englisch-Hilfen

It is a German website with a version in German for native German speakers. It also includes a brief page of recommendations for parents who assist their children in learning English. In addition, here you can find information regarding English for foreign language examinations.

2. Perfect English Grammar

After subscribing to the newsletter, Perfect English Grammar provides an amazing alternative to obtain PDF booklets with concise grammar rules for free. The tasks are organized by tense and verb form, which is really useful for learning the subtle distinctions between them.

3. Oxford Practice Grammar Student’s Site

The site provides free access to downloadable tests and answer keys. You must first select your expertise level (i.e., basic, intermediate, or advanced). Then, you may select from practice exercises, reading and writing assignments, and exams. The first two choices can be found online. Articles, nouns, gerunds, and all tenses are covered in the English

4. The British Council’s Grammar Exercises

British Council offers premium online courses and a wealth of free content. The website is highly explorable and user-friendly.

Its grammar exercises has the ability to remark on and ask questions about each segment which is a tremendous benefit . The Grammar tab is separated into knowledge levels.

Fun Grammar Resources

Language study does not have to be miserable and tedious. Today, thousands of websites provide amusing and engaging explanations of grammatical principles. The examinations are presented not as isolated lines ripped from their context, but as engaging narrative.

All of these books, websites, and applications speed the growth of your language skills, but without consistent speaking practice, they are worthless. However, if you have English classes multiple times each week, this is not a problem. The more time you devote to learning a new language, the sooner you will be able to speak and write correctly.

1. The New Yorker’s Comma Queen

Here you will discover a continually updated collection of short movies by Mary Norris regarding commonly misunderstood English rules. This material may be useful and interesting for you.

3. Grammar Girl

This resource makes grammar study enjoyable. Using memory methods to memorize and apply all these complex grammar rules simplifies difficult grammatical questions.

2. Bad Grammar Tattoos

This resource provides the guilty pleasure of seeing irreparable language errors permanently inscribed on people’s bodies.

To Wrap Up

Using text resources like these will help you improve the structure and clarity of your writing. They also serve as a cheat sheet to keep you from making grammar mistakes in your day-to-day work. With a consistent framework of grammer resources, it is easier to practice your skills and become more fluent in writing.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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