I Miss You Everyday or Every Day: Know the Correct Grammar

Writing a letter or message to a loved one expresses your longing for them. However, you might find yourself confused which word to use, I miss you everyday or every day ?

I Miss You Everyday or Every Day?

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When Should You Use Everyday?

If you write every day as “everyday” it refers to an adjective. Its synonyms include mundane, average, standard, and usual as synonyms. “Everyday jogging,” then, refers to your jogging routine during regular days. It also differs from you jogging on certain events. Also, people use everyday as a noun—an easier manner of talking about everyday routines.

It refers to something that occurs in a daily basis.


  • The dog has an everyday treat to eat.
  • He has some everyday chores to finish.
  • Have you attended the everyday mass?
  • Procrastinating is my everyday problem!

Everyday is an adjective because it intends to describe something.

When Should You Use Every Day?

Every day, on the other hand, is an adverbial phrase. Unlike its adjective lookalike, everyday. Every day (written as two words) is an adverb that means “daily.”. It happens to describe repeated actions. The adjective “everyday” usually follows the verb it modifies, such as when we say we exercise every day or “read the newspaper every day.”

Every day refers to something that happens day-by-day


  • Every day, the dog asks for some treat.
  • He does different chores every day.
  • Is there a mass every day?
  • You procrastinate every day!

Every day helps you express something that you do each day that passes.

Answer to the Ultimate Question: I Miss You Everyday or Every Day?

Upon reading the sections above, you might get it already.

The correct answer is “I miss you every day”.

Because saying “I miss you every day” technically means “I miss you in a daily basis” or “day-by-day”.

Saying “I miss you everyday” tells you are lacking a word in your sentence. Which everyday thing do you miss?

Should you want to you such word, you instead have to write “I miss my everyday gym class”.

To Wrap Up

Now you know which to write in your letter. Again, it’s “I miss you every day”. Although none of the two are incorrect, you should understand that the main difference between the two phrases is which parts of speech they are. Everyday is an adjective while every day is an adverbial phrase.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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