Prepositional Phrase Modifier: Basic Definition and Better Usage

A prepositional phrase modifier describes or modifies the prepositional phrase…

A prepositional phrase modifier describes or modifies the prepositional phrase in a sentence.

What is a Prepositional Phrase?

A prepositional phrase is a group of words consisting of a preposition and its object. The object can be a noun, gerund, pronoun, or clause. Prepositional phrases modify nouns, noun phrases, or verbs. They provide information about where something is or where an incident happened.

Prepositional phrase modifiers include the words and phrases that modify the prepositional phrase. They give a detailed description of the prepositional phrase.

Prepositional Phrase Modifiers in English

The prepositional phrase modifiers in English are adverb phrases and adjective clauses.

The following explanations and examples will help you better understand how adverb phrases and adjective clauses function as prepositional phrase modifiers in English.

1. Adjective Clauses

Adjective clauses are a group of words that includes an adjective and a verb. They grammatically function as prepositional phrase modifiers.

The adjective and the verb work together to describe the prepositional phrase. Adjective clauses acting as prepositional phrase modifiers are italicized in the sentences below:

  • Before we start the meeting, which is the last of the year, we should have breakfast.
  • Amid the confusion, which was caused by a misunderstanding, a phone was stolen.
  • Throughout the thick forest, which was scary, the girls kept panicking.

2. Adverbial Phrases (Adverb Phrases)

An adverb phrase is a group of words (including an adverb) that modify a verb, an adjective, an adverb, or another adverb phrase. These phrases can also modify other parts of speech.

Adverbial phrases are the commonest prepositional phrase modifiers in English Grammar. They are used to describe the location of the action, the temporal duration, manner, or reason for an action.

Adverbial phrases acting as prepositional phrase modifiers are italicized in the sentences below:

  • Mary ran very fast to school.
  • Nora danced surprisingly well at the party.
  • Get the car to the mechanic as soon as possible.
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To Wrap Up

Prepositional phrase modifiers are words or phrases that describe or modify a prepositional phrase. A prepositional phrase modifier changes how the central part of the sentence is construed.

Adverbial phrases and adjective clauses are the prepositional phrase modifiers in English Grammar. They give a detailed description of the prepositional phase in a sentence.

Frequently asked questions

What is a modifier in a phrase?

Modifiers affect or enhance the meaning of a sentence by impacting words, phrases, and clauses. Modifiers can make sentences more engaging, clearer, or more specific. A modifier is simply a verb or adjective.

Is prepositional phrases are used as modifiers?

Words that describe the place, direction, or time of something. These sentences are combined with nouns to form prepositional phrases. A modifier for other words applies to these phrases. Adverbs usually have the same effect.

What is one word modifier?

One word modifies the meaning of another word, phrase, or clause in a single-word modifier. Modifiers used in a single word may include: Grammatical modifier, words that modify another element of a phrase or clause. Adjective is the word used to modify a noun or pronoun.

What is prepositional phrase definition the use example?

In a sentence, a preposition is part of one preposition and an object that affects it. Prepositional phrases can be either a noun, gerund, or clause. An example of a prepositional phrase (in italics): She got the bus on time. Prepositional terms are “on time”.

What are the 20 examples of preposition?

Taking a nap before 6 o’clock is a good example of preposition. Playing video games after your studies is optional. Brains are situated in the brain. Her partner, a dancer, is dancing with her.

What are 20 prepositional phrases?


What is the purpose of a prepositional phrase?

The primary function of these structures is to allow the noun or pronoun in the phrase to modify another word in the sentence. The prepositional phrase always begins with a preposition and ends with a noun, pronoun, or other word group that serves as its object (e.g., at the table).

What are 5 examples of prepositions?

  • Milk is in the fridge.
  • Sitting by the tree, they talked.
  • Cat jumped from the counter.
  • Under the table, she was hiding.
  • She lost her rings at the beach.
  • Sitting on the chair.
  • Over the bridge he drove.
  • Anthony is in possession of the book.

What is phrase modifier and example?

It means a word, phrase, or clause which modifies – that is, gives information about- another word in the same sentence. The word “burger” is modified by the word “vegetarian” in the following sentence: Example: I’ll go to the Saturn Café for a vegetarian burger.

What are the 4 types of prepositional phrases?

  • Adverb prepositional phrases
  • Adjective prepositional phrases
  • Nouns in prepositional phrases.

How do you identify modifiers in a prepositional phrase?

  • (preposition) she explored the (modifier) woods (noun).
  • (preposition) was the field (noun) which he ran through.
  • A number of fences (modified) were jumped over Reggie (preposition).

How do you use prepositional phrases in a sentence?

  • Next to the hospital is the park.
  • There is a gap between the A and B of the student.
  • A fight scene occurs before the second act.

What is a prepositional phrase modifier?

Prepositional phrase modifiers modify or describe prepositional phrases. For a prepositional phrase, there is a word, phrase, or clause that acts as the preposition complement.

What are the types of modifiers?

Adverbs and adjectives are two types of modifiers.

What are the rules for prepositional phrases?

At least two basic components are always present in prepositional phrases: the object and the preposition. Almost always, prepositions are followed by objects. In prepositional phrases, adjectives can be placed between prepositions and objects. Prepositional phrases can serve as adverbs or adjectives.

Prepositional Phrase Modifier: Basic Definition and Better Usage

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