Comma Vs Apostrophe: Know the Difference

One of the most essential components of a text includes punctuations. Given that, you should know the difference between comma vs apostrophe before using them.

These two have different uses, although easy to distinguish from one another. Comma presents continuity within a sentence, while apostrophe shows possession. It’s important to remember these concepts to use them properly.

You can’t use an apostrophe out of the blue, or a comma even if it isn’t in the right way. Familiarizing yourself with grammar will help you improve writing in English.

Through this article, you will find out the difference between comma cs apostrophe.

What Is a Comma?

Comma is derived from the Greek word that means “cut-off piece” or a “short clause”. It’s the greatest superheroes of punctuation! They can do a variety of things.

These punctuations are lauded for their significant contribution in sentences.

Commas and periods should almost always precede closing quotation marks after the words. “Like this,” instead of “like that.” Although this traditional style is no longer widely followed outside of the United States, it isn’t entirely logical.

In research examining works published in English before 1905, you will find these punctuations next to closing quotation marks amongst words. This includes both single or double quotes. This was the customary way, but that custom has changed through the years.


My life will begin, sooner or later, once more in another life.

What Is an Apostrophe?

On the other hand, apostrophes either depict possession or contraction. Most people get confused in which rule to follow using this mark. Should it be used for possessive or contraction purposes? The answer is, it can be for both.

If you mark a word with this, it then becomes a word that expresses ownership. However, some people confuse an apostrophe with a single quote mark. Unknowingly, they have different purposes.

Comma Vs Apostrophe

When punctuating with a comma, the comma goes before the word with the comma. An apostrophe, on the other hand, indicates that a letter is in place of, that is, replacing the word with the apostrophe.

A comma is used to indicate a pause, a short break where the thoughts of the speaker can halt momentarily. Meanwhile, an apostrophe makes comparisons easier.

The apostrophe also can be used to indicate possession. It denotes that something is owed to someone or some thing.

A Single Quote Mark Is Used to Cite a Certain Statement Made by a Person.


He then wrote the man a letter as he found out his Colon cancer. “I already told your children when they went to my place to ‘stay beside your father at all times’. I told them this could bring you the best emotional support.”

Meanwhile, for an apostrophe, you have a rule to observe.

If the word is singular and doesn’t end with an s, add the mark before the ‘s’.


The club’s ambiance is chaotic.

In case the word is plural, you may add the mark after the ‘s’.


His sisters’ message touched the sympathetic crowd.

Some phrases or sentences have a possessive noun ending with a letter ‘s’ even if it isn’t plural. You can use the aforementioned mark.


King James’ words marked the beginning of his rule.

To Wrap Up

Now you know the difference between an apostrophe and a comma. Use this article as a guide, so you won’t forget the important rules you should keep in mind. Remember, good English grammar and syntax in writing is imperative!

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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