Words Per Minute Reading Speed Calculator

Ever wondered how long it takes to read a book? The Reading Speed Calculator, also known as the Word Per Minute Calculator, helps you determine the time taken to read a number of words.

With this online tool, you can determine how much time it’ll take to read a 500-word document. Also, you can learn how many words a 10-minute speech contains.

What is Reading Speed?

Reading speed is a measure of how quickly an individual can read a piece of text. The rate at which your eyes can read is determined by the speed at which your brain recognizes letters and converts them into words.

If you’re an aspiring reader, the words per minute at which you read can be improved by focusing on your mental perception of words. One way to determine the estimated words per minute for individuals is by using a speed reading software.

What is the Reading Speed Calculator?

Reading Speed Calculator is a simple online tool that calculates how quickly someone reads or speaks a word. The calculator is valuable for educational, personal, developmental, and professional purposes, mainly for literacy development and improving reading in general.

The calculator helps you determine how many minutes it takes to read a text. Whether you are reading a short or long passage, this calculator determines your reading speed in words per minute.

The tool aims to provide a reference point for how long it takes to read a certain number of words. The calculator was designed with readers in mind so that it is not nearly as intimidating as understanding a scientific equation. It’s easy to use and straightforward.

Words per minute (speech)

The calculator helps you determine how long a presentation will take. It does so by assessing your speaking speed (i.e., how many words of speech you can deliver per minute). The average speaking rate in English is 130WPM (words per minute).

Words per minute (reading)

Reading speed (the number of words you read per minute) follows the same pattern as speaking speed. The average reading speed in English is estimated to be between 170 and 240 wpm, depending on the text difficulty and your English ability.

You can measure your speaking and reading speed naturally. Set a timer to one minute and read a passage of text aloud. Once the timer stops, count the words you read out.

Typical Reading Results

The reading speed calculator estimates what a person can read for a specific period in minutes. With this information, people can plan what they can do depending on the time they are given to accomplish their tasks. Also, the results afford individuals the opportunity to improve their reading speed.

The calculator suggests the following results:

  • Slow reader (insufficient/short) – 110 WPM.
  • Oral reader (average reader) – 240 WPM. 
  • Auditory reader (good reader) – 400 WPM.
  • Visual reader (very good, accomplished reader) – 1000 WPM. 

Words per Minute (WPM) Factors

These are helpful factors when gauging your reading speed in Words Per Minute (WPM).

Familiarity with Content Material

Familiarity with content is essential when measuring reading speed. Your reading speed will most likely be distorted if you have previously read or studied the material you’re using for the test. Using new and unfamiliar materials to test your reading speed is best.

The Readability Grade of the Material

The reading level of the text is essential. A child given a news article to read will most likely score lower than when given a children’s book. You can quickly determine your reading speed by trying to read something at your level. Subsequently, you can challenge yourself by going for something at a higher level.

The Text Size 

The text size influences a person’s reading speed. Smaller text is more challenging to read than larger text. It is best to read a text with a larger text size as it helps to read faster and improve your reading speed.

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To Wrap Up

The Reading Speed Calculator is a straightforward tool that helps you determine your reading speed in Words Per Minute. The tool is meant to assist you in determining your relative ability in reading, processing, and comprehending text.

This tool will help clear doubts or questions that may arise in your mind about your reading speed. By using the device, you will determine your speed and work towards improving it.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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