Writing A Standard & Creative Book Proposal Memoir

Writing a memoir book proposal is essential for any author who wants to publish their book idea.

A book proposal is a document that includes an overview of your book, your author bio, and other key components of your book. It is typically submitted to gain a publisher’s interest.

In this article, we will discuss how to write a book proposal memoir that publishers can’t resist.

Book Proposals vs. Story Pitches

Before delving into the specifics of a memoir book proposal, it’s important to understand what a book proposal is. And how it differs from a story pitch.

A book proposal is a comprehensive document that provides a detailed overview of your book. While a story pitch is a summary that gives a quick glimpse into the heart of your story.

When submitting a book proposal, it’s crucial to remember that publishers and literary agents receive countless submissions daily.

Therefore, making your memoir book proposal stand out from the rest is essential. Your book proposal should be a well-crafted document that tells and presents your story uniquely and compellingly.

Non-fiction Book Proposals vs. Memoir Book Proposals

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It’s also important to note that a memoir book proposal differs from a non-fiction book proposal.

A memoir is a sub-genre of non-fiction, but it is a unique type of non-fiction that tells the story of a particular person’s life. Therefore, a memoir book proposal should focus on the author’s story rather than research or analysis.

A non-fiction book proposal typically includes a detailed outline, an analysis of the market, and the author’s credentials.

However, a memoir book proposal should focus more on the story itself. Including the author’s experiences, personal growth, and the themes and messages that the book conveys.

How to Write A Book Proposal Memoir

We’ve established the differences between a memoir book proposal and a non-fiction book proposal.

Now let’s discuss the essential components of a memoir book proposal:


The introduction should be a summary of your memoir. It should give a glimpse into your story and engage the reader’s interest.

Your introduction should be well-written and concise, setting the tone for the rest of the proposal.


The synopsis summarizes your memoir’s plot, characters, and themes. It should be well-crafted and engaging, giving the reader a clear understanding of your story.

Your synopsis should be no longer than two pages.

Target Audience

Who do you think will read your memoir, and why? What demographics do you think your book will appeal to? This information will help publishers and agents determine if your book fits their market well.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your unique selling proposition sets your memoir apart from others in the market. Highlight what makes your story unique and why readers should choose your memoir over others. This could include your story, writing style, or any themes or messages your book conveys.

Author Bio

Provide a brief biography of yourself. This could include your personal and professional background, your credentials, and any relevant experience that you have.

Keep it brief but highlight your strengths as an author and show why you are qualified to write your memoir.

Marketing Plan

How do you plan to promote your book? Will you use social media, book signings, or other marketing strategies? It’s essential to show publishers and agents that you are willing to promote your book actively.

Chapter Outline

Provide a detailed overview of the structure of your memoir. It should include the title and brief summary of each chapter and give an idea of how your story will unfold.

This section should be well-crafted and show that you have a clear vision for your book’s structure.

Sample Chapters

Include a sample chapter or two from your memoir. This will give publishers and agents a sense of your writing style. And help them understand how your story will unfold.

Choose your sample chapters carefully, and ensure that they represent your book as a whole.

Final Words

Writing a memoir book proposal can be daunting, but it’s an essential step for any author who wants to publish their life story.

Your memoir book proposal should be well-crafted, engaging, and unique. It should give publishers and agents a clear understanding of your story and show why your memoir is worth publishing.

This guide on how to write a book proposal memoir will come in handy. By focusing on the key elements highlighted above, you can create a compelling memoir book proposal that will capture the attention of publishers.

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