A Guide to Writing a Winning TV Show Proposal

Are you looking to break into the world of television with a killer TV show proposal?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to give you a rundown of how to write a TV proposal that will have TV executives buzzing!

Your proposal needs to be well-written and interesting. Most importantly, it should showcase your unique vision while appealing to potential partners. It’s not an easy task. But with the right steps, you’ll be well on your way to pitching your show all the way to the TV screen.

What is a TV Proposal?

A TV proposal is an important document used to outline a concept for a television show or series. It typically includes detailed information about the project’s storyline, characters, budget, and other production elements.

An effective TV proposal must be creative, engaging, and thoroughly researched. It must capture the attention of industry professionals and convince them that your project has the potential for success.

What To Include When Writing a TV Proposal

  • Name of Program: Think of popular TV show titles like FRIENDS or Breaking Bad. These titles are short and catchy. That’s what you should aim for. It should also communicate the concept and purpose of the TV program to potential viewers. 
  • Program Overview: A brief overview of what the show is about, with an explanation of its central themes, format, and intended audience. This part should have enough detail to capture the imagination of potential viewers. 
  • Target Audience: An analysis of who will watch the program and their demographic profile. This includes their age, gender, interests, values, and even purchasing habits. 
  • Budget: This is important in determining if the show is feasible. Include details on how much money it would cost to produce the show. This includes costs associated with studio rental fees, staff salaries, equipment rental fees, transportation expenses, and so on.
  • Execution of the Program: This should include a detailed plan outlining how the program will be implemented. It outlines the budget and timeline estimates and the specific tasks that must be completed to make it successful. 
  • The Team: A list of those involved in creating and executing the program – from producers and directors to writers and editors. Explain each person’s role and contributions. 
  • Your unique selling point: Describe what makes this program different from others and why viewers should watch it. There are thousands of TV shows on the air. Why would people want to watch yours?
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How to Write a TV Proposal

Brainstorm Ideas

Start by brainstorming ideas for the TV proposal. Consider what topics, themes, and stories you would like to explore in the show, as well as the show’s general tone. This step is essential to determine what kind of show you are trying to create.

Conduct Research

After deciding on a concept for your TV proposal, it is essential to research any similar shows that can help inform your writing. Additionally, researching current trends or popular topics related to the show may be beneficial.

Create an Outline

Once the research is complete, start outlining the main elements of your TV proposal. Include details such as who will star in the show, the setting, plot points, story arcs, and so on. This will help structure your TV proposal and allow you to further refine your ideas.

Write First Draft

Now it’s time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and write the first draft of your TV proposal!

Be sure to write clearly and follow your outline. Give the reader an overview of your story, the characters involved, and what makes it different from everything else on the air.

Edit & Revise

Read through the first draft and start editing. Check for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting.

You should also ensure that all facts are accurate. Make changes where necessary to strengthen arguments and ensure consistency.

Finalize Proposal

Once all revisions have been made, review the final version of the TV proposal once more before submitting it for consideration.

What Makes a Winning TV Proposal

  • Clear Pitch: Make sure your pitch is concise, persuasive, and easy to understand. When possible, provide accurate data on viewership figures, budget, and target demographics. Use eye-catching graphics and compelling visuals to enhance your presentation. 
  • An Interesting Concept: A winning TV proposal should feature an equally winning concept that will captivate audiences and generate interest in the show. It should be unique and thought-provoking, with a strong premise that can lead to intriguing stories for multiple seasons. 
  • Reasonable Budget: A realistic budget is essential for any successful TV proposal. Outline all costs involved in creating the show (e.g., equipment hire, cast & crew fees, travel costs). Justify these expenses by explaining how they will contribute to the show’s success overall. 
  • Clear Audience Targeting: You must know your show’s target audience before submitting a proposal. Otherwise, potential investors may not feel confident investing in it. Specify the demographics of your target audience, and explain why they would enjoy watching your show. You can provide statistics, if possible, to back up your claims. 

Final Words

All your favorite TV shows started as ideas and TV proposals. It’s the first step you need to make to bring your vision to life.

By knowing how to write a TV proposal that’s clear and interesting, you’ll have greater chances of getting your show green-lit. So get right into writing your winning proposal. Good luck!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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