A Guide to Writing an Effective Innovation Proposal

Writing an effective innovation proposal can be daunting and overwhelming. After all, it’s a document that could potentially define the future success or failure of your project (No pressure!).

If you’re new to preparing these types of proposals, the good news is you’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide on how to write an innovation proposal just for you!

A well-crafted proposal can act as a roadmap for success – outlining all the steps required to launch and maintain the project until completion. So if you want to get your project off the ground, read on!

What is an Innovation Proposal?

An innovation proposal is a document that outlines an idea for a new product, process, or service. It describes the concept’s objectives, scope, and potential impact.

Innovation proposals can include information on the following:

  • Financials
  • Design plans
  • Technical specifications
  • Market analysis
  • Implementation plans
  • Legal considerations, and so on

These proposals are often created by teams of experts from various disciplines to capture different perspectives on the proposed solution. Ultimately, they serve as tools to obtain financing, resources, and approval to bring the project to life.

What to Include in your Innovation Proposal

Executive Summary

An executive summary is a summary of the contents of your innovation proposal. It should include key points such as the purpose and scope of the project, objectives, expected outcomes, timeline, and budget.

This will be one of the first things that your reader will see. And as such, it needs to give them a good idea of the significance of your proposal.

Project Background

The project background should explain why the innovation is needed, who will benefit from it, and how it fits into the company’s long-term strategy. This section should also identify any potential challenges or opportunities for success. You can include research conducted on other similar solutions and approaches.

Solutions and Approach

This section should discuss the steps needed to complete the proposed innovation. It should also cover the details of when each step needs to be completed and by whom.

Financial Information

All anticipated expenses associated with the proposed solution should be outlined here, along with an estimation of the return on investment. It’s essential to be as accurate as possible with your calculations.

Accurate calculations will give investors and clients a good idea of how much the project will cost and if it’s feasible.

Additional Documents

Depending on the complexity of the proposed solution, additional documents may need to be attached to the innovation proposal. This could include technical designs, diagrams, blueprints, or white papers on related topics.

These documents should clarify any confusion surrounding the content of the main proposal and provide more comprehensive information about the project.


The conclusion should summarize all of the details previously discussed within the proposal. This part should reiterate the objective of the innovation, projected outcomes, financials, and timelines. This is also where recommendations can be made regarding future action steps and the next steps for implementation.

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How to Write an Innovation Proposal

Establish a Thesis

Identify the problem or opportunity you are addressing and clearly state what it is, why it matters, and how your proposed innovation will help. Make sure to back up your statements with facts and evidence. Explain your approach effectively and concisely in a way that reflects your experience and expertise.

Research Relevant Information

Gather information about the current state of the industry you’re innovating in, review relevant literature, and gather related data. This will give you an informed perspective from which you can work on.

Brainstorm Solutions

Generate ideas for possible solutions to the problem or challenge identified in step one. Draw upon both personal experiences and knowledge, as well as those found through research, to develop creative solutions.

Outline Your Proposal

Organize your thoughts by creating a detailed outline for the proposal. Divide the document into appropriate sections such as introduction, implementation plan, conclusion, and so on. Consider including tables and figures to simplify complex data.

Draft the Proposal

Using the outlined structure as a guide, start drafting the actual proposal. You can begin by creating an introduction that outlines the overall goal of your project and why it matters. Then, provide more details about the specific elements of your solution and how they fit together. Include data, diagrams, images, or other visuals if possible.

Revise & Edit

Carefully read over your draft for any errors, inconsistencies, or room for improvement. Make corrections as necessary, and feel free to revise parts or all of the text if needed. If helpful, have someone else read the proposal before submitting it for approval.

Innovation Proposal Sample Template

Executive Summary

This innovation proposal aims to address an issue that [insert issue] and create a solution that allows for the [insert goal]. It will offer an innovative approach, utilizing [insert description of method], which is cost-effective and efficient.

Project Background

[Insert company/organization] currently faces a challenge in meeting its objectives due to [explain why there’s a need for change]. A successful resolution will involve the implementation of an innovative solution that provides [list what you expect from it].

We have identified a potential solution through our research involving [describe the method], which has been used successfully in other industries and contexts.

Solutions and Approach

[Provide a detailed explanation of the proposed solutions], including the costs associated with implementation. In addition, we propose [briefly outline any additional steps needed] to ensure successful implementation.

This includes [a short overview of all relevant tasks] necessary to complete the project. Our research indicates that by using this approach, [organization] could reduce expenses related to [tasks] by approximately [specify amount].

Financial Information

The following table outlines the estimated cost of implementing the proposed solution:

[Insert table here]

Additional Documents

[Attach any documents or reports necessary to provide more detailed information regarding the implementation of the proposed solution. ]


In conclusion, we believe that this new and innovative solution offers an effective way of addressing the problem at hand. With proper implementation, we are confident that [Company] will achieve goals within [timeframe].

Final Words

Innovation proposals can be invaluable in driving progress by inspiring others to consider creative solutions. It provides a concise and clear explanation of your proposed project. This includes its goals, objectives, timeline, costs, and potential outcomes.

Now that you know how to write an innovation proposal, it’s time to use your new knowledge and write that winning proposal. Good luck!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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